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Pros: Dual voltage, suitable for worldwide travelers. 1.25" ceramic plates for easier styling of smaller portions of your hair like fringes. Negative ion technology for frizz-free hair. Floating Plates Technology for fast results. Heat varies from 140 to 460F degrees. Temperature control for easier use. Smart design, very light and user-friendly. Comes in an attractive box- makes it the perfect gift.
Cons: Comes in pink only. Smaller plates might not be the best choice for people who are used to 2-inch ones.

Bebella Colorful Collection Professional Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener Flat Iron Color CollectionIf you are reading this you are looking for the best hair straightener that will still be within your budget.

I’ve been working as a hairstylist for years now, and I am using to professional products that cost an arm and a leg, but what about products for everyday use?

Trust me, I can definitely tell, after all those years, what you want to put on your hair and what you don’t want anywhere near you.

Let’s move on, let’s see how this review will look:

  1. We’ll see a list of specifications of the flat iron in question
  2. Then we’ll consider end user reviews, both good and bad
  3. In conclusion, I’ll decide on our final grade of this product and see if it’s simply worth your money or not

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So, let’s begin with the specs:

  • 1.25″ ceramic plates
  • 140-460F degrees with Temperature control for easier use
  • Complete control over any frizz with negative ion technology implemented
  • 110-240v 50/60Hz Dual Voltage
  • Floating Plates Technology

Well, everything looks OK for now. But let’s see what real end users have to say about this flat iron.

Positive reviews as per end users:

  • I totally got my money’s worth with this flat iron! It styles my hair in no time.
  • I was so excited when my new flat iron arrived all neatly packed up in a pretty box, and I wasn’t disappointed. It tames my curls in less than 10 minutes, and I have really long hair.
  • It doesn’t damage my hair like my previous iron…
  • I’m really happy with this product. It arrived on time, the color is nice, doesn’t pull my hair out.. Simply does what it says it will on that pretty box. Best hair straightener I’ve had so far…
  • I bought this flat iron to my girlfriend after her old one broke. She travels a lot and says it’s really handy and compact. No complaints from her so far…
  • As an Asian woman with long, kinky hair, I spent a lot of time and money on hair products, but now I feel like I found exactly what I was looking for. Definitely buying another one when (if) this one breaks down…
  • I really like this product; the plates glide smoothly through my hair and leave it straight, shiny and silky. My daughter started taking it to curl her hair, so I’m going to buy her one for her birthday.
  • I’ve tried this product myself, and I really like the great results I got every time. I think I’ve found the perfect Christmas gift for my girlfriends since it comes in this neat box, and they all love pink so much.
  • It was worth each and every dollar I’ve spent on it because with my previous one I couldn’t tame my hair as easily or as fast. It doesn’t damage my hair at all and I really like the fact that I can run it once down my hair, and all the small kinks are gone.
  • I used this product once at my friend’s I was really impressed with results. I decided to get one for myself, even though I avoided styling my hair everyday because of potential hair damage.
  • I’ve been using it for 6 months now, and my hair is still healthy, yet straighter and silkier than ever…
  • I live in a house with 3 females, and I got this flat iron for my wife, and now my 2 daughters fight her over it. I guess we know what they are getting for Christmas…
  • Really neat flat iron, it’s really easy to use and super light. It fits perfectly in my small hands and even though it gets really hot really fast, it doesn’t burn my fingers.

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Negative reviews as per end users – the CONs:

  • When it arrived, I was so excited at first, but when I opened the box I saw a scratch on it. Not cool. I’m waiting for a replacement.
  • There are no other color options, and pink is really not my thing..
  • After a month of use, it started losing heat really fast. I returned it and got a new one in 3 days. Hope this one lasts longer.
  • The plates do a good job of straightening my hair, but they are too small for styling my lion’s mane. I guess I should’ve gone with a 2-inch one as I always do.

Final review of this product:

Bebella Colorful Collection Professional Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener Flat Iron Color Collection

So, let’s get our facts straight: most of the end users have reported that this product does a great job of straightening and curling your hair without damaging it. Also, the plates generate enough heat that it usually only takes one stroke through your hair for this hair straightener to get you bone-straight results.

As a person who worked as a hairstylist for all those years, I’ve made and maintain a pretty big social network, and I’ve asked my colleagues about this product. The ones that have had a chance to use it liked it and some of them have even started using it at their salons.

Talk about quality at an affordable price!

But if, by chance, this product arrives damaged or you’re simply not satisfied, contact the Bebella and their customer service will provide you with a refund or replacement. I know for a fact that their customer service is great.

My final grade is 4.6 out of 5. In other words, great value for your money. Just go for it.