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1. Tell us a little about yourself

Hey! My name is Rupinder, I’m 21 years old and I am a Fashion Journalism graduate that is now a blogger and youtuber.

Rupinder Mundra of RougeRosePetale dot com

2. What made you start blogging and what’s the story behind

rouge rose

I started because of my degree. We were encouraged to begin a blog because it’s good practice for our writing and puts our work out there.

I tried my hand at it several different times but things just didn’t work out. It was then that I realised it’s because I was posting about the wrong things.

I began focusing my time and energy on topics of discussion that I enjoy and could benefit others – that led to everything it is now.

3. Can you remember the moment when you realized that aesthetics is your passion? If yes, tell us more…

aestetics passion

Yes I can actually. It feels like yesterday when I visited my first make-up counter – I was instantly fascinated.

The assistant offered to do a smokey eye look on me and I just remember being amazed at how incredibly well it was done, the possibilities of what could be created and most importantly, the confidence it gave me. The rest was history.

4. If you had to choose one, what would be your favorite accessory?


Fashion wise? Hands down, it would be jewellery.

You just can’t go wrong with necklaces, rings, earrings – all of it! I am a major accessories girl and with the most simple of outfits, all it takes is some jewellery to transform it into something special.


5. Do you have favorite brands in different areas of your “beauty life”?

mac make up products

I most certainly do. I adore brands such as MAC, Sleek, Charlotte Tilbury, Clinique and the list goes on. I have my go-to fail safe options however, I don’t like to restrict myself and never have done.

Exploring different products and trying out new things is a part of the blogging/vlogging package and I can safely say I enjoy every minute of it.

6. Do you have a personal wish list at the moment? If you do, how did the products get there…

I’m pretty sure that I always have a beauty wish list. I read many blogs and watch several youtubers so any products that they rave about, I feel I need in my life. I don’t indulge on luxury make-up very often as those products are more of an occasional treat that I save up for.

My wish list just gets longer because they get crossed off gradually, although when it comes to drugstore items I’m not so disciplined.

7. Please give us your 5 main tips for the girls out there trying to find their “look”

The best suggestions are:

  1. Establish your style: Do you like glamorous makeup? Minimal make-up? etc
  2. Once you have figured that out – use it as your basis to understand what it is that you want to achieve with make-up: If you’re a minimal girl but would like to tone down the redness in your skin, look into colour correcting foundations or concealers.
  3. For the base, go by your skin type: If you have oily skin then it’s best to mattify the skin so that it stays put and prevents excessive shine. If you have dry skin, explore illuminating and nourishing products. Don’t forget there is also contour and highlighting which is a saviour in helping you play up and down certain features.
  4. For the eyes, go for what makes you comfortable: Neutrals are the fail safe options and make the majority of us feel well and truly in our comfort zone. However, if you want to make your eyes pop incorporate tones that are opposite your eye colour on the colour wheel.
  5. For the lips, play around: I personally think lips are the most versatile of elements that you can really experiment with. Due to different eye shapes, eye looks can be quite restricting so try out loads of different nudes, reds etc with a variety of undertones.

8. What are your favorite beauty websites/blogs?

I visit Elle and Vogue everyday for trend updates and new goings on. When it comes to blogs I love Vivianna does make-up, Lily Pebbles, Amelia Liana and many, many more.

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9. A message to your fans.

Although I don’t consider myself as having ‘fans’ it’s amazing to have such incredible supporters. I just want to thank each and every single person that has subscribed to my youtube channel, followed my blog and even if they just visit now and again – it honestly is phenomenal to me that you’ve taken the time to do so. I truly can’t thank you enough and I hope I can continue creating content that you enjoy.

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