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Pros: Speedy straightening and ultimate hair protection. It also won’t leave that “I just did my hair” smell after straightening. Featuring ultra modern technologies for increased performance and safety. Silicone grips give you a higher level of control during the ironing process. They also enable smooth gliding through your hair and give it smooth and shiny look like you wouldn’t believe. High operating temperature and its even distribution will get every hair type straightened in just one go through. It heats up almost instantly, doesn’t get hot anywhere near your fingers, it’s easy to grip and use. Things as coarse hair, frizz, flyaways, and that feeling of having no control over your hair are all things of the past with this new gem.

Cons: Some customers didn’t quite enjoy the silicone grips, but the overwhelming number of them did. No auto shut-off option.

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle 1 inch reviewThe best hair straightener for your hair type or specific needs and preferences can truly be a pain to find. Online searches quickly get out of your hands, and you end up even more confused and baffled than when you started.

The good news is, you can always count on me to disperse all the doubts and find the best option for you.

Today we’ll check out a product coming from Paul Mitchell family, and see if it’s a big boom or a giant bust. So, if you have a free couple of minutes, by all means, join me and let’s go together to the end of this “investigation”.

Why should you join me through this Paul Mitchell hair straightener review?

Because I’m a certified “detective” when it comes to hair products.

I’m a professional hairstylist and an ex-judge in hairstyling competitions. Besides that, I’ve been writing different reviews and blog posts for the better part of my life. One could say I know a great deal about hair and all those tools that make it look beautiful.

One more point in my favor is the fact that I pay a great deal of attention to all the user have to say about the product they’ve bought. There’s no greater seal of approval for a product then a happy customer. Seeing how the tool performs in real-life situations for the people who actually bought and used it shows us more than all the marketing strategies in the world ever could.

So, if I got you interested even a little bit, feel free to continue our journey alongside little ol’ me.

What will this review look like?

Let me just give you a quick break down of everything we’ll be talking about before we get down to some actual business of going through user reviews.

Here’s a quick content check:

  • We’ll get out feet wet with some basic product specs. We’ll do that by reading what the manufacturer had to say about this tool of theirs. We’ll get to know a bit more about the straightener itself, and see what customers had to work with in terms of confirming or denying
  • Then we’ll get to the customer feedback section. We’ll list out some PROs and CONs, and see which side takes the cake
  • We’ll top it all off with some of my personal impressions and a final verdict for this iron

Short, quick and informative – that’s how I like to write these reviews so that I don’t waste your time and you can decide fairly quickly if this is the product for you.

Basic specs of the Paul Mitchell Protools hair straightener

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle 1 inchHere comes the part where the manufacturer gets to state its case:

  • Plates are infused with express ion complex, which speeds up straightening process and protects your hair from heat damage
  • Plates are also infused with unique express silicone grips for easy gliding over your hair, effortless smoothing, better control, faster styling, and amazing shine
  • Cushion plates (1”) with heaters made of solid ceramic will provide perfectly even heat distribution
  • Seamless smoothing is made possible by beveled edges
  • Static and flyaways will be put under your control by super-charged negative ions

The positive user reviews

That was all nice and dandy, but let’s see if customers agree with everything the company:

  • This truly is a wonderful instrument. It adds a great deal of body, shine, and softness to my hair. It doesn’t pull on it, burn it, or do anything that might be construed as harmful, quite the opposite.
  • I have a relaxed African-American hair, and this tool certainly does it justice. My recommendation
  • Fabulous!!! It’s the best hair straightener ever! It makes my hair so shiny and soft to the touch.
  • My hair is very thick and coarse, and this iron straightens it in one pass and leaves it softer than ever. My hair remains perfectly straight until I wash it. Totally worth the money
  • This flat iron is just the perfect size. It heats up really fast, and the width of the plates is perfect. I definitely recommend it
  • My hair is medium length, thick, and curly. I’ve tried every hair straightener that’s out there. I’m not exaggerating, literally every one I could get my hands on.
  • This is by far the best one I’ve tried, and I’ll keep on using it forever. It’s so gentle on my hair, and there’s no pulling or tugging whatsoever. It glides through it perfectly, and I couldn’t be happier with it
  • It can make my hair perfectly straight or curly with equally good results
  • I use it for six months now, and it’s still like brand new. It’s very well made, and I just love the overall design. The heat never gets near my fingers, which is a very big deal for me considering the blunders from the past
  • It straightens my unruly hair without a hitch and allows me to give it a little wave at the ends. I love how my hair doesn’t smell all burnt after I’m using it

See what people who own it say on Amazon:

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Time for some not so pleasant experiences:

  • I don’t like the silicone grips. Other than that, it’s a great flat iron
  • It doesn’t have an auto shut-off option

Conclusion about this Paul Mitchell hair straightener

We’ve officially reached the end and it’s verdict time.

I won’ beat around the bushes – this is a great product hands down and has many satisfied customers to show for it.

You can go for this one without any fear of wasting your money since it delivers even more than the manufacturer claims it would. Amazing tool, to put it shortly, and a great help in battling that uncontrollable, rebellious, and unruly hair.

Give it a go and have fun with your new look.