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Pros: Speedy heating up and easy gliding through the hair thanks to premium tourmaline infused plates. It reduces static and frizz, while protecting your hair from heat damage. Longer plates will cut down the time it takes to get your entire hair done. It leaves your hair perfectly straight, smooth, and silky to the touch. The hair looks much healthier, and it remains straight until the next washing. It reaches insane heat of 455 degrees F, and it features 30 different heat settings.

Cons: It takes more time to do the curling. It has been reported that some of the paint came off during use on occasion.

Infiniti Pro by Conair 1 Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat IronEver searched for the best hair straightener to fit your needs, and just didn’t know where to start? Or found yourself simply baffled by the sheer quantity of information once you gave a couple of hair straightener reviews a go?

It’s perfectly normal given the age of information we’re all living in. Having a vast number of choices is certainly a good thing, but it also raises your chances of making the wrong one and wasting your hard earned cash on a low-quality product.

Well, the confusion ends here

I’m here to make sure that never happens to you. We’ll find those hidden gems and debunk the phonies. That’s what my reviews are all about.

Why should you continue on reading and why would I know inside stuff about Conair Infiniti?

I’ll simply let my years of experience as a hair stylist and a judge at hairstyling competitions do all the talking for me. I’ve spent my life around hair styling products, so I think I have a pretty good idea what I’m talking about. I know the industry, the manufacturers, and a high-quality product when I see one.

I also pay great attention to customer reviews. I read tons of them every single day in order to bring you the best possible opinion on certain tools, not only from my own perspective, but thousands of them.

General structure of the Conair Infinity review

I like to do a little content check before I start with the actual reviewing part, so here it is:

  • First we’ll get to know a bit more about the product itself by reading what the manufacturer had to say about it
  • Then we’ll put all of that to the test of the customers. We’ll see the good things they had to share, but also the bad
  • Finally, my turn to speak and judge the product based on what I know and what I’ve read up to that point. I’ll give you my own honest opinion and tell you whether you should go for this product or not

With that out of the way we can start doing some actual work. So, let’s get started.

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Manufacturer’s product specification

Infiniti Pro by Conair 1 Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron featuresEvery specification is a promise of sorts. Whether we can hold the manufacturer to its promise or not is up to the user to decide for us, but for now let’s just see what the actual promise is:

  • Anti-static and anti-frizz results with less damage are provided by the tourmaline ceramic technology
  • Less frizz and an 89% straighter hair
  • It takes it 15 seconds to heat up, and it features 30 different heat settings. 455 degrees F of operating temperature
  • Faster gliding through the hair due to 3 times smoother surface
  • Bonus offer includes one Argan Oil Treatment. It protects, nourishes, and revitalizes hair, providing optimal protection and conditioning

That’s one hell of a promise for sure. Let’s see how much of it we can actually trust.

PROs based on what the people using the Infinity by Conair are saying:

Infiniti Pro by Conair 1 Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron reviewLet’s hear some of the good things about this product, directly from the customers:

  • I’m a freak when it comes to flat irons. I own more than ten of them, from your average Walmart buys to professional, high-end straighteners. This one takes the cake easily. I’ve been using it daily for about two weeks now, and it’s been an amazing ride.
  • It heats up super fast, and the heat is pretty intense. It glides easily through my hair, and it’s done in like half time it took me before
  • I like how the speedy heating up and how it leaves my hair super shiny, perfectly straight and smooth. I fell in love with it after the first go. I have a very long hair, and it was all done in less than 15 minutes. Pure magic
  • I positively love this thing! My hair is naturally wavy and very frizzy, but somehow this flat iron makes it feel like pure silk to the touch. I like the length of the plates, as it seriously cuts down the time it takes me to do my entire hair.
  • Lightning fast when it comes to heating up, and it seems very durable. Worth every cent
  • The heat this little guy reaches is absolutely insane. It’s a hair salon type temperature we’re talking here. It heats up before you know it, leaves my hair looking more beautiful than ever, and I love the auto shut-off option since I’m in a hurry more often than not
  • Works better than my old Chi ever did
  • Best hair straightener ever! Made my curly hair jet straight, and did it quickly. And it remained straight until I washed it, which is a blessing. I turned from a daily flat iron user into almost a weekly one
  • Super easy to use, doesn’t get hot near the fingers, and it makes the hair super straight, smooth, and just healthy looking. Sincere recommendation


Time for the other side of the coin:

  • Some of the paint was chipped off when it first got here. I decided it’s not too big of a deal if it all works properly, and it certainly does. It’s a great product, and I’m definitely satisfied with this buy
  • It gets too hot for my thin hair, and I’m not all that tech-savvy to set the temperature to my preferred one
  • Some of the paint seem to have come off during use
  • It takes some time to do the curling with this straightener

Conclusion on Conair Infinity

It’s a quality product that won’t hit your budget too hard. It’s right there alongside some of the 200+ dollars models, which makes it the avatar of budget-friendliness. It offers significantly more than it costs as we had a chance to hear from our “insiders from the field”.

So, you can freely go for it, as it will not only pay itself off, but it will also save you money you would spend on some of the more expensive models.