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Pros: : 4.6 / 5 in the Overall Quality Rating. Great price to value ratio. Fast heating up and, unlike some other irons I know, this Remington really does infuse your hair with keratin. Result - better protection and longer-lasting results. Heats up fast, light in hands and modern design. Automatic shutoff feature.

Cons: Reported faint odor for a few days.

Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Straightener with Smart SensorIf you’re looking for the best hair straightener that’s just perfect for your strands but are overwhelmed with the variety of products available in the market today, I offer this unbiased review of the Remington S8590 hair straightener. Read on and find out why this is my hair styling tool of choice for beautiful tresses.

As a former stylist, I’ve used countless hair styling products through the years. So trust me when I say that I’ve come to rely on the Remington S8590 hair straightener. I have found out that it not only functions as a tool to give my clients the best tresses for their special occasions. More than that, it also protects and nourishes their hair.

My work as a stylist entails that I work with different hair types and lengths — both a challenge and a joy on its own — but the satisfaction I felt in my work came more from the happy and grateful smiles of my clients whenever they would look in the mirror to see their newly styled hair.

For me, a quality hair straightener does all of the following:

  • It is able to style tresses to perfection.
  • It nourishes and keeps hair healthy.
  • It achieves the hairstyle that will put a pleased smile on your face.

In this post, I will share with you my thoughts on the Remington S8590 hair straightener.

For my review of this particular hair styling tool, I used the special method I have developed for rating hair straighteners based on customer reviews and my own experience.

My method includes:

  • Examining the key features of this product
  • Weighing its pros and cons
  • Assigning an Overall Quality Rating to the product
  • Relying on my many years of expert experience and knowledge as a hairstylist
  • Scouring relevant and quality Amazon customer reviews
  • Getting in touch with people who have actually used the Remington S8590 to find out what they really think about it

What features makes the Remington S8590 top-notch?

Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Straightener with Smart Sensor reviewThe Remington hair straightener boasts of awesome features that keep hair healthy and pretty. These are:

  • Keratin ceramic-coated plates that keep hair healthy, shiny, and pretty while keeping it straight. Keratin, the super protein that makes hair strong, is infused into each strand with each use.
  • Heat protection sensor that adjusts according to your hair’s quality and texture so you don’t end up with burnt hair. The sensor is intuitive enough to detect your hair’s moisture levels and adjusts the heat as needed.
  • Five hair iron settings that are displayed digitally, including 230°C high heat
  • Ultra-fast heating time for on-the-go hair styling. It heats up within 15 seconds!
  • Heat-resistant storage pouch
  • Floating plates that ensure that the hair iron coats hair sections with evenly distributed pressure
  • Straight Up The Keratin Therapy Pro Straightener provides excellent hair protection while making tresses ultra-straight from morning till night
  • Keratin Protective Technology that’s built into this hair iron to prevent hair from breakage and damage — by as much as 57% more than other hair styling tools!
  • Keratin Micro Conditioners that boosts hair strength and vitality

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What are its pros?

Here the top 5 advantages of using the Remington S8590.

1. It heats up fast. For those mornings when you’re in a hurry to get to work or school, this Remington hair iron does its job of delivering straight and shiny tresses pronto.

This means you don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn just to achieve fabulous-looking and ultra-sleek tresses. Because it heats up fast, it can get to work pretty quickly.

In my many years as a hairstylist, I’ve dealt with clients who are in a hurry to have their hair styled. With Remington S8590 hair straightener, I didn’t have to worry about angry, impatient, and dissatisfied clients.

2. The keratin effect of this hair gadget is real. It doesn’t dry out or damage your hair. All you get is perfectly straight, keratin-infused healthy hair.

One of my longtime clients was happy to report to me that this hair iron miraculously kept her hair straight for two whole days. And she even had thick, curly hair!

3. It doesn’t weigh like a rock. For women’s delicate fingers, this is perfect! It’s so lightweight that straightening and styling hair is a cinch.

4. The temperature control is adjustable, depending on your requirements. This is a new innovation among hair straighteners. Now, you have full control on how hot or cold you want it to be, even if you need something as hot as 230 degrees Celcius.

5. This product is also completely safe. Thanks to its automatic shut-off feature when it is left unused after about an hour, your home or salon is kept completely safe and hazard-free.

What are its cons?

As for this product’s cons, I have only two quibbles. I couldn’t find anything else wrong with this product aside from these two points. With such a great product like this one, I actually had to force myself to think of its not-so-good features.

  1. First of all, when some women use this product at home, they complain of a smell resembling burnt rubber emanating from the product when they use this. It could happen, that’s true. BUT (and I mean BUT), when using the right settings and if the product is used properly according to the manual, then you shouldn’t encounter any more problems.
  2. My second quibble with this hair product is that it tends to catch some hair sections on the strip down the middle. However, this is a small matter since it occurs very rarely. Just be careful and gentle in handling your hair so you wouldn’t have any mishaps.

The final verdict

My Overall Quality rating is 4.6/5 stars which is pretty darn good, especially with the price tag in mind.

Now, are you convinced that the Remington S8590 is the best hair straightener in the market today?

As a hairstylist-turned-blogger, I’ve had my share of good and bad hair straighteners. And the Remington S8590 is the best, thus far. It styles your tresses to salon-perfect hair, and at the same time, it protects your hair with its fabulous keratin feature.

My quibbles with this product are not major deal breakers as long as you follow the manual instructions and handle your hair gently.

It is hard to go wrong with such a nifty, nice-looking, reasonably priced, and feature-packed hair straightener. So get this best hair straightener in your hair care collection now!