Hair Protect
Easy to use
User rating
Pros: Temperature control lock. 60 min shutoff safety option. Turbo heat up option (20 sec). 2-inch wide ceramic, protein infused plates. Swivel cord. Digital temperature display for better control over styling options. Smart design, very light and easy to use. the protein infused plates protect the hair and leave it healthy, smooth and shiny. 4-year warranty included.
Cons: The paddles in some pieces might not come together completely. The box it comes in might be very plain. Reported cases of shipping without a box.

Remington S9620 Best Silk Ceramic Flat IronToday, more than ever before, it’s hard to know true quality from cheap knockoffs. This especially goes for products like hair irons, since they can be easily outsourced to some God forsaken place and you end up throwing your money away. So, how to choose the best hair straightener for your money.

Simple – follow the reviews on my website.

Why should you trust me?

I’ve a hairstylist for over 8 years now (even a competition judge for a while) and I am pretty confident that I can help you learn the difference between a quality product and a waste of money and a source of frustration.

Let’s me first tell you what I’ll do in the review of this Remington hair straightener:

  1. I’ll hear out what the company has to say about this flat iron
  2. I’ll report on both positive and negative end users reviews – PROs and CONs
  3. I’ll give a final summation and interpret the reviews

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So, let’s see what folks from Remington have to say about their flat iron:

  • 2-inch wide protein-infused silk ceramic plates
  • Digital temperature controls, 455F digital high heat like in salons
  • Turbo heat up option(20 seconds)
  • Safety shutoff after an hour
  • Faster styling enabled by floating plates yet constant contact
  • Overheating prevented by temperature control lock
  • 4-year warranty

The specifications sound good, but those are issued by the manufacturer and filtered by marketing experts.

Let’s take a step back and see what real users of this hair straightener have to say about it.

The positive reviews:

Remington S9620 Silk Ceramic Flat Iron Review

  • Great product and excellent customer service…
  • Heats up in no time and leaves my hair bone dry in no time, I’m very pleased with the results.
  • The design is smart, and the iron itself feels solid and well made…
  • It’s a great straightener, and at a very affordable price range…
  • I love the colors choices…
  • It has a nice solid grip, even with my small hands…
  • It feels very light, and it’s really easy to use. I like the fancy digital display and on/off button on the side…they don’t get in the way when I’m doing my hair…
  • This flat iron doesn’t pull out my hair, and it gets it straight in one smooth glide, and it leaves a healthy silky behind.
  • This Remington is definitely a keeper, it doesn’t fry my hair even when at highest temperatures…
  • I really can’t come up with any negatives regarding this product. It’s fast, does what it says it will, doesn’t fry your hair and gives you a healthy frizz-free look…
  • I love the digital display. You can finally see the temperature on a home hair straightener, and if it seems too hot you can just switch to a lower setting until you find the one that just right for you
  • It heats up in like 20 sec and cools down really fast too…
  • I like that I don’t have to go over one segment of my hair more than once twice max, it tames my…
  • No snagging…
  • I like that I finally have full insight and control over heat settings, unlike my previous hair products…
  • It really surprised me how hot the iron can get without frying my hand, hair or even feeling hot when I touch the handles…
  • The paddles lock mechanism is what did it for me. It really makes the storing part easier…
  • Super light and easy to use…

Go to its Amazon page for complete info:

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So far it sounds like this iron means business, but let’s take a look at the other side of the coin – the CONs:

  • Since it arrived in a plain plastic bag without any kind of box or anything, I returned it right away…I think chances are good that the one that arrived was already used…
  • Mine got delivered super fast but chipped and a bit scratched…
  • I don’t like the buttons placement, it will take some time getting used to it…
  • The paddles have a bit flimsy feel to them, they do meet, but still..
  • Mine stopped working after two months of use…

My final resume of this product’s reviews:

Remington S9620 Silk Ceramic Flat Iron

I hate seeing negligence and laziness and I’ve seen a few reports of people getting unwrapped products.

When does this happen?

When people return an iron without the box. According to the law you, as the consumer, have a full right to do that. They will try to tell you that you can only return a product in it’s original packaging but one mention of the customer protection laws and they back down.

So, if someone returns a product without a box and they repair whatever the flaw, they might send it to the next customer without a box. C’mon Remington, this is not a flee market.

I got a little carried away here talking about the packaging incidents, especially since I think that the product itself is very good. It’s fast and yet gentle to the hear (protein infused plates). It’s one of the few products in this price range to feature both adjustable temperature settings and a heat LED display.

It’s very wide (2″) so it can used for both coarse and thin hair. Nice contemporary design combined with efficiency and safety (automatic shut-off).

My verdict is that it’s a product of great quality with a special note – should you receive one that looks like it’s been opened or used, do not hesitate for a second, call them and ask for new one and insist that they cover the shipping costs.