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Pros: It’s a great deal for the price. Very lightweight and easy to use. Heats up to 390 degrees F in about 6 seconds, and distributes the heat evenly across your hair. It also keeps the temperature constant, and doesn’t need to reheat. It features a non-slip grip and doesn’t heat up anywhere near the holding area, which ensures your safety during usage. Plates glide perfectly and effortlessly through your hair, so you can forget any pulling on it and leave it in the past. Silicone ball technology will automatically adjust to your hair. It features a digital temperature gauge and automatic shut-off option.

Cons: It doesn’t "remember" your preferred temperature setting. Some customers complained it doesn’t last quite as long as their other Hai models did.

HAI Elite Nano XT Tourmaline Flat IronFinding the best hair straightener is not just the matter of price or brand. It would be much easier if it was. It’s the matter of finding one that’s best for you, that matches your hair type and texture perfectly.

You can go through piles of online hair straightener reviews and still come up short if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why this website is here, to help you choose a hair straightener that’s best suits your needs, whether you have thick or thin, curly or coarse hair. I’m here to point out some of the key features you should pay attention to, and review some products that just might do the trick.

Why listen to me?

I am a hair stylist myself and an ex-judge in hairstyling competitions. I think I know what I’m talking about when it comes to hair styling tools.

I am also well aware of user feedback for every product I review since I read everything customers have to say after buying and using certain hair iron. Real life performance is my number one concern, and it should be yours too.

So, if you started a browser search looking for some honest and professional hair straightener reviews largely based on what customers had to say about them, you’ve come to the right place.

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Basic outlines of my reviews of the HAI hair straigtener

Here’s what you can expect in the nest couple of sections:

  • First, we’ll get to know the product a bit better by reading the manufacturer’s product specification
  • The next thing we’ll be looking at are the PROs and CONs as reported by the actual consumers – the users of the iron
  • Finally, we’ll give the product an overall quality rating after rating it in 5 key categories: materials, price, hair protect, how easy it is to use and durability

With these introductory sections behind us, we can get some actual work done, so let’s get right to it.

Basic product info of the HAI Nano flat iron

Here we’ll give the company a chance to properly introduce its product:

  • Under 6 seconds for 0 – 390 degrees F
  • Silicone ball technology makes the plates ultra sensitive and adjustive to your hair’s thickness and texture
  • Finger grip possesses a non-slip ergonomic and safety shut-off feature
  • Wide digital temperature gauge
  • Only weighs 8 ounces

This certainly is a nice set of characteristics, but take it from me, manufacturers are not to be believed blindly. We’ll know all about this product with a much higher dose of certainty once we go over the customer feedback.

What the customers liked while using this hair straightener?

We’ll start with the PROs – the positive reviews of the HAI hair straightener:

  • It’s the best hair straightener ever! I would gladly give it a 6-star grade if I had the option
  • Even the hair dresses saw there’s something different with my hair after I started using this Hai hair straightener. The biggest difference compared to my old ones is that it doesn’t leave my hair completely fried and smelling like burnt rubber
  • It’s the same hair iron my hair stylist uses, enough said
  • It’s simply a miracle! My hair is curly, thick, and very prone to frizzing out, and this hair iron tames it beautifully. Automatic shut-off is a big load off of my chest since I frequently tend to forget to turn off things around the house
  • I love the sheer amount of different heat settings. My hair is very delicate and frail, and subjecting it to some high-intensity temperatures would ruin it for good.
  • With this Hai hair straightener, I can adjust the heat perfectly and have no worries about any disaster happening…much better results than with my previous Remington as well…
  • I can’t believe how quickly it reaches the optimal heat. My hair is very thick, and it requires a hellish temperature in order to get straight. That’s exactly what I got with this bad boy, so I must say it’s worth every penny
  • It straightens my hair perfectly in just one pass! The plates glide through it with such ease I can’t believe I used to suffer the pulling and tugging my past hair irons used to put me through
  • My hair was never shinier and silkier when I touch it. It also looks much healthier, and after I go over it with this Hai hair straightener it remains perfectly straight until I wash it….
  • I like how well it seats in my hand while I use it, and the fact that it doesn’t get all smoldering hot near my fingers. It’s also pretty straightforward to use, and my entire long hair is done in a matter of minutes. Highest recommendation
  • Very lightweight, easy to use, and with zero damage to my hair
  • My daughter practically stole it from me, so I had to cut my losses and get myself another one

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And for some less pleasant experiences – the CONs about this HAI

Let’s see what caused some raised eyebrows among the customers:

  • It doesn’t have the feature that remembers your preferred temperature, so you have to set it every time
  • It doesn’t last as log as my original Hai
  • it came unpacked…looks like it was used, waiting for a replacement, not a pleasant surprise. This is my third Hair and this has never happened before…

Wrap up of the hair straightener review

HAI Elite Nano XT Tourmaline Flat Iron reviewWith the ratings that you saw at the beginning and the Overall Quality rating of 4.8 / 5 this hair iron is in the top 10% of the irons I reviewed on the website. And having the price in mind, it offers tremendous value for money, not cheap, not expensive but just right for the quality it offers.

Well, I think the users have said it all. This hair iron will straighten even the most demanding of hair types over there, it’s easy and safe to use, heat up very quickly and is solidly built.