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Pros: Titanium plates, which is the best possible material out there. Wide temperature range (170 – 400 degrees F) with flash heating. Very lightweight, exceptionally balanced, and featuring finger grips with no-slip technology. The plates glide through the hair, leaving it perfectly straight until the next wash, with added bonus of incredible shine, softness, and healthier look. Long cord with 360 degrees swivel. Doesn’t get hot near your fingers. LCD screen for temperature indication.

Cons: The price.

UPDATED: December, 2018

HAI Elite Digistik 1 Inch Titanium Flat Iron review – how experts say this compares to other HAI hair straighteners?

HAI Elite Digistik 1 Inch Titanium Flat IronWelcome to another Hai flat iron review. We’re slowly getting over all of their hair styling products in order to find the best one for your particular needs.

There’s a lot of different hair types out there, making it quite an effort to find the one hair iron that’ll bring out the best out of your hair. Years in this business have thought me that beauty is always out there, you just need the right set of tools to bring it to the surface.

A little bit about me and who I am to tell you about what’s the best hair straightener for you.

By “years in the business” I don’t just mean years of writing articles, but also as a hair stylist, and an ex-judge in hair styling competitions. I had my fair share of time in the front lines, making even the most rebellious hair types bow down before their, well owners I guess.

As far as my writing goes, my portfolio is overflowing with reviews, guides, and all sorts of other articles, each and every one of them written with sole intent of sharing what I know and helping all the girls out these make the best with what nature has given them.

Their feedback, along with all other customers that decided to write a word or two about the product they’ve bought is basically bread and butter of my articles. Sure, I apply a lot of my own knowledge here, but it all revolves around what the customers had to say about hair irons after testing them in real life.

If you’re in the market for going beyond this review you’ll find a bunch of useful info on Amazon >>

Structure of my reviews of flat irons

Every single review I’ve written follows my special schematic, which allows it to be as informative as possible in the simplest way possible. Here’s how it goes:

  • As we need a bit of information about the product itself, our first step is reading manufacturer’s specification, in order to obtain said info
  • What do we do with that? Well, we filter it through PROs and CONs given to us by the customers online, in order to separate truth from simple marketing strategies
  • Lastly, I give my opinion on the matter, following the guidelines set in the previous sections

It’s very simple basically, and that’s what makes it so effective. After you’re done reading, you’ll know exactly if this is the right investment for you or not.

So, now that we know what’s ahead, what do you say we get down to some actual work?

Product specification of this HAI hair straightener

Basic product info straight from the manufacturer:

  • 9 inch cord featuring 360 degrees swivel
  • 1 inch titanium plates with beveled edges
  • Flash heating feature ranging from 170F to 400F Digital temperature control with LCD indicator
  • Excellent balance, lightweight design, non-slip grip

Admittedly, it’s a pretty basic list of features we saw here, but since it’s Hai we’re talking about it’s more than enough to get us going. The real punch line is yet to come in the form of user reviews.

Good things about this hair iron – the PROs the customers had to share in their reviews of the HAI digistik

Let’s go over some of the things customers liked:

  • This is the best Hai flat iron, and I’ve been a long–time user of the brand. It straightens my hair perfectly in a very short time whether it’s dry or wet
  • Digistick shortened my hair routine by a lot. My hair is very thick, coarse, and unruly, and getting it straight was simply a nightmare before. Not to mention it refused to stay that way for longer periods of time. This iron makes it perfectly straight in minutes, and it stays that way until the next wash
  • Gets super hot super fast. Just what my thick long hair needs
  • My hair was never so shiny and silky to the touch. It also has this new healthier look about it
  • The temperature control span really puts me in the driver’s seat and gives me the feeling of complete control over the straightening process. Digistick is also very lightweight and super easy to use
  • No burn damage whatsoever, which was a pretty often occurrence with my frail hair mixed with my previous straighteners. I also don’t end up with that awful burnt smell that lasted forever
  • It reaches some intense temperatures, but it doesn’t get all scorching near the holding parts
  • The finger grips really help navigate this iron better through my hair. It also just glides through it, without any painful pulling or tugging
  • My hair never looked better! I really like how I don’t have to push the plates together like a maniac in order for them to do something with my hair. Just a gentle press and the iron practically does all the work for me
  • I like the LCD temperature screen. My hair is really delicate, and I need to know the exact temperature at all time in order to prevent burn damage

See what users are saying on Amazon:

Visit its page and check the ratings>>

Taking a moment to take a look at the negative reviews – the CONs

Time for some not so pleasant experiences:

  • It’s pretty expensive. Was a big hit on my budget…
  • I really wished the plates were wider. It would get my hair done in even less time

My final thoughts on this HAI hair straightener

The final quality rating of 4.8/5 puts this HAI up there with the best the market has to offer in the arena of hair irons, with the one pint deduction for price. It’s up to you do decide whether this is a decision point for you.

I really wished I had something extraordinary to add here, but the customers have said it all for me. It has all the qualities and features of salon-ready models, and it’s a great choice regardless of your hair type. The price is a bit higher, but we learned long time ago that we get what we paid for, even more, in this case.

I hope this comprehensive review helps. Enjoy your new look.

Hai Hot Tunes MP3 Styling Iron Review – is this the best of all the Hai hair straighteners?

Hai Hot Tunes MP3 Styling IronWelcome to yet another review in the series of Hai hair straightener reviews in pursuit of the best among them and aimed at finding the best option for putting your wild and rebellious hair under control.

It can be a pretty daunting task to know true quality hair straightener from dazzle and sparks that are overflowing the market, so, at this website, I’m offering to do all the “heavy lifting” for you.


What do I know of hair irons?

That would be a fair question, so let me take a moment here and deal with it right of the gates of this review.

Firs of all, I draw my knowledge and experience from the fact that I am a hairstylist myself, and an ex-judge in hairstyling competitions. So, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to anything hair-related. I’ve also been writing these reviews and other kinds of articles for a very long time, in order to share what I know with all you girls out there reading this.

But my main “selling” point is the fact that my articles about products are mainly based on user-feedback filtered through my own knowledge and a statistical model I have fashioned over the years. So, every one of my reviews is compiled of hours of research and a lot of real-life experiences as a backup.

What can you expect to read here?

Just so you can get that “familiar turf” feeling I’ll give you a gist of specific sections contained in this Hai flat iron review:

  • We’ll begin by familiarizing ourselves with the product itself as provided by Hai (the company)
  • Then we’ll check the validity of all those claims by cross-referencing them with some user statements
  • Finally, I’ll tell you what I honestly think about the whole matter after everything we’ve just heard and read

Quite a simple approach, but it’s all we’ll ever need to get to the bottom of this and answer the burning question: “Could THIS be best flat iron for you”?

A little bit of basic info about Hai hair straighteners, especially this one

Let’s hear what the manufacturer has for us this time:

  • mp3 volume buttonsDrag-n-drop your favorite songs via included USB cable connector
  • Tourmaline infused nano ceramic plates produce infrared rays and negative ions for gentle sealing of your hair’s cuticle and locking in color and moisture
  • Fully customizable temperature control (170 – 400 F) featuring flash heating Optimal styling experience guarantees by supreme Hai craftsmanship
  • Lightweight and balanced, low EMF, TUV certified
  • 1 year warranty

They didn’t say all that much and it looks pretty much the same in the specs as most Hai hair straighteners, but I always like seeing product specification that are short and list out only features that make the flat iron stand out from everything else. But we will be hearing second opinion however (and the third, and forth… Well, you get it)

Good things about this Hai flat iron

Let’s go over some of the PROs, and see what the customers liked:

  • It plays music! But that’s far from being its only quality. It makes my hair shiny and soft like no other hair iron ever did
  • My old hair straighteners can’t compare to this baby! It heats up super fast, and since my hair is pretty short I’m good after just a single pass
  • I like the sense of control it gives me when it comes to the working temperature. My hair is very frail and delicate, and high temperature spells doom for it. I always had a problem with it getting burnt and damaged since I got this little miracle of a flat iron
  • It’s very lightweight and easy to use. It doesn’t feel slippery or unstable in my hand, and the holding part of it never gets hot, which is a welcome change compared to my previous hair irons
  • This thing gets HOT! It’s just what my thick, coarse hair needs. It leaves it perfectly straight and silky soft like never before. It also reduced the time I need to spend in order to get my crazy hair look like something
  • I really like the way it just glides through my hair. It’s a first time I ever felt it outside of my salon. It seems unreal to me, but it doesn’t pull my hair at all, so I can just relax, listen to my tunes, and let it do what it does best
  • I started listening to audio books in my bathroom while doing my hair, how crazy is that?! And it’s not like some novelty piece of junk with an mp3 player, to sell it to gullible buyers either. This Hai is the best flat iron I’ve ever owned, and I had my share, believe me
  • Premium quality item at a very affordable price. It’s one of those things you buy immediately before it sells out, and then bask in the light of your glorious decision

You can always hop on over to Amazon if you’d like to check out more user reviews

And now for some of the negative reviews the customers had to share about the Hai Hot Tunes

It’s time to see what caused a few raised eyebrows out there among our fellow customers:

  • I just don’t like these kinds of items. I got it as a gift, and it’s very good, but I just don’t see the use for an mp3 player. It probably raises the price anyway
  • It’s good, but I think it should be a bit cheaper
  • It came with a broken player, but I got it replaced…
  • I’ve had better irons for this price. With my frizz, I need sturdier pieces…

My thoughts

A great hair iron, plus an mp3 player, plus (relative speaking) very budget friendly in my opinion. I think you’re starting to guess where I stand with this product right about now. I do like it and in my statistical model of reviewing this hair iron it got a very solid 4.6 / 5 rating which puts it in the top 20% of best rated straighteners.

Having the price in mind, this piece seems like the real deal.

Hai Hot Tunes MP3 Styling Iron box

Review of HAI Elite Nano XT Tourmaline Flat Iron, 1″ – is this the best of the HAI hair straighteners?

HAI Elite Nano XT Tourmaline Flat IronFinding the best hair straightener is not just the matter of price or brand. It would be much easier if it was. It’s the matter of finding one that’s best for you, that matches your hair type and texture perfectly.

You can go through piles of online hair straightener reviews and still come up short if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why this website is here, to help you choose a hair straightener that’s best suits your needs, whether you have thick or thin, curly or coarse hair. I’m here to point out some of the key features you should pay attention to, and review some products that just might do the trick.

Why listen to me?

I am a hair stylist myself and an ex-judge in hairstyling competitions. I think I know what I’m talking about when it comes to hair styling tools.

I am also well aware of user feedback for every product I review since I read everything customers have to say after buying and using certain hair iron. Real life performance is my number one concern, and it should be yours too.

So, if you started a browser search looking for some honest and professional hair straightener reviews largely based on what customers had to say about them, you’ve come to the right place.

See more customer ratings and keep a look out for special offers on Amazon >>>

Basic outlines of my reviews of the HAI hair straigtener

Here’s what you can expect in the nest couple of sections:

  • First, we’ll get to know the product a bit better by reading the manufacturer’s product specification
  • The next thing we’ll be looking at are the PROs and CONs as reported by the actual consumers – the users of the iron
  • Finally, we’ll give the product an overall quality rating after rating it in 5 key categories: materials, price, hair protect, how easy it is to use and durability

With these introductory sections behind us, we can get some actual work done, so let’s get right to it.

Basic product info of the HAI Nano flat iron

Here we’ll give the company a chance to properly introduce its product:

  • Under 6 seconds for 0 – 390 degrees F
  • Silicone ball technology makes the plates ultra sensitive and adjustive to your hair’s thickness and texture
  • Finger grip possesses a non-slip ergonomic and safety shut-off feature
  • Wide digital temperature gauge
  • Only weighs 8 ounces

This certainly is a nice set of characteristics, but take it from me, manufacturers are not to be believed blindly. We’ll know all about this product with a much higher dose of certainty once we go over the customer feedback.

What the customers liked while using this hair straightener?

We’ll start with the PROs – the positive reviews of the HAI hair straightener:

  • It’s the best hair straightener ever! I would gladly give it a 6-star grade if I had the option
  • Even the hair dresses saw there’s something different with my hair after I started using this Hai hair straightener. The biggest difference compared to my old ones is that it doesn’t leave my hair completely fried and smelling like burnt rubber
  • It’s the same hair iron my hair stylist uses, enough said
  • It’s simply a miracle! My hair is curly, thick, and very prone to frizzing out, and this hair iron tames it beautifully. Automatic shut-off is a big load off of my chest since I frequently tend to forget to turn off things around the house
  • I love the sheer amount of different heat settings. My hair is very delicate and frail, and subjecting it to some high-intensity temperatures would ruin it for good.
  • With this Hai hair straightener, I can adjust the heat perfectly and have no worries about any disaster happening…much better results than with my previous Remington as well…
  • I can’t believe how quickly it reaches the optimal heat. My hair is very thick, and it requires a hellish temperature in order to get straight. That’s exactly what I got with this bad boy, so I must say it’s worth every penny
  • It straightens my hair perfectly in just one pass! The plates glide through it with such ease I can’t believe I used to suffer the pulling and tugging my past hair irons used to put me through
  • My hair was never shinier and silkier when I touch it. It also looks much healthier, and after I go over it with this Hai hair straightener it remains perfectly straight until I wash it….
  • I like how well it seats in my hand while I use it, and the fact that it doesn’t get all smoldering hot near my fingers. It’s also pretty straightforward to use, and my entire long hair is done in a matter of minutes. Highest recommendation
  • Very lightweight, easy to use, and with zero damage to my hair
  • My daughter practically stole it from me, so I had to cut my losses and get myself another one

Check out the pricing and user ratings on Amazon:

Click here to

And for some less pleasant experiences – the CONs about this HAI

Let’s see what caused some raised eyebrows among the customers:

  • It doesn’t have the feature that remembers your preferred temperature, so you have to set it every time
  • It doesn’t last as log as my original Hai
  • it came unpacked…looks like it was used, waiting for a replacement, not a pleasant surprise. This is my third Hair and this has never happened before…

Wrap up of the hair straightener review

HAI Elite Nano XT Tourmaline Flat Iron reviewWith the ratings that you saw at the beginning and the Overall Quality rating of 4.8 / 5 this hair iron is in the top 10% of the irons I reviewed on the website. And having the price in mind, it offers tremendous value for money, not cheap, not expensive but just right for the quality it offers.

Well, I think the users have said it all. This hair iron will straighten even the most demanding of hair types over there, it’s easy and safe to use, heat up very quickly and is solidly built.

Review of Hai Classic Convertible Ceramic Flat Iron, 1-1/4 Inch – what experts and users think of this HAI hair straghtener?

If you’re like me, constantly fighting a losing battle against your unruly hair, the task of finding the best hair straightener for your specific needs should be taken seriously. That’s what this website is about – doing the research so you don’t have to.

And the market is a jungle and more confusing then eve before, so it’s very hard to make sense of it all on your own.

The variety of offers also means more room to make a mistake, especially if you’re somewhat new to all this hair straightening business. That’s why these reviews are here, to point you in the right direction, and show you some choices that might potentially work for you.Hai Classic Convertible Ceramic Flat Iron

Why would you read what I have to say about HAI hair straighteners?

My experience will speak louder than I ever could.

I have a solid background in hairstyling, plus many years as a judge in hairstyling competitions. I know my way around tools designed to make even the most rebellious of hairs beautiful.

On top of that, I am a great believer in user feedback. That’s why I always read every user review I can find regarding the products I’m reviewing. That’s the only way to get the full picture in my opinion, as the real life experiences are simply an irreplaceable source of trusty information.

I then rate each of the models using my system developed over the long years of running this website. The end result – final quality rating that’s tremendous value if you are looking for a piece that’s just right for you.

What do my reviews of flat irons look like?

Here are some general outlines of my hair straightener reviews:

  • We start with some introductory product information, as given to us by the manufacturer
  • We’ll then scrutinize that info by looking at it through the user experiences. This is where we list out some of the PROs and CONs, trying to either confirm or deny the product specification
  • I’ll say a word or two of my own in the end, and tell you my honest opinion based on everything we’ve heard thus far and give the product the Overall Quality Rating based on everything we’ve seen

It’s very simple, easy to read and understand, yet very effective at showing us whether a certain product is a great bang for your buck or simply a failed investment waiting to happen.

I can give you only an inkling of info here, for the whole story you can always check out Amazon’s page for this model:

This link will lead you straight over there >>

Product specification as per HAI

Let’s see what the company has to say about its product:

  • Ceramic fusion technology
  • Flash heating
  • Adjustable temperature, ranging from 170 – 400 degrees F

Well, that was pretty short and to the point. But personally I like these kinds of specifications. They let the complete story be told by the customers and don’t try to oversell the product, and that’s something I’ve learned to respect in this era of over-marketing everything.

What the customers liked about this flat iron?

Hai Classic Convertible Ceramic Flat Iron reviewLet’s dish out some of the PROs the customers shared with us:

  • After I’ve practically given up on straightening my horrendously wavy and thick hair, I’ve decided to give it a one more try, and even spend a few extra bucks if needed be. Boy was it worth it or what?! This is the best hair straightener I’ve ever laid my eyes on! It keeps my hair perfectly straight until I wash it
  • My hair is completely straightened in like ten minutes and makes it all shiny and silky to the touch
  • Frizz? I don’t even remember what that is since I bought this Hai hair straightener. And on top of doing a perfect job of straightening my hair, it also makes my highlights stand out way better. Great buy!
  • Bone straight hair is what I got from this tool. And it’s the first and only hair straightener that has managed to pull it off. It heats up incredibly fast, and most importantly doesn’t cool down during the process, so there’s no waiting for it to reheat
  • It’s so easy to use, and it doesn’t heat up near the finger area, which is a great relief after some accidents from the past
  • I used to own a Chi, but after my hair stylist had recommended this one to me I bit the bullet and went for it. It’s so much better than Chi in so many ways. It gives me straighter and shinier hair, plus it’s all done way faster since I pass through my entire hair only once
  • Hair straightening was simply a nightmare before. My hair is all over the place and every hair iron I’ve used in the past used to pull on it and get all tangled up, which was more than painful. I can’t believe how this Hai simply glides through it without any problems. It’s something I honestly didn’t believe to be possible
  • The cord is very long, so I can reach almost every part of my room
  • Nice, wide plates make it all done in a way less time. And since it reaches some insane temperatures, it’s all done in a single passing
  • It didn’t disappoint me, it won’t disappoint you…

Let’s see some of the not so pleasant experiences with the HAI Classic

There’s no complete story without putting some CONs to contrast those nice things users had to say:

  • Mine lasted about a year. If the red light starts blinking, you can be sure you’re having some cord issues just as I did
  • I personally think it’s a bit overpriced
  • I just can’t seem to grip it very well. I do have large hands and I wouldn’t recommend this hair iron to anybody in the same situation…
  • There certainly are better hair irons out there…I think I’ll be getting back to Revlon as my trusted sidekick…

Conclusion about this HAI hair straightener

This is one mean product that gives us a great price – quality ratio. You even get more than you paid for, both according to the consumer opinions and a few of my colleagues that actually use this product as a professional piece.

Again, one of the best value for money offers in that price range, which is not a joke.

Overall quality rating 4.6/5 with the ratings of 4 in the categories of price and durability. In the durability category it could go either way but I’ve seen to many complaints to give it a 5 when there are products out there that are practically built to last a lifetime.