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Pros: Titanium plates, which is the best possible material out there. Wide temperature range (170 – 400 degrees F) with flash heating. Very lightweight, exceptionally balanced, and featuring finger grips with no-slip technology. The plates glide through the hair, leaving it perfectly straight until the next wash, with added bonus of incredible shine, softness, and healthier look. Long cord with 360 degrees swivel. Doesn’t get hot near your fingers. LCD screen for temperature indication.

Cons: The price.

HAI Elite Digistik 1 Inch Titanium Flat IronWelcome to another Hai flat iron review. We’re slowly getting over all of their hair styling products in order to find the best one for your particular needs.

There’s a lot of different hair types out there, making it quite an effort to find the one hair iron that’ll bring out the best out of your hair. Years in this business have thought me that beauty is always out there, you just need the right set of tools to bring it to the surface.

A little bit about me and who I am to tell you about what’s the best hair straightener for you.

By “years in the business” I don’t just mean years of writing articles, but also as a hair stylist, and an ex-judge in hair styling competitions. I had my fair share of time in the front lines, making even the most rebellious hair types bow down before their, well owners I guess.

As far as my writing goes, my portfolio is overflowing with reviews, guides, and all sorts of other articles, each and every one of them written with sole intent of sharing what I know and helping all the girls out these make the best with what nature has given them.

Their feedback, along with all other customers that decided to write a word or two about the product they’ve bought is basically bread and butter of my articles. Sure, I apply a lot of my own knowledge here, but it all revolves around what the customers had to say about hair irons after testing them in real life.

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Structure of my reviews of flat irons

Every single review I’ve written follows my special schematic, which allows it to be as informative as possible in the simplest way possible. Here’s how it goes:

  • As we need a bit of information about the product itself, our first step is reading manufacturer’s specification, in order to obtain said info
  • What do we do with that? Well, we filter it through PROs and CONs given to us by the customers online, in order to separate truth from simple marketing strategies
  • Lastly, I give my opinion on the matter, following the guidelines set in the previous sections

It’s very simple basically, and that’s what makes it so effective. After you’re done reading, you’ll know exactly if this is the right investment for you or not.

So, now that we know what’s ahead, what do you say we get down to some actual work?

Product specification of this HAI hair straightener

Basic product info straight from the manufacturer:

  • 9 inch cord featuring 360 degrees swivel
  • 1 inch titanium plates with beveled edges
  • Flash heating feature ranging from 170F to 400F Digital temperature control with LCD indicator
  • Excellent balance, lightweight design, non-slip grip

Admittedly, it’s a pretty basic list of features we saw here, but since it’s Hai we’re talking about it’s more than enough to get us going. The real punch line is yet to come in the form of user reviews.

Good things about this hair iron – the PROs the customers had to share in their reviews of the HAI digistik

Let’s go over some of the things customers liked:

  • This is the best Hai flat iron, and I’ve been a long–time user of the brand. It straightens my hair perfectly in a very short time whether it’s dry or wet
  • Digistick shortened my hair routine by a lot. My hair is very thick, coarse, and unruly, and getting it straight was simply a nightmare before. Not to mention it refused to stay that way for longer periods of time. This iron makes it perfectly straight in minutes, and it stays that way until the next wash
  • Gets super hot super fast. Just what my thick long hair needs
  • My hair was never so shiny and silky to the touch. It also has this new healthier look about it
  • The temperature control span really puts me in the driver’s seat and gives me the feeling of complete control over the straightening process. Digistick is also very lightweight and super easy to use
  • No burn damage whatsoever, which was a pretty often occurrence with my frail hair mixed with my previous straighteners. I also don’t end up with that awful burnt smell that lasted forever
  • It reaches some intense temperatures, but it doesn’t get all scorching near the holding parts
  • The finger grips really help navigate this iron better through my hair. It also just glides through it, without any painful pulling or tugging
  • My hair never looked better! I really like how I don’t have to push the plates together like a maniac in order for them to do something with my hair. Just a gentle press and the iron practically does all the work for me
  • I like the LCD temperature screen. My hair is really delicate, and I need to know the exact temperature at all time in order to prevent burn damage

See what users are saying on Amazon:

Visit its page and check the ratings>>

Taking a moment to take a look at the negative reviews – the CONs

Time for some not so pleasant experiences:

  • It’s pretty expensive. Was a big hit on my budget…
  • I really wished the plates were wider. It would get my hair done in even less time

My final thoughts on this HAI hair straightener

The final quality rating of 4.8/5 puts this HAI up there with the best the market has to offer in the arena of hair irons, with the one pint deduction for price. It’s up to you do decide whether this is a decision point for you.

I really wished I had something extraordinary to add here, but the customers have said it all for me. It has all the qualities and features of salon-ready models, and it’s a great choice regardless of your hair type. The price is a bit higher, but we learned long time ago that we get what we paid for, even more, in this case.

I hope this comprehensive review helps. Enjoy your new look.