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Pros: Fastest hair iron on the market. Leaves your hair perfectly straight, silky to the touch, and smooth like you wouldn’t believe. It also makes your hair look healthier than ever. Instant heat and recovery, 400 degrees F of operating temperature. Far infrared technology and high amount of negative ions. Nano-ionic, mineral infused plates. Multi-level temperature controller. 10ft swivel cord will leave no place in your house unreachable.
Cons: A bit higher price. No auto shut-off function.

Bio Ionic OnePass Nano Ceramic - The Best Hair StraightenerSearching for the best hair straightener can certainly feel like shooting in the dark sometimes. You start by reading a couple of different hair straightener reviews online, only to realize that you’ve just opened a true jungle of tabs in your browser, branching out in all possible directions. And nothing you can compare to a jungle is good, I can tell you that much.

That’s why today we are cutting to the clutter and looking at true proven quality.

So, we’ll try to put all your hair straightening troubles to rest and introduce a truly spectacular product. You know what they say, you get what you pay for. This hair straightener might be a bit steep, but, based on the number of reviews and average ratings, it seems to be the best the market has to offer at this price range.

Why would you listen to me?

Well, I believe that my years of experience as a hair stylist and a judge in hair styling competitions have me well covered here. Besides that, I’ve been writing these reviews and different blogs for ages now, and know my way around the industry.

I’m definitely the person to point you in the right direction, but the best part is, I don’t base my reviews solely on my own experience. My final decision about some product is greatly influenced by user reviews. It’s the number one currency for me when I see that some hair straightener has performed well in real-life situations and left its buyer more than satisfied.

So, if my credentials are in order, I invite you once more to explore this great hair iron we got our hands on today.

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Quick content rundown

Here’s what we’ll be talking about specifically:

  • We’ll warm up by reading the manufacturer’s product specification, just so we know exactly what we’re dealing with
  • We’ll proceed to the next section where user feedback awaits. We’ll see some of the PROs, but also the CONs shared with us by the people who actually bought and used this product
  • We’ll wrap things up with my own two cents concerning this hair tool

We know what lies ahead, let’s get down to business.

Basic product specs

Bio Ionic OnePass Nano Ceramic Straightening IronReading the manufacturer’s specification helps us in getting to know a bit more about the product itself and setting our expectations high, low, or somewhere in the middle.

So, let’s see what the company has to say about their offspring:

  • Faster straightening and higher level of shine due to speed strips made of silicone
  • Instant heat, operating temperature goes up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, plus instant recovery
  • Nano-ionic, cushion plates are infused with minerals
  • Far infrared energy and negative ions in huge amounts will keep your hair conditioned and silky smooth
  • 5 second bio-ceramic heaters
  • Multi-level temperature controller
  • 10ft long swivel cord

Now this looks like something straight out of the future. Will it make for some out of this world hairstyles too or not? We’ll see in the next section, once we consult our insiders on the field. The customers themselves.


Bio Ionic OnePass Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron ReviewCustomers sure did have words of praise for this product, so let’s check it out:

  • This flat iron is pure magic! There’s just no comparison with my old Chi straightener. My hair is wavy, thick and super frizzy, and since I’m using Bio Ionic Onepass it’s perfectly straight, silky smooth, and shinier than ever!
  • I’ve never in my life written a review for Amazon before, but people just need to know how amazing this hair straightener is. It costs a bit more, but it’s totally worth it. My wholehearted recommendation
  • This is the best hair straightener I’ve ever owned, and I had A LOT of them, all professional quality. My hair has never looked healthier, smoother, and silkier to the touch
  • My aged 40 something years hair looks like I’m twenty all over again! And I don’t even have to use any protectors first. Amazing, truly amazing
  • This flat iron honestly deserves a Nobel peace prize. It finally brought some peace to my frizzy, extremely thick, and overall crazy hair. I finally feel like I’m in full control over it, and the feeling is out of this world. It heats up really fast, and it’s just a breeze to use
  • I got this flat iron of Amazon. The customer service was great, and it arrived before schedule. This is the first straightener that doesn’t get caught in my hair, it’s smooth sailing all the way, top to bottom. Plus, it doesn’t tug or pull on my strands, which is such a relief
  • I own both Sedu and Chi straighteners, and they’re ok, but not as near as this one. My hair is very wavy, colored, and with some highlights to it. Frizz was a constant hassle, especially in the spring. This little guy solved all of my problems, and it leaves my hair smoother and silky like you wouldn’t believe. And it’s all done in under five minutes. Truly a blessing

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Let’s check out the other side of the story:

  • It’s a one of a kind hair straightener, but the price was a real impact on my budget. Let’s just see if it lasts long enough to justify the investment…
  • No automatic shut-off option


Magical product, no questions asked! The only downside is the price I suppose, that truly is a bit on the higher side. But once you try it on for size, you’ll know that your money was well spent. There’s nothing that can come even near it on the market at this time, so the price is more than justified. You really get what you pay with this product, and much, much more.

Enjoy your new, out of this world look and see you around.