Hair Protect
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User rating
Pros: Heats up from 170°F to 400°F. Heat control is adjustable and easy to use. Has a really neat MP3 player that can make the styling process more fun. Smart design. User-friendly. Nano ceramic plates infused with tourmaline for best results. Flash heating. No hot spots. Gentle to hair. Infrared Rays and Negative Ions Technology. TUV certified. Low EMF. 1-year warranty.

Cons: Keep in mind that this is still a flat iron and that its primary purpose is not playing music.

Hai Hot Tunes MP3 Styling IronChoosing the best hair straightener that will suit your needs can prove to be more difficult than it might seem at first. With all the choices out there on the market, it might be more complicated than ever. Lucky for you, I’m more than glad to help.

I’ve worked as a hairstylist for 8 years so you could say I’ve got some experience. After using a lot of professional hair products over the years, and having to choose which we will use in our salon, I can definitely say I have the knowledge and the skills when it comes to flat irons.

Here’s how we’ll go about this Hai hair straightener reviews:

  1. We’ll list all of the product specifications
  2. Then we’ll carefully consider all of the user reviews, both good and bad
  3. In the end, we’ll just see if this iron passed or not and if it’s worth it

Let’s begin with specs of this Hai flat iron:

  • Nano ceramic plates are infused with tourmaline for best results
  • Infrared rays and negative ions Technology gently yet efficiently seal the hair cuticle and lock in color and moisture
  • Heats up from 170°F to 400°F; adjustable heat control
  • Flash heating – quickest recovery time for styling in one glide and consistent temperature. No hot spots
  • Balanced and lightweight
  • TUV certified
  • Low EMF
  • 1-year warranty
  • Simply drag and drop your favorite music files; USB cable included

Impressive, but let’s see how have all of these features proven in real situations and hear out the reviews of end users.

The PROs as per the users:

  • My teenage daughter loves this flat iron and her MP3 player. Now she starts her day with up-beat music and styling her hair. Her hair looks healthy as well as silky.
  • I was really worried about the quality of the plates themselves on this product considering it has an in-built MP3 player…
  • And I needn’t have been. My youngest loves it, and her hair looks straighter and silkier than ever. Her sisters fight her for it now because they all seem to like it so much.
  • The iron itself looks super cool, and it glides smoothly through my daughter’s thick, curly hair. She needs to run it through her hair once for bone-straight results.
  • It really styles my hair well even on lower heat settings…
  • My daughter begged me to get her one of these, and I was really concerned that daily use would damage her hair. I needn’t have worried; it doesn’t pull out of fry her wavy hair, and styles it beautifully. She likes when I play the music before school while I do her hair.
  • Fast shipping, great service. High quality product at a reasonable price. My daughter loves it.
  • I really like my Hai. The white and blue design is lovely, and it’s a great product even if it wouldn’t play music. The plates get all hot and ready really fast and glide smoothly through my hair and do a perfect job straightening it. And most importantly, it was a bargain.
  • I don’t style my hair on regular basis because I don’t want to fry it or cause permanent hair damage. It always feels healthy and soft after styling it, which the most important thing for me. It works great even on lower heat settings.
  • I really love this flat iron because I like to take my time and style it with the lowest heat setting, and I just put an audio book or a playlist on it and sit in front of my vanity. It made the whole process much more enjoyable.
  • I would definitely recommend this product to any teenager that’s looking for a more unique flat iron and doesn’t want to damage their hair. The design is really fashionable, and the iron itself is light and easy to use. I got one for my daughter and she loves it.

Check out the product page on Amazon for more pictures of this model

Negative end user reviews – the CONs:

The first time I tried to put music on the iron it reported some kind of error. I’m using a Mac; I imagine this wouldn’t happen on a PC. I guess I’ll just try on my laptop later.
The music player stopped working after 1 year of use. The iron itself still works well, but I still demanded a replacement…
Mine arrived damaged; the plastic was a bit dented. I got a replacement…
This little scratchy sound comes out of the speakers sometimes when the iron is on for too long. Well, I guess I shouldn’t be using it like an MP3 when I’m not styling my hair.

My resume of this hair straightener review:

First of all, let me notice that this is a great “initiation” product into the complex world of hair care. Let’s say you have a teen or a pre-teen, you want them not only to be happy but also not to damage their hair. Then you’re in the right place.

As a hairstylist and a mother, I would not opt to have this product in my salon, but I would definitely buy it for my daughter. I would like to think that she listens to audio books while sitting in front of her vanity.

If by any chance the MP3 doesn’t seem to be working, simply replace the product. It has a 1-year warranty.

In conclusion, this is high quality yet naïve looking hair straightener with some fancy features included. My final grade for this product is 4.8 out of 5. Enjoy!