Hair Protect
Easy to use
User rating
Pros: Safety 60 min shut down option. On/off switch which lets it remain in your outlet. Heats up in half a minute with the turbo mode on. Even distribution of heat. Smart design, light and great for traveling. Dual voltage option. Ceramic coated plates for minimal hair damage. Great for both long and short hair. Fits in hand perfectly.

Cons: The cord is shorter than in most irons. Doesn’t have a locking mechanism. It might not suit you if you have very small hands.

Choosing the best hair straightener can prove to be much more of a challenge than it might seem at first.

With such a vast market today and sooo many options between we can choose, how can we know what is the right choice for our hair? Luckily, I’m here to help.

I’ve been a judge in hairstyling competitions for little over 10 years, and I know what true quality is and what a huge waste of your money is at first glimpse.

It all might seem a bit confusing at first, so let’s see how this review will go down.

Let’s first see how we’ll go about this review, shall we?

  1. We’ll see what the company is saying about this hair straightener
  2. We’ll take into careful consideration user reviews- both good and bad
  3. I’ll give you my final grade on this product

The Instant Conair hair straightener specifications:

  • 2 inch wide ceramic plates for even heat distribution and faster hair styling, gentle to your hair
  • 30 sec turbo heat-up option; highest heat option- 400°F
  • Heat recovery system regulates even heat distribution during the whole styling process for consistent results in every session
  • 25 different heat settings that should suit any hair type
  • Maximizing results are achieved easily with turbo mode, which increases the temperature by 36°F/27°C

The features of this hair straightener seem really good, but those are just company issued specifications.

Let’s see what the real people have to say about it. We will consider both positive and negative reviews of real end users.

Positive reviews as per end users of the Instant Conair flat iron – the PROs:

Conair Ceramic Instant Heat 2 inch Straightener

  • Till this day, this was the best hair straightener I’ve used..
  • This straightener doesn’t pull out my hair and it straightens it without frying it.
  • I like that it has all of those different settings, it allows me to have more different looks with using just one product
  • Safety first! I like that it turns off automatically after 60 minutes.
  • It’s really compact, and the design is really smart. It fits perfectly in my hand.
  • My wife has used this iron both in the USA and Europe, and it worked just fine.
  • I have really long hair, and I like the fact I have to run it just once through it for bone straight results.
  • It’s nice and wide, so it straightens my hair in no time and it heats up in like half a minute..
  • This iron does what it box says will do…
  • I like that I can keep it in the outlet and just push the on/off button, and if I forget to turn it off, it will turn off automatically after an hour. Great, because I’m forgetful!
  • My hair is done in minutes, and it remains completely frizz-free for a whole day, it simply works as advertised
  • This Conair product manages my coarse hair beautifully, like the previous products I’ve used. It also keeps my hair all shiny and silky; it doesn’t fry it at all.
  • Such a great product and it got delivered really fast too.
  • This is a great, small, dual voltage straightener; great for longer trips to places like Europe, it doesn’t take up too much space, and it’s really compact.
  • I like that I could take it with me on business trips to Ireland, you just need an adaptor, and you are set. The design is also really nice, and it’s really compact.
  • This product is really super easy to use and it’s super light as well, my girlfriend loves it…
  • This iron glides on your hair real easy, and it doesn’t pull out your hair at all. Great value at an affordable price…
  • In my experience, Conair are best hair products out there at a reasonable price. Will buy another one for my sister…

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Now for the negative user experience as per end users – the CONS:

  • I felt that the length of the cord was very limiting, it needed to be 1-2ft longer at the very least…
  • It does get hot fast, but I think that folks from Conair can do better.
  • I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have any locking mechanism
  • The hinge of the straightener was too close to the place where you pull your hair, I’m not used to this.

My resume on this flattening iron by Conair:

Conair Ceramic Instant Heat 2 inch Straightener reviewMy first thought is that it’s great for those of us who travel a lot.

It seems really easy to fit any suitcase size, and the design is really smart and easy to use.

I’ve never worked with this product myself, but I’ve seen it in action, and it seems like a bargain.

It really protects your hair, and all of those safety options are really family oriented.

It also sounds like a great feature to have when you’re late for your meeting, and you leave it on in your hotel room before you storm out.

The only thing that caught my eye was the cord length- probably because it’s designed to be used in smaller rooms and while on the road, it doesn’t give you the option to walk around with it back and forth.

This is because it was designed for people that want to straighten their hair in minutes.

Overall grade: great value for your money.