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By far the best quality/price balance I have ever seen in a hair iron. It is once in a blue moon you can see a product with tens of thousands of online maintain such a high score - and this is one of those products.

It is a high-end product, and at the current price range it is a steal.


Cons: No color choices.

UPDATED: December, 2018

HSI_best_price_and_quality-2_edited-296x300This hair iron has been top rated for over 8 months now. The two straighteners that have the same rating cost 5-6 times as much.

It did cost almost $200, but they recently changed that to below $40.

To be honest, I don’t why and I don’t know what’s going on at HSI – maybe they are trying to get rid of old stock or clear a warehouse – but at that price this high-end product is a steal.

The only downside is that it often goes out of stock because of the price, so you can’t always get it.

It’s also the only product with the quality of professional hair iron

That’s where professional and honest hair straightener reviews such as this one kick in. And we have an important question in front of us today, so let’ get cracking.

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Why should my opinion matter to you?

Well, it’s not just MY opinion that we’re dealing with. I also bring you voices of thousands of customers whose reviews I read on a daily basis. Being a hair stylist and an ex-judge in hair styling competitions, I know good quality when I see it. The final Overall Rating of a product is a statistical combination of the two that’s been tweaked to perfection over the years.

What are the basics of my modus operandi in these reviews of hair irons?

I’ve developed my own special reviewing formula over the years. So here’s a quick peek:

  • I’ll start by laying out some basic product specs for you, just so we know exactly what we’re dealing with here
  • Then we’ll separate all that info into two brackets. True stuff and the pure marketing glorification coming from the manufacturer. We’ll do that by listing out some pros and cons, shared with us by the users themselves
  • We’ll cap the whole story by me summing it all up and finally giving you the answer to our starting question

It’s short, it’s effective, and it’s straight from the trenches. This hair straightener is about to get hit by a true reviewing tornado.

HSI_best_price_and_quality (2)_edited

Let’s get the basics down

As I said, first we’ll let the manufacturer state its case and tell us something more about its product:

  • It’s a 3-in-1 kind of product, you can either straighten, curl or flip your hair
  • Temperature adjustment option makes it suitable for all hair types. It goes from 240 to 410 degrees F
  • Doing you hair will take less time, and leave it with optimal silky/shiny finish due to ceramic ion plates infused with tourmaline
  • Plates are 1” wide, which makes them suitable for any hair length or type, yet they’re still narrow enough for bangs styling
  • It transforms your dull, frizzy hair into sleek, straight, and gorgeous locks

That’s one compelling set of statements right there. If it all turns out to be true, well, I’m already hinting at that final answer.

What are the positive customer reviews saying?

Time to put some PROs in the bag:

  • I like the accessories that came with it. I got a sweet travel bag, a handy heat glove, and a comprehensive user manual. Technology is my arch-nemesis, but even I got it to work perfectly with these instructions
  • My god, the discount!! It just got at about 25% the price that I saw just a few months ago. I still can’t wrap my head around it, but this hair straightener is amazing! My hair never felt smoother, and it’s all done in minutes
  • My hair is very fine and fragile so the heat control option is a true godsend. It’s all done in just one pass, and I finally have that super silky feel to it. Also, the swivel cord doesn’t twist or tangle, so that’s a load off too. Best hair straightener I’ve ever had, and I went through A LOT. Sincere recommendation
  • It’s a wonderful little instrument. I can straighten my hair perfectly and give it a little wave at the ends too. It’ heats up very fast and keeps the temperature steady all the way, plus, the plastic parts behind the plates don’t get too hot so there’s no danger of burning my fingers if I grab those parts too
  • This is the first and only hair iron that simply glides perfectly through my hair. There’s no pulling or tugging of any kind, and it turned my hair straightening time into pure delight. Also, I know for a fact that it’s built to last since my best friend has it for two years now, and it’s still going strong. She’s a daily user too
  • Thousands of 5-star reviews for this HSI hair straightener on Amazon, is this for real?! Now that I have one and use it 2-3 times a week I can honestly say those reviews weren’t wrong. It’s money well spent on a product that just keeps on giving. My hair never looked healthier and never felt softer. I got a hefty discount too 😉
  • Excellent ergonomics! It’s so easy to handle I feel like a true pro
  • It’s like I was on Extreme Makeover. I’m not kidding around

For complete story from our ladies all around the world you can visit Amazon and look this model up:

Check out its dedicated spot >>

What the users didn’t quite enjoy?

Let’s mix it up with some CONs:

  • It has a weird smell to it for a few days…
  • Not a fan of the design…

The resume of the reviews

I’m sorry but those THOUSANDS of 5-star reviews on Amazon are still resonating inside my head, but I’ll do my best to stay calm in the review and be completely objective.

Let’s sum up:

It’s built to last forever, straights and curls hair of any type or length, it heats up fast, distributes heat evenly, leaves no hair damage or that burnt smell after you’re done, glides through the hair perfectly, leaves it straight, silky, smooth, and healthy-looking… I could go on and on. I’ll just add the epic budget friendliness on top of all that.

Now, let’s answer the question that we began with:

Yes, it sincerely seems that this HSI hair straightener is just that good! There’s no two ways about it. The professionals say so, the users say so, and I must agree with them. With an Overall Rating of 4.9/5 and among the three this one is by far the least expensive

It’s an amazing product, and you can’t go wrong with it.

Enjoy it if you go with it!


Now, while HSI professional is the best here are a couple of other honorable mentions:

Review of Remington S9520 Salon Collection hair iron – a big bang for your buck? What do the users and experts say?

Remington S9520 Salon Collection Ceramic Hair StraightenerBest hair straightener is a pain to look for, but it’s so worth it once found that we usually forget all the troubles leading to that moment.

On the second thought, why wouldn’t we eliminate all of that painful procedure and pack it completely into a series of short hair straightener reviews that are right on the money? You guessed it! That’s exactly what I’m doing here.

Why would you even read my articles and reviews of flat irons?

Because you need someone who knows a thing or two about hair straighteners and hair in general. After years in the hairstyling business and as a judge in hairstyling competitions, I think I got that knowledge right where we want it.

Secondly, I’m all about user feedback. Manufacturers say this and that, often sugarcoating their products, but our fellow customers are always spot on. So, I read all the user hair straightener reviews I can find in order to get, and give to you the full picture.

The structure of the review of this Remington hair straightener

I do have a certain section pattern I like to maintain, so let me give you a little heads up:

  • First thing’s first, we’ll get to know a little bit more about this hair iron by reading the manufacturer’s specification
  • We’ll dissect that info later on by cross-referencing it with some good and bad user experiences
  • Finally, I’ll sum it all up in a few words of my own

Sounds simple and effective enough? Yeah, that’s because it is. Now that we got that out of the way, we can get some actual work done.

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Let’s start with some basic product specs

Remington S9520 Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener reviewAnd who better to ask about those than the manufacturer itself:

  • Smoothest ever salon quality finish thanks to the Pearl ceramic technology
  • Beats the competition’s products by 15 times concerning the amount of ceramic
  • High salon intensity heat, up to 450 degrees F
  • 120V
  • Perfectly smooth glide ensured by the plates infused with pearl
  • Shuts off automatically

That sure sounds nice ad dandy, but we’ll take it with the grain of salt none the less. At least until we hear what the customers have to say about it that is.

Let’s see what the customers liked about this Remington flat iron:

  • It’s the best hair straightener for my long, thick, wavy and impossible to manage hair! It straightens it perfectly, and it leaves it so silky smooth I just can’t believe it. Plus, it’s all done in about half time it used to take me before.
  • Super happy and would recommend to everyone with crazy hair like mine…
  • My hair is pretty much stick straight, but with a lot of frizz. This hair iron helps me smooth it out, adds a beautiful shine to it, and even allows me to give it a little curl on the ends.
  • It does exactly what I need it to, and it does it perfectly. Very satisfied with this buy…
  • If there were a possibility of a 10-star grade, I would give it to this hair iron no questions asked! I have a perfectly straight, shiny and smooth hair for the first time ever! It heats up really quickly and gets pretty hot.
  • Not anywhere near my fingers though. The good thing is, it keeps the steady temperature throughout the process, so I don’t have that hot-less hot-quite cool-hotter-hot-less hot situations anymore. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Great product, and virtual 10 stars from this happy customer…
  • I like how it glides through my hair. No pulling on it or tugging whatsoever. It’s a truly welcome feature considering how my past irons used to lay waste to my hair. It adds a gorgeous shine to it as well
  • Once I do some curls with this iron, they last for a very long time. Same thing when I straighten my hair. It stays straight until the next wash. I like the display too. The info is easy to read, and it beeps once the iron is ready for business
  • It’s a very high-quality product, especially for that kind of money. I didn’t expect much truth be told, but was pleasantly surprised once it started straightening my unruly hair. It works great, and it will keep doing so for a long time by the looks of it
  • I’ve read tons of Remington hair straightener reviews, and this one stood out for me. It had it all, the price was just right and user reviews were more of a flurry of positive experiences. Now that I have it, I can say they were all true. Amazing product and tops it all off with some always welcome budget-friendliness
  • Very lightweight and heats up extremely quickly

Check out how the users rated this iron on Amazon:

To visit its page click here >>

Now for some negative reviews of this Remington hair straightener

Let’s get the other side of the story. Time to see some CONs:

  • The digital display is impossible to read if you hold the straightener at a very sharp angle to your eyes.
  • Didn’t work when I turned it on. I contacted the customer support, and now I’m waiting for a replacement to arrive. They were quite forthcoming and pleasant, though…

Final thoughts on this flat iron

Overall Quality rating of 4.2/5 and great value for money. I know of hair irons from the same class that cost twice as much.

Users have said it better than I ever could.

It’s high quality yet budget-friendly. Heats up fast, and it REALLY heats up. Straightens and curls perfectly for a long lasting look. Adds a beautiful shine to the hair and makes it silky smooth to the touch. Doesn’t pull, tug, or snag whatsoever. Very lightweight, easy to use, and safe since it doesn’t get hot anywhere near your fingers.

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth Hair Straightener Review – experts and users share their views

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion SmoothThere’s a lot of different tools for handling your hair out there in the information jungle. So, finding the best hair straightener might not be as easy as you might think at first.

You could try your luck with a bunch of online hair straightener reviews and enjoy wall after wall of text. Or you could get all the information needed in one compactly packed, honest and unbiased review. Your choice.

Why should you trust me in what I’m about to say about this Paul Mitchell flat iron?

Because I know exactly what I’m talking about. Being a hair stylist and ex-judge at hair styling competitions has to get some knowledge about the industry to sink in.

I know all there is about any tool that promises to do anything good with your precious hair. So, just relax and let me do the work for you, I’m good at this, I promise.

Outlines of my review

Let me tell you really quickly how is all this supposed to look before we actually dig into the main event:

  • We’ll start with some basic product specs from the manufacturer’s specification. It’s always good to see what the company promises to deliver with a certain product
  • We’ll filter what we just heard through some real-life user experiences. We’ll hear some PROs, but also the CONs, which will complete the story
  • In the end, I’ll say a few words, stating my own opinion on this whole matter

Sounds simple enough? I know it does. So, let’s get to it.

Promises, promises (Manufacturer’s specification)

Allow me to introduce you to this particular hair straightener the way the manufacturers wanted us to see it:

  • Usable worldwide due to dual voltage
  • Digital temperature control featuring LCD display
  • 60 seconds for heating up to 410 degrees with heat recovery time of 5 seconds
  • 1.25” cushioned plates made of ceramic featuring beveled edges
  • Far infrared and negative ion technology

Ok, it’s obvious that the company is trying to present us with a high quality-product that incorporates modern technologies and versatility. But we need to see how it holds up with the customers. That’s number one concern for us right now, real-life performance. So, let’s get right to it.

Positive reviews users had to share about this Paul Mitchell hair straightener

Time to figure out if this hair iron is really as good as the manufacturer would like us to believe, or just yet another overblown, overpriced, mediocre waste of money.

Let’s see some of the PROs:

  • My hair is just a giant mess. This Paul Mitchell hair straightener was simply a great buy. My hair remains straight for 2 days after I use it, and I don’t even have to do any additional touch ups.
  • This is one great hair iron! Both my daughters any I use it constantly and we couldn’t be happier with it. It heats up very quickly, it’s lightweight, yet very powerful. It leaves my hair shiny and smooth to the touch, and it seals the follicle for real.
  • Incredible delivery! I got this hair straightener one full week before the date it was supposed to arrive. In fact, only 3 days passed from the time I ordered it to the time it got to my doorstep. I should only mention that I live across the country from the location it was shipped from. Good job guys!
  • Awesome hair iron, simply awesome. My hair is very relaxed, and this iron just glides through it with such ease. No pulling or tugging of any kind. I like the temperature control, it makes me feel like I’m in charge and it let’s me play around and experiment with different heat settings, unlike those basic hair irons with simple on/off switch. I especially love the fact that my hair doesn’t have that “I just ironed my hair” smell (burnt smell I should say).
  • My hair stylist went from Chi to PM straighteners, and he suggested I did the same. My hair is very curly and thick, but I straighten it with this little guy in no time. Super product and I’m really glad I bought it.
  • Best hair straightener I’ve ever owned, hands down! I like the different heat settings and how my hair feels smooth after I use it. Lower temperatures are great for all kinds of touch-ups. I use it almost every day, and it’s really gentle on my hair, no damage whatsoever.
  • Definitely worth the money. I have it for some time now, and it works great. My hair is naturally wavy, and this iron just annihilates the frizz, leaving my hair silky smooth. I used it also for curling, and it worked like a charm too. There’s nothing this little wonder can’t do.

See its ratings and read more reviews on Amazon:

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Nothing better than a happy customer. But that’s not all, we also need to see the other side.

Not so pleasant user experiences and the reviews they had to share

Let’s go over some of the CONs:

  • Mine came in a different box than the one shown on the pictures, but it does the job pretty well, so I kept it anyway
  • It left a subtle smell on my hair the first few times I used it. Then it simply stopped out of nowhere. It’s a great hair iron, even better with that smell gone
  • It didn’t work when I turned it on. I sent it back, and they sent me a replacement that works perfectly. It’s a high-quality product, and I have no complaints except for this little incident

My 2 cents and final verdict on this Paul Mitchell hair straightener

There we have it folks! The final verdict, after hearing all this must be that we’re dealing with one powerful and high-quality hair straightener. The customers seem greatly overjoyed with its performance, and that’s valid for me.

Remington Ceramic Plates with Tourmaline Hair Straightener Review

Remington Wet 2 Straight Wide Plate Wet or Dry Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron with Tourmaline ReviewHow important are your hair products to you? Are you one of those people who like to know just what are they getting for their money’s worth? Do you tend to do some research before you purchase something? If you do, and you think you could use some good advice on finding the best hair straightener for your hair, you found just the place and please do read on.

Maybe you are wondering why you should take my advice, and that’s fair question. But as a former hairstylist of 8 years, I believe I can be of some assistance to you regarding this matter.

Anyhow, before we move on, let me walk you through the structure of this review:

  1. We’ll look at all of the product specifications
  2. Then we’ll take into account both positive and negative end user reviews
  3. In conclusion, I’ll give this product my Final Rating

Full customer reviews available on Amazon >>

Let’s begin with product specifications:

  • Eliminates any need for blow drying your hair
  • Both dries and straightens your hair
  • Has an inbuilt steam vents that release any extra moisture while straightening your hair
  • Has 26 different digital heat settings that suit any hair type
  • Swivel cord

And now let’s move on to positive end user reviews:

  • I’ve been using it every day for a while now, and it’s pretty much as good as it says on the box…
  • When I’m done with my hair it’s sleek and smooth. The thing I like the most about it is that it can even reach my roots and get me the best results possible, without having to go to a salon.
  • My stepmom uses this Remington in her salon, and this is where I first saw this bad boy in action. I ordered one for myself the next day, and I’ve been using it ever since. It really gets all the kinks out of my hair so fast…it’s such a life saver…
  • For the first time I don’t have to put anything in my hair, no expensive lotions, mousse, etc.
  • Not only does it get my hair as flat as a board, but it also leaves some shine and body to it. I would definitely recommend this product.
  • I have really coarse, kinky hair, and nothing helped so far, besides going to the hairdresser’s. After I got this flat iron I completely eliminated the middleman and now I can get my hair dry and bone-straight in up to 5 glides per strand of hair…
  • It used to take me about 45 minutes to blow dry my hair, and even that wouldn’t mean it was completely straight. The first time I used this product, I tried it on my wet dripping hair.. And the whole process took 25 minutes. I’m so happy with the results…
  • I have long, curly and frizzy hair. I got this product for Christmas, so I gave it a try. I’m so glad I did, because it cut my styling time in half…
  • For the first time my hair didn’t get all curly and frizzy 4 hours after styling it. This flat iron also left it all smooth and silky. Definitely the best hair straightener I’ve had so far…
  • I wish somebody recommended this flat iron to me long time ago. It would save me so much time, money and spare me all the frustration…
  • I wanted to get all-day results, without having to resort to chemical straightening. My friend told me about this product, and I just can’t believe how well it works…
  • It used to take me 30 minutes to blow dry my hair, and then an additional 15 to straighten it. Now the whole process takes up to 30 minutes with 3 little kids interrupting me all the time…

Amazon also features a rating system based on user-feedback:

Click here for the ratings >>

And now for the negative end user reviews:

  • It beeps when it’s ready to use…the sound is really annoying…
  • I got really scared when I first saw steam going out of the vent, even though the manual says it’s only normal. It’s not painful or anything, but I don’t feel comfortable. I’m switching back to a regular hair straightener.
  • It has this button for adjusting the heat settings, and if you want to go from, let’s say 15 to 25, you have to push the button like 10 times.. That’s plain boring.
  • I really see no point in having a digital controller on everything these days. I don’t really think that they’re such a great improvement, nor do I think that they’re essential.. I prefer a simple On/Off button.

And now for my final resume of this product:

It’s not often that I run into a product with as many functions as a professional iron at the price of a home-use product. Probably the best thing about them is that they all have an everyday use and are not redundant.

This is not the cheapest hair straightener out there, I’ll grant you that, but compared to everything it has to offer, it’s a worth every penny.

During my hairstyling days, I used quite a few Remington hair products, and it’s plainly obvious that they kept the standards really high.

However, because of the button that requires you to go manually through all heat settings one by one, I will grade it 4.8 out of 5.

Ultra Ceramic Iso Beauty Hair Straightener Review – a true classic

With new products arriving every day, it’s really not easy to choose the best hair straightener for yourself. Luckily, I’m here to help you find your way through this jungle of confusing information.

I am a hair stylist and I even used be a competition judge, so I can tell true quality from a piece of Chinese junk. And trust me, there are loads of low quality products that are not worth their weight in plastic and are still selling at high price points.

here’s what to expect from the review of this ISO hair straightener:

  1. We’ll see what the company has to say about their product
  2. We’ll then hear out the end users reviews, both positive and negative
  3. I’ll give you my final opinion and rating

Let’s list the company issued specifications for this Iso flat iron:

Iso Beauty Ultra Ceramic Hair Straightener Flat Iron

  • Heats up to 410 degrees really fast
  • Adjustable temperature settings and features
  • Humidity safe, frizz-free look for your hair
  • Works great with all types of kinky hair
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Far infrared technology
  • Suitable for use on any hair type
  • Gets your hair shinny, silky and bone straight really fast

These specifications sound great and all, but let’s see it this product is up to the test of real end users.

PROs – from the mouth of the users:

  • This is the best hair straightener I’ve ever had. It arrived before the estimated delivery date, and it’s in great shape 6 months in…
  • Such great quality, and much cheaper that the ones from the mall, too!
  • This is a great deal, no doubt about that..
  • I’ve had this product for 5 years, longer than the warranty extends, and it’s been working just fine…
  • Not only does it straighten my hair, but it leaves it all healthy, shiny and silky…
  • It always gets hot and ready to use so fast. The plates seem to be really sturdy as well.
  • My daughter saw it at her hairstylist’s and couldn’t stop going on about it ever since. I bought this hair straightener for her, and now she takes it with her wherever she goes.
  • It works wonders for my fine and delicate hair; it straightens it to the bone without frying it.
  • This product is unbelievable, especially at this price. My wife loves it. It also has dual voltage, so you can carry it with you if you’re traveling to Europe.
  • I like that it has a separate on/off button and that you can adjust the temperature.
  • It works really fast on my coarse, wavy hair.. And it’s so gentle to it too!
  • Not only that this unit is so gentle to my hair and gets me the best results super fast, but it also leaves my hair frizz-free even when it’s wet outside.. I would definitely buy this product again.
  • This iron is so good that this price is not a bargain, it’s more of a steal..
  • Shipping was extremely fast, and it works wonders. It’s great for curling as well. Does what it says it will. It’s really light and easy to use.
  • It heats up in like 10 seconds, and you’re good to go. I saw a demonstration at a local mall and just had to get me some of that silky, shiny, bone straight hair.
  • After using it for well over 2 years, I bought my daughters exactly the same hair straightener, and they love it…

Read what other users are saying about it on Amazon >>

Now, let’s analyze the negative reviews of the end users – the CONs:

  • One piece fell off after some time; I’m waiting for a replacement..
  • The product had some discoloring; it works well but now it looks cheap…
  • I wish it had a digital indicator of heat, like a small screen or something…
  • The temperature dial seems to be moving a little too easy for my taste, so I have to pay closer attention to it.. That’s a drag.

Allow me to offer my resume of this flat iron review by ISO:

After carefully going through all of the facts, the very first thing that comes to me is that this hair straightener works just as advertised. And that’s huge in a world of hype and advertising exaggerations.

It’s light enough, compact, and the design is really smart. The Far infrared technology releases more ions and this allows for faster and longer-lasting results, even in humid conditions. And, most importantly, will not damage your hair in the process because of the materials used in the plates are pre-infused with proteins. This will also minimize the need for additional care products and conditioners.

I did some research and I don’t really like the paint used for the finish, that would be my only concern with this iron – that the plates will outlast the looks of the products by far. You know that feeling – it still does the job but it might look shabby in a year or two.

In conclusion, this product seems like a bargain, and offers professional results at the comfort of your home.