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Pros: It’s one the best performers in its price range. Ceramic plates are wide enough to make the whole process take less time, and full ceramic doesn’t pull or tug on your hair. It reaches salon quality temperatures, which ensures the perfect straightening. Temperature control options are also there in case of a finer, more delicate hair. It heats up very quickly and distributes the heat evenly. It’s easy to use and doesn’t get hot near your fingers. Cord is nice and long, so reach will not be a problem. Customer service doesn’t sleep on the job (I know this very well about HAI), so every possible problem won’t be an issue.

Cons: Some customers thought it was a bit pricey and there are reports of people saying that you cant get a good grip if your hands are on the bigger side.

If you’re like me, constantly fighting a losing battle against your unruly hair, the task of finding the best hair straightener for your specific needs should be taken seriously. That’s what this website is about – doing the research so you don’t have to.

And the market is a jungle and more confusing then eve before, so it’s very hard to make sense of it all on your own.

The variety of offers also means more room to make a mistake, especially if you’re somewhat new to all this hair straightening business. That’s why these reviews are here, to point you in the right direction, and show you some choices that might potentially work for you.Hai Classic Convertible Ceramic Flat Iron

Why would you read what I have to say about HAI hair straighteners?

My experience will speak louder than I ever could.

I have a solid background in hairstyling, plus many years as a judge in hairstyling competitions. I know my way around tools designed to make even the most rebellious of hairs beautiful.

On top of that, I am a great believer in user feedback. That’s why I always read every user review I can find regarding the products I’m reviewing. That’s the only way to get the full picture in my opinion, as the real life experiences are simply an irreplaceable source of trusty information.

I then rate each of the models using my system developed over the long years of running this website. The end result – final quality rating that’s tremendous value if you are looking for a piece that’s just right for you.

What do my reviews of flat irons look like?

Here are some general outlines of my hair straightener reviews:

  • We start with some introductory product information, as given to us by the manufacturer
  • We’ll then scrutinize that info by looking at it through the user experiences. This is where we list out some of the PROs and CONs, trying to either confirm or deny the product specification
  • I’ll say a word or two of my own in the end, and tell you my honest opinion based on everything we’ve heard thus far and give the product the Overall Quality Rating based on everything we’ve seen

It’s very simple, easy to read and understand, yet very effective at showing us whether a certain product is a great bang for your buck or simply a failed investment waiting to happen.

I can give you only an inkling of info here, for the whole story you can always check out Amazon’s page for this model:

This link will lead you straight over there >>

Product specification as per HAI

Let’s see what the company has to say about its product:

  • Ceramic fusion technology
  • Flash heating
  • Adjustable temperature, ranging from 170 – 400 degrees F

Well, that was pretty short and to the point. But personally I like these kinds of specifications. They let the complete story be told by the customers and don’t try to oversell the product, and that’s something I’ve learned to respect in this era of over-marketing everything.

What the customers liked about this flat iron?

Hai Classic Convertible Ceramic Flat Iron reviewLet’s dish out some of the PROs the customers shared with us:

  • After I’ve practically given up on straightening my horrendously wavy and thick hair, I’ve decided to give it a one more try, and even spend a few extra bucks if needed be. Boy was it worth it or what?! This is the best hair straightener I’ve ever laid my eyes on! It keeps my hair perfectly straight until I wash it
  • My hair is completely straightened in like ten minutes and makes it all shiny and silky to the touch
  • Frizz? I don’t even remember what that is since I bought this Hai hair straightener. And on top of doing a perfect job of straightening my hair, it also makes my highlights stand out way better. Great buy!
  • Bone straight hair is what I got from this tool. And it’s the first and only hair straightener that has managed to pull it off. It heats up incredibly fast, and most importantly doesn’t cool down during the process, so there’s no waiting for it to reheat
  • It’s so easy to use, and it doesn’t heat up near the finger area, which is a great relief after some accidents from the past
  • I used to own a Chi, but after my hair stylist had recommended this one to me I bit the bullet and went for it. It’s so much better than Chi in so many ways. It gives me straighter and shinier hair, plus it’s all done way faster since I pass through my entire hair only once
  • Hair straightening was simply a nightmare before. My hair is all over the place and every hair iron I’ve used in the past used to pull on it and get all tangled up, which was more than painful. I can’t believe how this Hai simply glides through it without any problems. It’s something I honestly didn’t believe to be possible
  • The cord is very long, so I can reach almost every part of my room
  • Nice, wide plates make it all done in a way less time. And since it reaches some insane temperatures, it’s all done in a single passing
  • It didn’t disappoint me, it won’t disappoint you…

Let’s see some of the not so pleasant experiences with the HAI Classic

There’s no complete story without putting some CONs to contrast those nice things users had to say:

  • Mine lasted about a year. If the red light starts blinking, you can be sure you’re having some cord issues just as I did
  • I personally think it’s a bit overpriced
  • I just can’t seem to grip it very well. I do have large hands and I wouldn’t recommend this hair iron to anybody in the same situation…
  • There certainly are better hair irons out there…I think I’ll be getting back to Revlon as my trusted sidekick…

Conclusion about this HAI hair straightener

This is one mean product that gives us a great price – quality ratio. You even get more than you paid for, both according to the consumer opinions and a few of my colleagues that actually use this product as a professional piece.

Again, one of the best value for money offers in that price range, which is not a joke.

Overall quality rating 4.6/5 with the ratings of 4 in the categories of price and durability. In the durability category it could go either way but I’ve seen to many complaints to give it a 5 when there are products out there that are practically built to last a lifetime.