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Easy to Use
User rating
Pros: Dual voltage, suitable for worldwide travelers. 1.25" ceramic plates for easier styling of smaller portions of your hair like fringes. Negative ion technology for frizz-free hair. Floating Plates Technology for fast results. Heat varies from 140 to 460F degrees. Temperature control for easier use. Smart design, very light and user-friendly. Comes in an attractive box- makes it the perfect gift.
Cons: Comes in pink only. Smaller plates might not be the best choice for people who are used to 2-inch ones.

UPDATED: December, 2018

Professional Bebella Hair Straightener Review – a real looker, but is this flat iron a keeper?

Bebella Colorful Collection Professional Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener Flat Iron Color CollectionIf you are reading this you are looking for the best hair straightener that will still be within your budget.

I’ve been working as a hairstylist for years now, and I am using to professional products that cost an arm and a leg, but what about products for everyday use?

Trust me, I can definitely tell, after all those years, what you want to put on your hair and what you don’t want anywhere near you.

Let’s move on, let’s see how this review will look:

  1. We’ll see a list of specifications of the flat iron in question
  2. Then we’ll consider end user reviews, both good and bad
  3. In conclusion, I’ll decide on our final grade of this product and see if it’s simply worth your money or not

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So, let’s begin with the specs:

  • 1.25″ ceramic plates
  • 140-460F degrees with Temperature control for easier use
  • Complete control over any frizz with negative ion technology implemented
  • 110-240v 50/60Hz Dual Voltage
  • Floating Plates Technology

Well, everything looks OK for now. But let’s see what real end users have to say about this flat iron.

Positive reviews as per end users:

  • I totally got my money’s worth with this flat iron! It styles my hair in no time.
  • I was so excited when my new flat iron arrived all neatly packed up in a pretty box, and I wasn’t disappointed. It tames my curls in less than 10 minutes, and I have really long hair.
  • It doesn’t damage my hair like my previous iron…
  • I’m really happy with this product. It arrived on time, the color is nice, doesn’t pull my hair out.. Simply does what it says it will on that pretty box. Best hair straightener I’ve had so far…
  • I bought this flat iron to my girlfriend after her old one broke. She travels a lot and says it’s really handy and compact. No complaints from her so far…
  • As an Asian woman with long, kinky hair, I spent a lot of time and money on hair products, but now I feel like I found exactly what I was looking for. Definitely buying another one when (if) this one breaks down…
  • I really like this product; the plates glide smoothly through my hair and leave it straight, shiny and silky. My daughter started taking it to curl her hair, so I’m going to buy her one for her birthday.
  • I’ve tried this product myself, and I really like the great results I got every time. I think I’ve found the perfect Christmas gift for my girlfriends since it comes in this neat box, and they all love pink so much.
  • It was worth each and every dollar I’ve spent on it because with my previous one I couldn’t tame my hair as easily or as fast. It doesn’t damage my hair at all and I really like the fact that I can run it once down my hair, and all the small kinks are gone.
  • I used this product once at my friend’s I was really impressed with results. I decided to get one for myself, even though I avoided styling my hair everyday because of potential hair damage.
  • I’ve been using it for 6 months now, and my hair is still healthy, yet straighter and silkier than ever…
  • I live in a house with 3 females, and I got this flat iron for my wife, and now my 2 daughters fight her over it. I guess we know what they are getting for Christmas…
  • Really neat flat iron, it’s really easy to use and super light. It fits perfectly in my small hands and even though it gets really hot really fast, it doesn’t burn my fingers.

See more user reviews on Amazon:

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Negative reviews as per end users – the CONs:

  • When it arrived, I was so excited at first, but when I opened the box I saw a scratch on it. Not cool. I’m waiting for a replacement.
  • There are no other color options, and pink is really not my thing..
  • After a month of use, it started losing heat really fast. I returned it and got a new one in 3 days. Hope this one lasts longer.
  • The plates do a good job of straightening my hair, but they are too small for styling my lion’s mane. I guess I should’ve gone with a 2-inch one as I always do.

Final review of this product:

Bebella Colorful Collection Professional Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener Flat Iron Color Collection

So, let’s get our facts straight: most of the end users have reported that this product does a great job of straightening and curling your hair without damaging it. Also, the plates generate enough heat that it usually only takes one stroke through your hair for this hair straightener to get you bone-straight results.

As a person who worked as a hairstylist for all those years, I’ve made and maintain a pretty big social network, and I’ve asked my colleagues about this product. The ones that have had a chance to use it liked it and some of them have even started using it at their salons.

Talk about quality at an affordable price!

But if, by chance, this product arrives damaged or you’re simply not satisfied, contact the Bebella and their customer service will provide you with a refund or replacement. I know for a fact that their customer service is great.

My final grade is 4.6 out of 5. In other words, great value for your money. Just go for it.

XTAVA Professional Flat Iron review

FIORE Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat IronWelcome to another hair straightener review and let us dive right in and see if the Fiore which is what XTAVA named this model has what it takes to compete with the best hair straighteners out there today.

A little about me and my hair straightener reviews

If you’re a first-time reader, you’ll want to know something about the person writing these lines, and about the flat iron review itself, right? So, let’s get to it real quick.

I’m a professional hair stylist and an ex-judge in hair-styling competitions. I’ve started writing these articles and putting this website together, so I could share what I know with the wide audience and teach you all how to put your hair under your control.

If you’re like me and always wanna know more, you’ll get a lot of additional info by going beyond this review and visiting Amazon:

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As far as my reviews go, here’s what you can expect to see:

  • We usually start by introducing the product via manufacturer’s specification
  • We then test everything the company had to say by listing out some user feedback. We’ll go over some PROs and CONs, in order to get the full picture
  • Lastly, we sum up everything we just heard, and I’ll throw in my personal opinion as a bonus of sorts

It’s very simple and snappy but gives all the information you’ll ever need to figure out if this is the right flat iron for you.

Let’s see what the company has for us and if this hair straightener really is one of the best – something that I heard come out f the mouth of a handful of my colleagues

The basic product description provided to us by the manufacturer:

  • Advanced heating technology for shinier and silkier strands
  • Professional-level heat (up to 430F). Infra red heating technology for sealing in the moisture and longer sleekness
  • Every part is expertly designed in order to manufacture most effective and efficient tool. Features an unbeatable ease of use and reach with its 9-foot 360-degree swivel cord.
  • LCD digital display for heat control
  • “Dual plate” technology for even heat dispersion
  • Automatic 60 minutes sleep mode
  • Heat-resistant rubber handle
  • Travel friendly – comes with the dual voltage feature and insulating travel bag

This is one long description, but the more features, the merrier  – I always say. Now we’ll have to see if the customers agree with this glorifying specification and if any of these are hype and no substance.

What the users liked about this hair straightener – digest reviews?

FIORE Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron reviewHere are a few of users opinions that I found to represent what the users liked:

  • This is the best flat iron for my thick and unruly African American hair! My hair really needs some intense temperatures in order to get straight, and this baby dishes out just the right amount
  • It gets hot in just a fraction of the time it took my previous hair iron, and it gets REALLY hot. I have a very thick hair, and these kinds of temperatures are just what the doctor ordered. Plus, I’m completely done in way less time
  • It straightens my hair perfectly, and it leaves it so shiny and silky I just can’t recognize it anymore. My hair remains straight until I wash it or get caught in the rain without an umbrella
  • I travel a lot for my work, and I really need a hair straightener to follow me around. I’ve stumbled upon a hair straightener review for this particular model and decided to give it a go. It has everything I need, including dual-voltage feature and a travel bag. Perfect choice!
  • It’s really unbeatable when it comes to reach. The cord is super long, and I can comfortably reach all the parts of my bathroom without stopping the whole straightening routine
  • My hair is super fine, so I really need to have an absolute control over the temperature at all times, and this heat display really gives me just that. It’s a great product, and the first one that features a completely accurate display control
  • I don’t know what spell they’ve cast upon these plates, but they glide through my hair perfectly. There is no tugging or pulling of any kind, so my hair straightening moments don’t look like I’m trying to torture a confession out of myself. Thank you XTAVA!
  • My hair is extremely delicate, and one wrong step spells disaster. I’ve damaged it so many times, that I read every flat iron review ten times before I decide to make my move. No hair damage whatsoever with this one! It’s a true blessing in the skies. I’m super psyched with this buy, and would recommend it to everyone with fragile hair
  • Thank god! Finally, I got a hair straightener that doesn’t leave me with that “you just got your hair done” burning smell after I straighten it. My hair was also never shinier than this, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice
  • Excellent product! It’s very well made, and it doesn’t get hot in the holding area, so burned fingers are just a thing of the past. I like the auto shut-off function as well since I constantly forget stuff
  • It’s really easy to use, and I like the extra length they’ve gone to make this flat iron as safe to use as possible

What the users didn’t like about this XTAVA flat iron?

Rinse and repeat:

  • It’s a good enough product, but it doesn’t work well with my current hair style. I gave it to my friend with a long curly hair, and she said it did wonders for her.
  • The heat buttons are on the inside, which really strikes me as a weird place to put them. I thought they would pose a “burn your fingers” danger, but they really don’t. I use this hair iron daily and didn’t get burned once, but it still feels somewhat weird though

Can this product compete with the best straighteners out there?

Well, it’s time for me to speak my mind or forever hold my peace.

The Fiore by XTAVA is a great piece of hair straightening technology and a real breath of fresh air in the industry and my final rating is 4.6/5.

The customers love it and my colleagues love it. It really gets the job done, it dishes out pretty serious heat, it’s very safe and easy to use, it’s extremely travel friendly.

FIORE Best Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

Berta Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener Review – looks great, but is it really as good as it looks?

Berta(TM) Professional Digital Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener Straightening Flat IronChoosing the best hair straightener can prove to be trickier than you thought at first, especially if you have a limited budget. It’s really difficult to actually make a choice when there are so many out there.

Since hair products are my specialty, this website is all about trying to help you make a wise choice.

And why should you trust me, right?

I’ve been working as hairstylist for over 8 years, I can say with certainty that I have some experience in the field. I also frequently update my knowledge and try to keep up with newest technologies.

Here’s what we’ll do to determine if this baby is among the best hair straighteners:

  1. We’ll list all of the product specifications
  2. Then we’ll go through both positive and negative end user reviews
  3. Finally, I will grade this product and give my closing comment

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The product specifications:

  • Ceramic floating plates, 1-inch; great for styling smaller parts of your hair, suitable for larger portions as well; suitable for any hair type and length
  • 30 second heat up time
  • Automatic shutoff safety option
  • Digital temperature control
  • 9″ swivel cord- no more tangling
  • Heats up to 430 C
  • Innovative M button- saves your heat preferences for easier and faster use

Positive experience as per end users:

  • This is an excellent hair straightener. I highly recommend it…
  • It heats up super fast and leaves my hair so soft and silky. I just need to glide it once through one strand, and I’m done with that portion…
  • Works great on my uneven bangs…
  • It’s really easy to use, and the temperature controller is a very neat option I didn’t have on my previous flat iron. Now I can set it up just the way I like it and see the temperature on the little display…
  • It heats up really fast, and it remembers my heat option, so I don’t even have to think about setting my iron for the styling in the morning.
  • Very handy and easy to use…
  • I don’t like going to hair salons, and this is the first hair straightener I bought to try and battle my curly coarse hair in the mornings. It works like a charm and leaves my hair smooth and silky…
  • Easy to store, very light and user-friendly. As good as it promises it will be…
  • Got delivered before the estimated date. I’m very happy with the consistent results I’ve been getting with my Berta…
  • I’m an African-American woman, and I can say that I have extremely difficult hair. It’s dry, coarse, curly.. This flat iron straightens it in under 10 minutes, I couldn’t be more happy with the results…
  • I bought this flat iron as a present for my girlfriend, and she really likes it. She says it doesn’t pull out or damage her hair and that she saves so much money now on hair repair serums and conditioners…
  • I would recommend this flat iron for the thickest, longest hair texture. It worked like a charm on my hair. I literally run it through my hair once, and I’m done. It really cuts my styling morning routine in half…
  • It straightens my thick, crazy hair in less than 15 minutes. It gets super hot really fast and
  • I just glide it once through my long hair and I’m done…
  • The best part about straightening or curling my hair with this Berta it that it leaves my hair healthy and soft after handling my hair on highest heat settings…
  • This little Berta saved me a lot of money on hair repair serums in 1 year I’ve been using it. It doesn’t fry or damage my hair…
  • I like how the plates get super hot, and there are no hot spots. The ceramic plates are as good as they say they are…
  • The floating plates enable me to straighten my big strands of my coarse hair in one easy, smooth glide. This is really important for me because I have lion’s mane, and it saves me a lot of time in the mornings…

Visit its page on Amazon for pricing and user ratings:

This link will get you there >>

Negative reviews of this hair straightener as per end users:

  • I think this product was not made for my delicate hair, but for wavy and coarse hair…
  • Mine arrived with the plates not fixed in place. I’m currently waiting for a replacement…
  • I find the cord unnecessarily long. I simply do not need such a long cord…
  • There are no varieties of colors to select from. I wanted to give it as a present…

My final summary of this product – not the best flat iron but up there in top 20%

Berta(TM) Professional Digital Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener Straightening Flat Iron Review

This Berta is really a handy little device. It has all of the high quality professional features at a very reasonable price. The digital monitor allows you to have complete control of the temperature settings.

It even allows you to memorize your temperature preferences for consistent results.

As a hairstylist of 8 years, employing my experience and knowledge while reviewing this product, and can I say beyond a shred of doubt that this is a great investment for any household.

In case your product arrives damaged, or you’re not satisfied for any reason, just contact the customer center. The end users report great level of service.

In conclusion, my grade of this product is 4.6 out of 5 stars. Great quality for your money.

Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener Zebra Print Review – is it packing animal power? Let’s hear it from the users.

I know that choosing the best hair straightener for your hair can prove to be somewhat of a challenge with all of the options that are out there- lucky for you I’m here to help.

As a hairstylist (and an ex judge in hairstyling competitions) I can help you learn the difference between true quality in a hair straightener and a piece of junk that’s just a waste of your money.

Here’s what we’ll do in this review:

  1. We’ll take a quick look at product specifications and try to figure out if they suit your needs
  2. We’ll then analyze end users experience, both positive and negative (PROs and CONs)
  3. We’ll then try to summarize all that we’ve learnt and give our final grade to this product

Let’s get down to it!

Specifications of Zebra Print Ceramic Professional Hair Straightener:

  • Smooth pulling motion, without breakage or damage of hair (Ceramic Tourmaline plates)
  • Even heat distribution and immediate heat up to 450F
  • Releases negative ions which leaves hair frizz-free, healthy, smooth and silky
  • Different heat settings for all hair types
  • 360 ° Professional Revolving Cord

At a first glance this RoyalCraft product seems like the bomb, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Let’s put this product under scrutiny of real end users, and see if it passes the test. Did this hair straightener live up to the task at hand?

PROs as per end users:

Hair Straightener Iron Zebra Print Ceramic Professional Immediate Heat Up

  • This one is just like hair straighteners they use in professional salons
  • This hair straightener doesn’t burn my hands or my hair.
  • Great product, and it’s not that expensive..
  • It has many different heat options, and I love those.
  • It leaves my hair all silky and even shiny.
  • It heats up so fast.
  • My hair is really hard to straighten but this hair straightener works like a charm..
  • It heats up really fast and different heat set ups are not hard to figure out
  • Not only it heats up fast, but it also cools down real fast…
  • With this hair straightener my hair remains in place all day, and it suits all types of hair so my friends can use it when they come over as well.
  • The sassy zebra print is just one of those details that make me like this straightener even more
  • Great straightener at a great price that does exactly everything I need it to do, it both curls and straightens the hair well
  • It is very easy to use, instructions are comprehensible and it arrived really quickly
  • It fits really well in my hand, the grip is comfortable.
  • It got delivered really fast and all neatly packed
  • It is definitely the best hair straightener I ever had, and I owned my fair share of those..
  • Forget all that nasty frizz, if it worked on my hair it will work on anybody..
  • I am not really sure how, but by using this straightener my hair stays all silky and straight even when it’s raining..
  • I actually bought this product on a recommendation from a friend that’s a hairstylist. It did wonders for my hair!
  • Nice design, so classy and sassy, all at the same time!

More user-feedback can be read on its dedicated page on Amazon:

Click here for a quick visit >>

Now, for the negative reviews of the straightener:

  • I just wish it had some kind of a safety system, what if I forget to turn it off and it keeps heating up for 30 minutes?
  • Mine arrived broken, so I’m waiting for a replacement.. Hope it arrives as fast as the first time!
  • The plates can never touch each other completely, might work if you have a lion’s mane of a hair, but mine is all thin..
  • It takes a whole minute to heat up, I’m tired of waiting for it every morning..
  • The controls on this product are at a very unusual placement.

My Overall Quality Rating:

Hair Straightener Iron Zebra Print Ceramic Professional review

The very first thing that comes to mind at the very end of our shirt journey is- great quality at a very affordable price.

It does offer a lot of features of a professional hair straightener at a price of a home product.

I have never used this product at work, but some of my colleagues have and they are very satisfied, as well as the customers.

I myself am a firm believer in using expensive products in my own business, but this one couldn’t offer more for the price.

And as a professional, after reading all of the negative reviews I haven’t seen any deal-breakers or cause for alarm.

The one down side that did catch my eye is the absence of a safety switch, so make sure you keep it well away from anything flammable and double-check if the product is off before you leave for work.

My overall impression is– great quality at an affordable price.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone that doesn’t want to spend a small fortune, yet wants the look of somebody who did.