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Pros: Innovative floating plates technology. Heats up to 500F. Temperature dial is easy to use. Very light and smartly designed. Negative ion technology for frizz-free hair. Heats up in a second - MCH ceramic heater technology. Features Straight, Curl and Flip styling options. High and consistent levels of heat - Onyx ceramic plate technology. No hot spots. Smart design. Leaves hair smooth, silky and healthy. Suitable for professional use. No burning odor after use. Straightens your hair in only one glide. Affordable price.
Cons: Some people don’t find the floating plates technology suitable for their hair.

Herstyler Superstyler Onyx Hair StraightenerLet’s face it – if you are an average girl/woman you simply neither have the time for extensive research or the expertise to choose the best hair straightener for your type of hair. No pun intended here, it’s just a jungle of a market today and it gets hard even for me, and I’ve been styling hair for over 8 years.

That’s why I started the website in the first place – to simplify your decision.

I’ll help you spot the difference between real value and a waste of your money.

This is how the review of this flat iron will go down:

  1. We’ll list all the specs and features as issued by the Company
  2. We’ll take into careful consideration a number of end user reviews, both good and bad
  3. I’ll summarize it all and give my final rating

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Let’s see what the folks from Herstyler have to say about this iron:

  • Heats up extremely fast thanks to cutting-edge MCH ceramic heater technology
  • High and consistent levels of heat are guaranteed by Onyx ceramic plate technology
  • Negative ion technology takes care of that pesky frizz and neutralizes positive ions
  • Straight, Curl and Flip style possible all with one flat iron
  • Innovative Floating Plates technology

The Company issued specs do sound great, but they might be talking up their product so they could sell it. Let’s put this hair straightener under some real tests and see what end users have to say about it.

Positive reviews as per end users – the PROs:

Herstyler Superstyler Onyx Hair Straightener review

  • Both my clientele and I and I, like the results of this flat iron. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do…
  • There is never a burnt odor after using this flat iron, unlike with my previous unit…
  • No hot spots
  • It gets hot really fast and yet it doesn’t fry my hair. It leaves it all silky and smooth…
  • It doesn’t pull my hair out, and it glides smoothly over it. It also takes cares of my coarse, kinky hair without damaging it, and it gets super hot really fast.
  • I love that it goes up to 500F…I need that for my wild frizz…
  • This is truly a good buy. What you read is what you get…
  • The price was really affordable, and the service was super fast. It does a really great job of ridding me of that nasty frizz and keeping my hair straight for a whole day…
  • I’ve used it in keratin treatments in my salon and for styling and I can say it works wonders.
  • The temperature control makes it so easy to style…
  • Great quality and durability at an affordable price. I’ve had mine for 4 years now and I don’t have any complaints so far.
  • I’m so glad that with this product I don’t have to turn the dial all the way in order to get real results. I just turn it half the way and in 6-7 minutes I’m done…
  • It leaves your hair so soft and manageable; it really looks healthy even after styling it daily with this bad girl for 2 years now…
  • The first iron that actually got me the look I wanted with my wavy, coarse hair…would definitely recommend it for any hair type.
  • I’ve tried a number of very pricey professional hair straighteners that did next to nothing for my thick hair. With this flat iron, I got better results than with the ones that cost 5 times as much…
  • I bought this one to share it with my 3 daughters. They love it so much I can’t get my hands on it anymore, but I’ll definitely buy one just for myself 😉

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Now as per negative end user reviews of this product:

  • It could be just me, but it feels so heavy in my hand…
  • Even though they are really popular right now, I don’t like the floating plates technology.
  • Wrong product was shipped to me by mistake. I called the customer service and got a refund…
  • Mine was a little chipped upon arrival; I’m waiting for a replacement. Hope it arrives as fast as the first time…

Now for our final summation on this product and the review resume:

Let us take a note here that this piece is one of the few home-use irons that can be used for keratin treatments. This fact alone can save you lots of boatloads of money if you are into keratin.

It is a bit on the heavier side, but having the materials used for the plates (high quality tourmaline/ceramic) that’s to be expected. It heats up and down fast and it features Onyx technology which allows for more negative ions to be released into your hair, thus shortening the exposure to heat.

Yes, this means far less damage to your hair and the same results.

While I was sifting through the negative reviews I saw no red flags. Most of those are a matter of taste or cases of getting a flawed product. I honestly can’t think of anything of substance to say that would cast a shadow over the quality of this iron.

This product has passed with flying colors. Great price, professional results and quality, all in one product. I would definitely recommend it.

In my book, 4.6 out of 5 stars.