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Pros: Most likely the best quality at a very affordable price out there today. Quality and features of a professional hair straightener at a price of a regular product. Heats up in no time. Many different heat options that suit any hair type. Both straightens and curls your hair. Cools down quickly. Cord that has a 360 degrees angle. Innovative Ceramic Tourmaline plates technology for even heat distribution.

Cons: Absence of a safety switch. The two plates can never join completely. It takes a whole minute for it to heat up. Some users find the control buttons to be oddly placed.

I know that choosing the best hair straightener for your hair can prove to be somewhat of a challenge with all of the options that are out there- lucky for you I’m here to help.

As a hairstylist (and an ex judge in hairstyling competitions) I can help you learn the difference between true quality in a hair straightener and a piece of junk that’s just a waste of your money.

Here’s what we’ll do in this review:

  1. We’ll take a quick look at product specifications and try to figure out if they suit your needs
  2. We’ll then analyze end users experience, both positive and negative (PROs and CONs)
  3. We’ll then try to summarize all that we’ve learnt and give our final grade to this product

Let’s get down to it!

Specifications of Zebra Print Ceramic Professional Hair Straightener:

  • Smooth pulling motion, without breakage or damage of hair (Ceramic Tourmaline plates)
  • Even heat distribution and immediate heat up to 450F
  • Releases negative ions which leaves hair frizz-free, healthy, smooth and silky
  • Different heat settings for all hair types
  • 360 ° Professional Revolving Cord

At a first glance this RoyalCraft product seems like the bomb, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Let’s put this product under scrutiny of real end users, and see if it passes the test. Did this hair straightener live up to the task at hand?

PROs as per end users:

Hair Straightener Iron Zebra Print Ceramic Professional Immediate Heat Up

  • This one is just like hair straighteners they use in professional salons
  • This hair straightener doesn’t burn my hands or my hair.
  • Great product, and it’s not that expensive..
  • It has many different heat options, and I love those.
  • It leaves my hair all silky and even shiny.
  • It heats up so fast.
  • My hair is really hard to straighten but this hair straightener works like a charm..
  • It heats up really fast and different heat set ups are not hard to figure out
  • Not only it heats up fast, but it also cools down real fast…
  • With this hair straightener my hair remains in place all day, and it suits all types of hair so my friends can use it when they come over as well.
  • The sassy zebra print is just one of those details that make me like this straightener even more
  • Great straightener at a great price that does exactly everything I need it to do, it both curls and straightens the hair well
  • It is very easy to use, instructions are comprehensible and it arrived really quickly
  • It fits really well in my hand, the grip is comfortable.
  • It got delivered really fast and all neatly packed
  • It is definitely the best hair straightener I ever had, and I owned my fair share of those..
  • Forget all that nasty frizz, if it worked on my hair it will work on anybody..
  • I am not really sure how, but by using this straightener my hair stays all silky and straight even when it’s raining..
  • I actually bought this product on a recommendation from a friend that’s a hairstylist. It did wonders for my hair!
  • Nice design, so classy and sassy, all at the same time!

More user-feedback can be read on its dedicated page on Amazon:

Click here for a quick visit >>

Now, for the negative reviews of the straightener:

  • I just wish it had some kind of a safety system, what if I forget to turn it off and it keeps heating up for 30 minutes?
  • Mine arrived broken, so I’m waiting for a replacement.. Hope it arrives as fast as the first time!
  • The plates can never touch each other completely, might work if you have a lion’s mane of a hair, but mine is all thin..
  • It takes a whole minute to heat up, I’m tired of waiting for it every morning..
  • The controls on this product are at a very unusual placement.

My Overall Quality Rating:

Hair Straightener Iron Zebra Print Ceramic Professional review

The very first thing that comes to mind at the very end of our shirt journey is- great quality at a very affordable price.

It does offer a lot of features of a professional hair straightener at a price of a home product.

I have never used this product at work, but some of my colleagues have and they are very satisfied, as well as the customers.

I myself am a firm believer in using expensive products in my own business, but this one couldn’t offer more for the price.

And as a professional, after reading all of the negative reviews I haven’t seen any deal-breakers or cause for alarm.

The one down side that did catch my eye is the absence of a safety switch, so make sure you keep it well away from anything flammable and double-check if the product is off before you leave for work.

My overall impression is– great quality at an affordable price.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone that doesn’t want to spend a small fortune, yet wants the look of somebody who did.