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Pros: This hair iron is well made and durable, built to last, so to speak. It’s also equipped with modern technologies such as infrared heating and negative ion technology. It heats up very quickly, and it offers full temperature control to the user with various heat settings and LCD display. It glides smoothly through the hair thanks to its ceramic plates with beveled edges. Usable worldwide due to dual voltage feature.

Cons: It emits a subtle smell during the first few uses. In order to get a warranty, you must buy it in PM approved salons only.

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion SmoothThere’s a lot of different tools for handling your hair out there in the information jungle. So, finding the best hair straightener might not be as easy as you might think at first.

You could try your luck with a bunch of online hair straightener reviews and enjoy wall after wall of text. Or you could get all the information needed in one compactly packed, honest and unbiased review. Your choice.

Why should you trust me in what I’m about to say about this Paul Mitchell flat iron?

Because I know exactly what I’m talking about. Being a hair stylist and ex-judge at hair styling competitions has to get some knowledge about the industry to sink in.

I know all there is about any tool that promises to do anything good with your precious hair. So, just relax and let me do the work for you, I’m good at this, I promise.

Outlines of my review

Let me tell you really quickly how is all this supposed to look before we actually dig into the main event:

  • We’ll start with some basic product specs from the manufacturer’s specification. It’s always good to see what the company promises to deliver with a certain product
  • We’ll filter what we just heard through some real-life user experiences. We’ll hear some PROs, but also the CONs, which will complete the story
  • In the end, I’ll say a few words, stating my own opinion on this whole matter

Sounds simple enough? I know it does. So, let’s get to it.

Promises, promises (Manufacturer’s specification)

Allow me to introduce you to this particular hair straightener the way the manufacturers wanted us to see it:

  • Usable worldwide due to dual voltage
  • Digital temperature control featuring LCD display
  • 60 seconds for heating up to 410 degrees with heat recovery time of 5 seconds
  • 1.25” cushioned plates made of ceramic featuring beveled edges
  • Far infrared and negative ion technology

Ok, it’s obvious that the company is trying to present us with a high quality-product that incorporates modern technologies and versatility. But we need to see how it holds up with the customers. That’s number one concern for us right now, real-life performance. So, let’s get right to it.

Positive reviews users had to share about this Paul Mitchell hair straightener

Time to figure out if this hair iron is really as good as the manufacturer would like us to believe, or just yet another overblown, overpriced, mediocre waste of money.

Let’s see some of the PROs:

  • My hair is just a giant mess. This Paul Mitchell hair straightener was simply a great buy. My hair remains straight for 2 days after I use it, and I don’t even have to do any additional touch ups.
  • This is one great hair iron! Both my daughters any I use it constantly and we couldn’t be happier with it. It heats up very quickly, it’s lightweight, yet very powerful. It leaves my hair shiny and smooth to the touch, and it seals the follicle for real.
  • Incredible delivery! I got this hair straightener one full week before the date it was supposed to arrive. In fact, only 3 days passed from the time I ordered it to the time it got to my doorstep. I should only mention that I live across the country from the location it was shipped from. Good job guys!
  • Awesome hair iron, simply awesome. My hair is very relaxed, and this iron just glides through it with such ease. No pulling or tugging of any kind. I like the temperature control, it makes me feel like I’m in charge and it let’s me play around and experiment with different heat settings, unlike those basic hair irons with simple on/off switch. I especially love the fact that my hair doesn’t have that “I just ironed my hair” smell (burnt smell I should say).
  • My hair stylist went from Chi to PM straighteners, and he suggested I did the same. My hair is very curly and thick, but I straighten it with this little guy in no time. Super product and I’m really glad I bought it.
  • Best hair straightener I’ve ever owned, hands down! I like the different heat settings and how my hair feels smooth after I use it. Lower temperatures are great for all kinds of touch-ups. I use it almost every day, and it’s really gentle on my hair, no damage whatsoever.
  • Definitely worth the money. I have it for some time now, and it works great. My hair is naturally wavy, and this iron just annihilates the frizz, leaving my hair silky smooth. I used it also for curling, and it worked like a charm too. There’s nothing this little wonder can’t do.

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Nothing better than a happy customer. But that’s not all, we also need to see the other side.

Not so pleasant user experiences and the reviews they had to share

Let’s go over some of the CONs:

  • Mine came in a different box than the one shown on the pictures, but it does the job pretty well, so I kept it anyway
  • It left a subtle smell on my hair the first few times I used it. Then it simply stopped out of nowhere. It’s a great hair iron, even better with that smell gone
  • It didn’t work when I turned it on. I sent it back, and they sent me a replacement that works perfectly. It’s a high-quality product, and I have no complaints except for this little incident

My 2 cents and final verdict on this Paul Mitchell hair straightener

There we have it folks! The final verdict, after hearing all this must be that we’re dealing with one powerful and high-quality hair straightener. The customers seem greatly overjoyed with its performance, and that’s valid for me.