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Pros: Very high-quality item, yet budget-friendly. Heats up to 450 degrees in a matter of minutes. The temperature doesn’t fluctuate, and it’s distributed evenly. Straightens and curls perfectly, and the look stays put until the next wash. Plates infused with pearls will add a beautiful shine to your hair and make it silky smooth to the touch. Glides through the hair without any pulling. Very lightweight and easy to use. Doesn’t get hot near the holding area.

Cons: Some customers said that the digital display is difficult to read at extremely sharp angles. They admit this is not all that problematic however, nor does it affect the overall performance.

Remington S9520 Salon Collection Ceramic Hair StraightenerBest hair straightener is a pain to look for, but it’s so worth it once found that we usually forget all the troubles leading to that moment.

On the second thought, why wouldn’t we eliminate all of that painful procedure and pack it completely into a series of short hair straightener reviews that are right on the money? You guessed it! That’s exactly what I’m doing here.

Why would you even read my articles and reviews of flat irons?

Because you need someone who knows a thing or two about hair straighteners and hair in general. After years in the hairstyling business and as a judge in hairstyling competitions, I think I got that knowledge right where we want it.

Secondly, I’m all about user feedback. Manufacturers say this and that, often sugarcoating their products, but our fellow customers are always spot on. So, I read all the user hair straightener reviews I can find in order to get, and give to you the full picture.

The structure of the review of this Remington hair straightener

I do have a certain section pattern I like to maintain, so let me give you a little heads up:

  • First thing’s first, we’ll get to know a little bit more about this hair iron by reading the manufacturer’s specification
  • We’ll dissect that info later on by cross-referencing it with some good and bad user experiences
  • Finally, I’ll sum it all up in a few words of my own

Sounds simple and effective enough? Yeah, that’s because it is. Now that we got that out of the way, we can get some actual work done.

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Let’s start with some basic product specs

Remington S9520 Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener reviewAnd who better to ask about those than the manufacturer itself:

  • Smoothest ever salon quality finish thanks to the Pearl ceramic technology
  • Beats the competition’s products by 15 times concerning the amount of ceramic
  • High salon intensity heat, up to 450 degrees F
  • 120V
  • Perfectly smooth glide ensured by the plates infused with pearl
  • Shuts off automatically

That sure sounds nice ad dandy, but we’ll take it with the grain of salt none the less. At least until we hear what the customers have to say about it that is.

Let’s see what the customers liked about this Remington flat iron:

  • It’s the best hair straightener for my long, thick, wavy and impossible to manage hair! It straightens it perfectly, and it leaves it so silky smooth I just can’t believe it. Plus, it’s all done in about half time it used to take me before.
  • Super happy and would recommend to everyone with crazy hair like mine…
  • My hair is pretty much stick straight, but with a lot of frizz. This hair iron helps me smooth it out, adds a beautiful shine to it, and even allows me to give it a little curl on the ends.
  • It does exactly what I need it to, and it does it perfectly. Very satisfied with this buy…
  • If there were a possibility of a 10-star grade, I would give it to this hair iron no questions asked! I have a perfectly straight, shiny and smooth hair for the first time ever! It heats up really quickly and gets pretty hot.
  • Not anywhere near my fingers though. The good thing is, it keeps the steady temperature throughout the process, so I don’t have that hot-less hot-quite cool-hotter-hot-less hot situations anymore. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Great product, and virtual 10 stars from this happy customer…
  • I like how it glides through my hair. No pulling on it or tugging whatsoever. It’s a truly welcome feature considering how my past irons used to lay waste to my hair. It adds a gorgeous shine to it as well
  • Once I do some curls with this iron, they last for a very long time. Same thing when I straighten my hair. It stays straight until the next wash. I like the display too. The info is easy to read, and it beeps once the iron is ready for business
  • It’s a very high-quality product, especially for that kind of money. I didn’t expect much truth be told, but was pleasantly surprised once it started straightening my unruly hair. It works great, and it will keep doing so for a long time by the looks of it
  • I’ve read tons of Remington hair straightener reviews, and this one stood out for me. It had it all, the price was just right and user reviews were more of a flurry of positive experiences. Now that I have it, I can say they were all true. Amazing product and tops it all off with some always welcome budget-friendliness
  • Very lightweight and heats up extremely quickly

Check out how the users rated this iron on Amazon:

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Now for some negative reviews of this Remington hair straightener

Let’s get the other side of the story. Time to see some CONs:

  • The digital display is impossible to read if you hold the straightener at a very sharp angle to your eyes.
  • Didn’t work when I turned it on. I contacted the customer support, and now I’m waiting for a replacement to arrive. They were quite forthcoming and pleasant, though…

Final thoughts on this flat iron

Overall Quality rating of 4.2/5 and great value for money. I know of hair irons from the same class that cost twice as much.

Users have said it better than I ever could.

It’s high quality yet budget-friendly. Heats up fast, and it REALLY heats up. Straightens and curls perfectly for a long lasting look. Adds a beautiful shine to the hair and makes it silky smooth to the touch. Doesn’t pull, tug, or snag whatsoever. Very lightweight, easy to use, and safe since it doesn’t get hot anywhere near your fingers.

Take care!