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Pros: NanoIonic Mineral Cushion Plates technology. Heats up in 5 seconds.. Long Swivel cord. Max heat 400 degrees. Temperature control lock. No hot spots. Innovative Silicone Speed Strips. NanoIonic Mineral Cushion Plates. Light and easy to use, smartly designed. Straightens hair in one smooth glide. Frizz-free hair for a whole day. Leaves your hair smooth and shinny. 1-year warranty.
Cons: The floating plates technology might not suit some people.

Bio ionic one passEvery holiday season I do the same – I scout the web for the best deals I can find on quality products that are on a huge discount and choose one to recommend as the “Best Holiday Deal”.

This year it’s one of the best hair irons money can buy and it’s on a huge discount of -45%. It’s Bio Ionic One Pass.

The only issue is that these kind of high end items on sale go out of stock very quickly, so it’s a snooze-lose situation.

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As a person who’s been working as a hairstylist for over 8 years, I can safely say that I’ve pretty much seen it all. I can now easily tell the difference between great quality products for too high of a price, a bargain, and a well balanced relation between the price and product quality and a steal.

But let us see what’s so good about this hair iron.

This is what we’ll do in this review:

  1. We’ll list all the product specs
  2. We’ll carefully analyze end user reviews, both the PROs and CONs
  3. We’ll try to sum up all of our impressions and give this product a final grade

So, let’s start with specifications of this flat iron:

  • 5 Second BioCeramic Heaters, extremely short heat up time
  • Innovative Silicone Speed Strips
  • NanoIonic Mineral Cushion Plates
  • Heats up to 400 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Multi-Level Easy to use Heat Controller
  • 9 feet Swivel Cord

Well, so far so good. But let’s see what real end users have experienced with this product.

As per the positive user reviews – the PROs:

  • Simply the best hair straightener I’ve owned so far..
  • Works great even on lower heat settings.. I have kinky yet delicate hear, so it styles it without frying it or doing any damage to its natural moisture.
  • I have really thick hair, so I have to use the highest temperature setting, yet it doesn’t damage my hair at all. It also leaves some body to it and gets me bone straight results in a matter of minutes.
  • Great product, it lived up to my expectations. Service was good, and it got shipped really fast.
  • It heats up sooo fast, like in seconds. I love that feature. It leaves your hair all smooth and shinny as well.
  • It doesn’t pull out my hair like my previous hair straightener, and it seems to do a better job of keeping it healthy and under control and frizz-free for a whole day.
  • I like that it’s 1.5” wide and yet not too heavy or hard to use. I like the design as well.
  • The swivel cord is as long as in the salons; it really makes the styling process a lot easier. I have a lot of products on my vanity, so I can style my hair while literally walking around the room…
  • It’s as good as I was hoping it would be. It glides through my hair smoothly, gets it really straight in one glide, gets heated up really fast and doesn’t fry your hair..
  • I love the digital display; it shows me exactly what I’m working with. There’s no grabbing or tearing of my hair between the plates. It’s really easy to use and very light as well…
  • It would really prove to be a difficult task to find a flat iron as good as this one, and at this price, it’s mission impossible.
  • No static, gets all hot and ready really fast. This is my second Remington hair straightener, and I’m definitely sticking with this one. It does what it says it will, and I have very coarse, kinky and unruly hair.
  • It didn’t do any further damage on my dyed hair; it even left it shinier and silkier. Definitely a keeper…
  • I’ve had this product for 2 years now, and I use it daily. So far so good, no hair damage, no complaints…

When in doubt, you can always consult Amazon for further info:

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Now as per negative user reviews according to end users:

  • It could be just me, but I have really thin hair and the plates seem too loose for my taste.
  • I dropped mine and it broke so easily, I’m waiting for a replacement. Hope it gets shipped as fast as the first time..
  • Mine got broken and it took the customer service 7 days to send a replacement..
  • I ordered a 1.5” model, but instead I got a smaller one. I’m currently waiting for a replacement..

And now, for my final summary:

Bio Ionic OnePass Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron Review

This product simply kept its promise. It does exactly what it’s supposed to, and it does a good job. After so many years of working as a hairstylist, I believe it’s safe to say that I can tell what a bargain is; that’s exactly what we have here.

If you’re looking for a flat iron for you, and don’t have enough time to waste on waiting it to heat up, this handy little Bio Ionic does that in 5 seconds; It also has an extra long cord, so it’s really easy to use. It does seem like a product that fits the needs of most users.

Even though it gets very hot and doesn’t damage your hair much, I’d definitely advise you to use heat protectant spray if you’re using the max heat daily.

Overall, this is great quality at an affordable price.

My final grade for this product is 4.6 out of 5.