Hair Protect
Easy to use
User rating
Pros: 1 5/8 inch ceramic plates. Even heat distribution and no hot spots. Easy to use and smartly designed. Automatic shutoff safety option. 25 different heat settings that suit any hair type. Dual voltage, suitable for travelling. Very light, fits any suitcase size. Has an inbuilt comb for easier styling. Tames your hair in one glide and leaves it healthy and shiny. Suitable for curling as well. Separate On/Off buttons. Frizz-free hair all day. Uniform heat recovery function.

Cons: Minimalistic, eco-friendly packaging might be an issue if you wanted to give it as a gift. Sometimes the red color seems more plum on some units.

I know that choosing the best hair straightener, one that would be just right for your hair, can be drag.

We are being bombarded with information on the newest technology daily, but how can we see through the advertising tricks and decide which product actually suits our needs?

Luckily, I’m here to help you.

After working so many years shoulder to shoulder with hairstylists, I can tell what are the features that are actually useful, and which are just marketing tricks.

So, let’s see how the review of this Conair hair straightener is going to work:

  1. We’ll list all of the specifications of this iron
  2. We’ll take into careful consideration both positive and negative users’ reviews
  3. I’ll offer my final review resume and rating

Conair CS25WNCS Ultra Slim Ceramic StraightenerOK, let’s see what the Conair Company has to say about this hair straightener:

  • 25 different heat options that fit any hair type
  • No hot spots, even heat distribution, 1 5/8 Inch ceramic plates, glides smoothly over your hair
  • Optimal temperature guaranteed with uniform heat recovery feature for consistent results every time
  • Auto shutoff
  • Dual voltage, especially useful for worldwide travelers

Everything looks good so far, but let’s put this unit under some real “pressure” and see what end users have to say about it.

Positive reviews as per end users:

  • I like it so much because it heats up so fast and styles my hair all in one glide…
  • It leaves my hair bone straight, silky and super smooth…
  • As a young African-American woman with extremely kinky and coarse hair I decided to buy this flat iron after a recommendation from my college roommate. This is my first, and I hope my last hair straightener.
  • This is by far the best hair straightener I’ve used so far, and I owned my fair share of those.
  • It was shipped super fast. It’s really light and easy to use. It fits my suitcase so it’s perfcet for my frequent travels…
  • The best thing about it is that it tells you when it’s ready to use. It gets hot super fast…
  • I live with three daughters, and we only had one hair straightener so far. I bought this one so that I can have my own, and now they fight over it…
  • My hair was all done and bone straight in like 7 minutes; I’m very happy with this product.
  • It does everything it says it will. Great value for your money in this one…
  • I like this comb thingy at the very end that helps you style your hair evenly…
  • You won’t be disappointed with this one. I owned like 5 straighteners before, and I can say this one is the best so far…
  • It’s a great Christmas gift. It’s really easy to use, pretty wide and has this little comb on the side that helps you style your hair in no time.
  • I have thick, coarse, curly hair, and I glide this iron just once or twice over it and it’s done. Amazed how it tames my beat of hair…
  • I’ve had this one for years now. It traveled half across the globe with me. It survived falling and airport handling. On the other hand – it leaves my hair all silky and smooth, and the compliments don’t hurt either…
  • It styles my hair without frying it, and it’s inexpensive too.

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Let’s now carefully analyze negative reviews as per end users:

  • The description says red, but mine seems more like plum.. It doesn’t bother me all that much, but I’m still thinking about replacing it…
  • A totally different item was shipped to me by mistake…
  • I’m all for minimal, eco-friendly packaging, but this product came in a box that was just plain white cardboard, wondering if this is a fake…
  • The comb sometimes slides out while styling my hair, this is going back where it came from…

My review resume:

After reviewing all the pros and cons of this flat iron, I see no red flags or real deal-breakers here. This unit is sturdy and yet light and easy to use, and very gentle to your hair.

I have to say that, in my opinion, this iron is well worth the money. The dual voltage option and the fact that the size is suitable for travel are great, but the most important thing here is that it seems to be one the rare irons that’s this fast effective with minimal hair damage.

I am not sure about the added comb since, in my experience, almost every time they try to go overboard with features, it messes with some of the basics. I didn’t use it and I’ll have to take the users’ word on this one and presume that it doesn’t cause any problems.

If it just so happens that it arrived damaged, just contact the Conair customer care center. Their customer care representatives are very quick and efficient, I know that first hand.

Overall, a solid choice and good price/value balance.