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Pros: Very compact and lightweight, ideal for traveling abroad or just carrying it around in your purse for quick touch ups. It heats up very fast and dishes out perfect temperature for salon like results. Easy-glide plates won’t pull your hair but they’ll reduce the frizz, add shine and leave your hair silky smooth. Dual voltage feature makes it usable worldwide. Comes with a cute, heat-resistant pouch.

Cons: Doesn’t feature temperature control. Due to its compact dimensions it will take a bit more time to do your hair completely

MiniYOU by Conair Ceramic StraightenerLooking for that clean straight hair look that turns heads?

Finding a good quality hair straightener is hard enough even without calculating in the fact that it should be perfect in satisfying our own personal needs and preferences too. The key to getting the best hair straightener for you is having the right information at all times. That’s why I’m here.

Writing reviews is a constant struggle to give as much quality information in the smallest amount of text possible. We don’t want text walls that go into a bunch of unnecessary details, don’t we?

That’s why I try to keep my hair tool reviews as compact, unbiased and honest as possible. My readers have come to expect that of me, and I don’t intend to start letting them down now.

Why would I know more about Conair hair straighteners?

Well, it’s inevitable to learn all there is about hair tools when you’re a hair stylist and an ex-judge in hair styling competitions. I know all about the industry, and I started writing blogs and reviews in order to share my experience with people and save them some money along the way.

If you agree that any kinds of advice should only come from proven and experienced expert, feel free to continue reading.

Things to come

MiniYOU by Conair Best Ceramic Straightener ReviewLet me just give you a quick rundown of how this review is going to look:

  • We start thing of with some basic product specs. We’ll read the manufacturer’s specification and see what they have in store for us
  • Then we’ll filter that info through some good and not so good user experiences to see what will stick around
  • Ultimately, I’ll say a few words to give voice to my own opinion after it’s all said and done

Simple right? But effective.

Let’s get to work.

Basic info of this Conair flat iron

Let’s see what the company has to say about its hair straightener:

  • Ceramic technology for added shine, frizz reduction and elimination of damaging hotspots
  • Easy-glide plates for even heat distribution and silky smooth hair
  • Perfect on the go
  • Reaching high heat levels for salon like results
  • Indicator light when the power is on

That sounds promising. Let’s see if the product can keep the promise that manufacturer gave us.

Good user experiences

MiniYOU by Conair Ceramic Straightener ReviewFirst let’s check out the PROs:

  • This hair iron is a true little gem. I bought it for my business trip to Germany, and I was surprised to see dual voltage feature, even after the description missed to mention it. My hair is very thick, shoulders length and I do it all at once without any problem. The plates glide through it like a charm without any pulling or tugging, and it leaves my hair looking and feeling so soft and silky. It’s also very small, so I use it to curl my ends also
  • This is a great little hair iron! Especially for traveling purposes. It fits perfectly into a small pouch that’s heatproof, together with a cord. It’s lightweight, and it almost takes no space at all when you’re packing. It also does a great job with my thick hair, so I’m more than happy with it. Great buy
  • I’ve read many hair straightener reviews after my old Chi went kaput, and decided to buy this little guy. It does wonders with my hair, and I can’t believe it costs so little. Besides being perfect for traveling, it’s also great for carrying around during the day. I carry it in my purse and practically don’t feel it’s there. One satisfied customer here
  • I don’t believe the temperature this little hair iron can dish out! It’s exactly what I wanted, and I recommend it to everyone
  • My hair requires straightening every single day. It’s curly, frizzy and simply a mess. Humidity doesn’t help also. This little straightener is a must-have in my purse. It’s heats up super quickly, and it comes with a cute little case that’s thermal protected. I can just do a little touch up, put it into its case, throw it into a purse, without any fear and be on my way. Super happy with this purchase
  • Great price and the shipping was extremely fast. This is probably the best hair straightener I’ve ever owned, once you put the size/quality/performance ration in perspective
  • I’m a single mother of two, and as you might imagine, I don’t have a lot of time for hair styling. This hair iron is great for me. It’s easy to use, small and doesn’t pull my hair or tangle in it. It also heats up fast, and when we’re going somewhere I just throw it in my purse or diaper bag and I’m all set. Perfect choice for me and I wouldn’t trade it for anything

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Silky smooth, straight hair makes for one happy customer. Who knew?

Not so good user impressions

CONs time:

  • It takes a little longer to do my long hair than with some bigger models. But considering how mobile and compact it is, I guess that’s a compromise I’m willing to make
  • It doesn’t feature any kind of temperature control…
  • It does have dual voltage option, but I had to buy a plug adapter abroad, so keep that in mind when traveling

My opinion and ratings of this Conair straightener

We have an excellent product on our hands people. It’s small, easy to carry and use, performs beautifully, doesn’t pull on one’s hair, heats up extra fast, dishing out a respectable level of heat for its size. It also has a dual voltage feature, and it comes in a cute, heat-resistant pouch.

You can freely invest in this little guy. You won’t regret it. The price is a big plus as well.

Enjoy your Mini You and feel free to stop by anytime for another cup of reviews.