Hair Protect
Easy To Use
User rating
Pros: Budget-friendly yet high-quality item. Heats up super fast and reaches intense salon temperatures without any hair damage or that “I just did my hair” burnt smell. It boosts your lifeless roots and adds that coveted volume and body to your flat, lifeless hair. Improved hair contact and “closer to the root” reach thanks to a new plate technology. Perfect for styling of all hair types and lengths.

Cons: You can’t use it for stylistic crimping since it is a mini-crimper for root boosting.

Infiniti by Conair YOU Root BoostFinding the best hair straightener, crimper or whatever to tame your curly, frizzy, coarse, thick or simply unruly hair can prove to be more of a pain than you bargained for.

Reading one hair straightener review after the other seems to take forever, and you often end up not knowing a lot more but being a heck of a lot more confused about the whole thing.

Do I have some good news for you. You’ve finally ended up to your nonstop shop of quality information.

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Sure, I’m talking, but why would you listen?

I’m talking from years of experience. Being a hair stylist, and an ex-judge in the hair styling competitions I think my credentials are in order officer. I’m also a proud owner of a “not so easy to manage” hair, so I know perfectly well where you’re coming from.

Writing all sorts of blog post about these things and reviews is just one way of sharing what I’ve learned over the years.

So, if you’re after a professional, honest and completely unbiased writing, I bid you welcome.

When it comes to Infinity line by Conair, I’ve done an Infinity Pro Conair review and a review for Conair Infinity pro flat iron. I’m on a roll here, so why not continue.

Quick content introduction

Let me show you the ropes around my reviewing protocol real quick:

  • We’ll start by obtaining some basic product specifications directly from the manufacturer
  • Next stop are the experiences and impressions of the customers who actually had their hair in between these plates
  • Finally, I’ll pass my own verdict and tell you what I think about this whole matter

Let’s get cracking.

Product specification (or: What the manufacturer said about its product)

Well, let’s see what we’re up against here:

  • Specially designed narrow plates for further reach, closer to the root
  • Easy-add volume with special new feature for root-lifting
  • Perfect fit for layered and shorter hairstyles
  • Better hair contact allowed by floating plate technology
  • Fit for styling of all hair types and lengths

Ok, that’s some pretty bold stuff right there. Let’s see how it holds up against what the actual users have to say about it.

PROs (Pleasant user experiences)

We’ll kick things off with some good things customers shared with us:

  • My hair is straight and shoulder length. I just hate when it sits all flat on my head, so it’s a blessing how this crimper provides it with a little lift. I really like the fact that it last well into the next day without any additional touch ups unless you shampoo of course. It’s also very easy to use. I’m no expert with a curling iron or anything, but I feel like a solid pro while using this beautiful little trinket. Amazing!
  • My new hair stylist used this hair iron on my hair in his salon, and he got me all intrigued. My flat and limp hair always needed a ton of different products for a proper lift and hold. The results were amazing, and I just had to turn Amazon upside down until I found it. It’s super easy to use, and my hair has a perfect body to it until I wash it again. I love it!
  • It took me ages to do my entire hair before. With this little guy, it’s all over in like 15 minutes. It heats up super fast, and it reaches a pretty intense temperature so just a few seconds is all your divided strand will need. The 2nd heat degree is just hot enough for a perfect look and no damage or that awful burnt smell
  • My God! I finally have a full head of hair! No more lifeless and flat hair for me! I use my “Thicker fuller hair” spray before I start with the crimper, and the results are out of this world
  • My hair is very thick and hard to manage but somehow this crimper handles it, even at the lowest temperature setting. It heats up very fast, it’s user-friendly and it helps you take back the control over your own hair
  • The best hair straightener I’ve ever had came from this manufacturer, and they have my loyalty for life. Currently, I own another Conair Infiniti tourmaline ceramic styler and this micro one. My hair is very fine and thin, and I used to try everything to add a little volume to it. This styler is pure magic! Backcombing my hair is such a pain, and it’s tough o the hair too. This is the more hair-friendly option, and it cuts down the needed time in half
  • My hair is straight and very fine, and there were times when I would’ve killed to get for some tiny amounts of volume. This crimper adds a great boost to my roots, and that’s the place the boost is the most needed. I can’t imagine going without this little magic wand. Btw, I saw it on YouTube and bought it from Amazon. Great delivery service and great customer support

If you want to see the complete user reviews, you can visit Amazon page for this model:

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CONs (not so pretty customer experiences)

Time to face the music:

  • It’s a very good crimper, but my hard to curl hair is just, well impossible to curl. It looks excellent for like 9-10 hours and then it’s back to normal. But that’s enough anyway, compared to my previous experiences. So, my hair is technically to blame, not the crimper
  • Evidently I got confused and ordered the wrong item. This is not what I was going for
  • I needed this crimper for some stylistic crimping, and I later found out it’s just for root boosting. My mistake

Final call

A lot of PROs and none of the really hard-core CONs hum a very pretty tune in my ear. You can go for this one instantly, and it will make your hair literally blossom.

The Overall Quality Rating of 4 makes it a very good deal for the money.

Crimp away and put some long awaited life and volume into your everyday lives.