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Pros: 5 second heat up time. Silicone Speed Strips. Innovative NanoIonic Mineral Cushion Plates technology. Heats up to 400°. Heat Controller is easy to use. 9 feet Swivel Cord – no more tangling! Frizz-free hair even in weather with high humidity. Very light and easy to use. Professional quality materials. No hair damage or pulling. Leaves hair shiny and smooth.

Cons: Comes only in one color. Doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

Bio Ionic Onepass Nano Ceramic Straightening IronWhen it comes to choosing the best hair straightener for your hair there is a number of factors, you need to carefully consider. Unfortunately, for most of us, the greatest concern is our budget, so we end up getting whatever is in our price range, and we don’t even consider the devastating effects that choice could have on our hair.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help.

I’ve worked as a competitive judge in hairstyling competitions for years, and I can definitely tell if you’ve got your money’s worth out of a product or not. In this short review that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Here’s how we’ll go about this flat iron review:

  1. We’ll list all of the product specifications for this hair straightener
  2. Then we’ll take into careful consideration both positive and negative user experience
  3. In conclusion, we’ll give this product our final grades

Let’s begin with the basic facts about the product:

  • 5 Second BioCeramic Heaters, extremely short heat up time
  • Silicone Speed Strips
  • NanoIonic Mineral Cushion Plates
  • Heats up to 400 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Multi-Level Easy to use Heat Controller
  • 9 feet Swivel Cord

Everything seems great on paper, but let’s see if all of those fancy features have proven themselves when put under some real heat and real scrutiny of people.

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Positive user reviews of the hair straightener:

  • This is my 6th and by far the best hair straightener I’ve had so far. Works like a charm.
  • I was really skeptical because I have naturally kinky Hispanic hair, and I used to first air dry it and then ironed it at about 350 degrees, and it would take about 1.5 hours…
  • Now with this product I don’t have to air dry it at all, and it only takes about 20 minutes on 250 degrees…
  • This product was recommended to me by my hairstylist some 2-3 years ago because I almost fried my hair with my previous flat iron. Now my hair is healthy, silky and smooth in no time, and it seems to be recovering from months of abuse…
  • My hair is now so soft to the tough after styling; I’m very pleased with the results. I saw a hairstylist using it on my cousin on her wedding day, and I knew I had to have one.
  • It glides so smoothly through my hair with no pulling or hair damage, even when I try to make really tight curls. I really like how silky and soft my hair is now…I get compliments all the time…
  • Not only it does the job perfectly, but it also doesn’t frustrate me with a short cord. 9 feet is just the amount of cord I need when styling my hair and going from vanity mirror to my closet mirror.
  • This iron really looks cool, and it’s super light and user-friendly…
  • My hair is frizzy, kinky, curly, you name it.. This little bad boy made the styling process a walk through the park. I have a feeling it’s superior to my previous flat iron thanks to silicone grabbing strips, but I’m no expert on the matter…
  • Luckily it gets the job done, and not at the max heat settings. It only glides once trough my hair and poof! My hair is super straight. It does a great job, and my hair is now frizz-free for a whole day long, no matter what I do to it.
  • My daughters and I all agree that this is the best flat iron we’ve had so far. Sure, most of the irons in the past have done a good job straightening your hair, but wouldn’t leave it as silky and smooth.. and definitely not through weather conditions with high humidity…
  • Super fast, easy to use. It arrived on time. Worth every penny.

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Negative end user reviews:

  • It didn’t come with an instruction manual, and this is my first flat iron ever.. I almost burned my fingers before I’ve decided to watch a tutorial online…
  • I don’t know, it simply didn’t work for me. I returned it for a full refund and switched back to my old iron. It does take some extra time to heat up and doesn’t get as hot, but it gets the job done…
  • Everything is great except for those pesky silicone strips; they really get on my nerves. I never got used to them…
  • I wanted it in pink, but they only have it available in one color.. Seriously?

My final resume of this Bio Ionic – one of the few best hair straighteners on the market today:

According to the majority of end users, this product is the real deal.

It has all of the features of a professional hair straightener at an affordable price. It also gets you the best results with minimum hair damage. And even though it has everything a flat iron in a professional salon has, it remains easy to use.

I’ve talked to many of my colleagues while writing this review, and many of them have first-hand experience with this product and tons of satisfied customers. I’ve never personally worked with this product, but I might reconsider that after all the research I’ve done for this review.

In case you’re new to the sometimes confusing world of flat irons, make sure to watch a few videos on how to use one or talk to your friends who already have a hair straightener.

In conclusion, this flat iron is exactly what it says it is- professional quality at a reasonable cost. My final grade for this product is 4.8 out of 5.