Hair Protect
Easy to Use
User rating
Pros: 1-inch plates infused with protein and keratin for silkiest results. Heat control sensor prevents any further harm to already damaged hair. Heats up to 450 degrees, which is the heat used in professional salons. Smartly designed indrawn buttons and long swivel cord for best control and easy use. Digital heat controller.. Half a minute heat up time and automatic 1-hour shutoff safety option.

Cons: Can prevent styling on higher heat settings of already damaged hair sections unless you turn off the heat protection sensor.

Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Straightener with Smart SensorOK, so we have a rather difficult task ahead – we need to try to find out the best hair straightener available. The job might not sound that hard at first, but after taking into consideration all the factors and things that you need to bear in mind, it’s not as simple as it looks. But you do not have to burden yourself with all that because I’m here to help.

With my 8 years of hairstyling experience, I’ve obtained the skills to tell the difference between true quality and garbage just by skimming and scanning all the information available on the product.

But before we go any further down that road, let me show what you can expect from the review of this flat iron:

  1. We’ll list all of the product specifications
  2. Then we’ll go through most important user reviews, both positive and negative
  3. In the end, we’ll give this product an Overall Quality Rating

Product specifications:

  • Heat protection sensor that adjusts automatically and keratin technology
  • 1-inch protein and keratin infused plates for less breakage, healthier and stronger hair
  • Heats up to 450 degrees F like in professional salons
  • 5 different heat settings
  • Half a minute heat up time
  • Automatic 1-hour safety shutoff option
  • Floating plates technology for constant contact with your hair and faster results
  • Hinge lock
  • Swivel cord

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Positive end user reviews about this Remington:

  • This is by far the best hair straightener I’ve owned so far…
  • I always appreciate the additional safety options like automatic shutoff…
  • I really like the heat protection sensor (which is optional). It always helps me when styling more fragile parts of my hair like my bangs, so I don’t singe them…
  • The buttons are placed on the side of this iron, but unlike most other models with this design, they are indrawn so you can’t press them by accident and turn the iron off or change heat settings during styling…smart design…
  • I’ve already had a pretty good Remington, but with this new one with keratin infused plates I get way more compliments on how shiny and healthy my hair looks…
  • The plates meet better compared to my old flat iron, and still there’s no snagging or pulling.
  • Floating plates rock…
  • Since I’m always in a rush, the smart sensor really takes care of the idiot factor- I burnt my delicate, thin hair 2 times in the past by accidentally using highest heat settings…
  • My daughter is a hairstylist, and she helped me out to decide on a hair straightener. I would definitely recommend it to anyone; I have no complaints so far.
  • These keratin strips really made my hair silkier and left them looking healthy. I also like that it has a generous 4-year warranty.
  • Not only that this is a “smart” hair straightener, but it also styles my hair in literally 10 minutes. Now it takes me longer to divide my hair into sections than to straighten it..
  • It’s a really handy little unit. It’s really light, easy to use, and super easy to maneuver through my hair. Fits perfectly into my hand, and the handle never gets hot.
  • The color is really pretty, and the design is modern and user-friendly. The hinge makes it easy to lock the plates in place and put the iron in your bag without fear of breakage. Great feature for traveling.
  • I use this Remington in hot and humid DC area, and it has yet to fail me. Works every time, and it really keeps my hair bone-straight for the whole day.
  • The long swivel cord really makes the styling easier. I also like to turn off heat protection sometimes and play with those 5 different heat settings…

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Negative reviews as per end users:

  • The product I received was not the flat iron I ordered, but I different model. I asked for a replacement and still waiting for it…
  • Since it has a sensor that controls the heat levels over the damaged sections of your hair, it doesn’t get my split ends as straight as the other parts. I don’t want to shorten them because I really like my hair long…
  • I got a faulty unit that just wouldn’t work when plugged in to any of outlets in my house. I ended up with a quick refund.. at least that part was working properly…
  • I didn’t really notice any difference after the first time I styled my hair with this high-tech keratin and protein infused flat iron…

My final resume of this product:

Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Straightener with Smart Sensor Review

Well, let’s do a little summary of what we’ve learnt so far. There are some serious, high-tech features and innovations implemented into this hair straightener.

I wish I had something like a heat protecting sensor when I was starting out, it’s a really neat and useful improvement. Also, infusing ceramic plates with proteins and keratin can really add some silkiness to your hair, but bear in mind that your hair won’t make a miraculous recovery if it’s already too damaged.

It just won’t harm it any further, and it will help to keep it healthy.

My final rating is a high 4.8 out of 5.

Good value for money.