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1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do

I am a beauty blogger, vlogger and freelance makeup artist.

Ren Monteloyola of Makeupbyrenren

I also work full time in Corporate America as a Business Analyst and graduated with a 4.0 with a MBA. I’m definitely a beauty business woman.

2. What us about your blogging starts the story behind

makeup products

I began to fill a void in the beauty community. As a Filipino-American, there weren’t a lot of options in the early 2000s for me.

I would go to the makeup counter and be incorrectly matched for foundation and I never left satisfied with a makeover.

I began to do my own internet research and found many others like me that were blogging their makeup journeys. I decided to do the same and 7 years later MakeupByRenRen is thriving.

3. Is there a moment when you realized that makeup is your passion? If yes, please do tell us more…

ren ren makeup brows

I knew makeup was my passion early in my tweeens. I used to study my Teen magazines for hours learning how to apply eyeshadow and eyeliner.

I was always that friend that did everyone’s makeup before heading out. When I started to blog I got serious about the business – learning the technique and science behind beauty.

4. Can you share Ren’s list of 5 most important makeup products?

I say a full face can be achieved with the following:

  1. Brows – Brows go such a long way in shaping your face. I love using a brow pencil to give definition to my brows. Pick a pencil a shade lighter than your natural hair color to prevent a harsh look. I outline my ideal brow shape first then fill it in with light hair like strokes.
  2. Liner – Eye Liner was one of the first makeup products I ever used. It makes such a difference to define the eyes. I love a super black liquid liner to create the perfect cat-eye.
  3. Lashes – If you have nice lashes, rock a mascara or two or three! It’s always great to stack a lengthening and volumizing mascara to get your custom combo. I’m a false lashes girl – they take you up 10 notches in 30 seconds! There are so many styles to choose from – natural to dramatic. Give it a shot!
  4. Lips – I recommend a “My Lips But Better Shade”. For me, it would be a moisturizing lipstick in a mauve tone to match my natural lip color and give my dry lips some moisture. This shade will match any makeup look since essentially it’s my own lip color.
  5. Face – I recommend a foundation base to help even out your skintone. For me, that would be a cream foundation because it can work as a concealer when applied straight from the pot or thinned when mixed with your favorite moisturizer. It’s very versatile and I’m all about double duty products.

5. Do you diversify or do you have favorite brands that you stick with?

As a beauty blogger it’s very difficult to pin-point favorite brands because there are thousands out there. I choose my favorites from each line – I’m an equal opportunity makeup user!

6. Personally, is classic makeup your thing or you enjoy following trends?

Ren Ren makeup

Both! Makeup is fun and it can always be washed off at night. I will always have my classic, go-to makeup look – something neutral that I can throw on quick.

But trends are always fun – think of makeup as an accessory! This is especially true for when seasons change – I love playing with different colors – Vampy Lips are a definite must-try trend for the Fall and Winter.

7. Let’s say that a young confused girl is still looking for her “look”, what would be your 5 tips to her?

I would say to enjoy your youth, you don’t need too much!

  1. Invest in your skin! Good makeup always starts with good skin. Start a skincare routine and make it a routine part of your day. This includes at minimum face wash, moisture and definitely sunscreen.
  2. Pick one feature you want to emphasize whether it be bold lips or fun eyeliner. Keep the rest light, and you’ll never go over-board!
  3. Pick the right foundation coverage for you – you might need just a little bit of concealer or tinted moisturizer and that’s it! Don’t feel pressure to put on a full face of foundation especially if you have good skin.
  4. Go to a professional counter and get color matched! No need to go walking around with the wrong shades of makeup.
  5. Always remove your makeup at night. Invest in a good eye makeup remover and some makeup remover cloths.

8. What are your favorite makeup websites/blogs?

I always reference as my resource for new product alerts and reviews. is a great forum to find honest feedback from makeup users as well. That has definitely saved me from buying products that I would have regretted later on.

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9. A message to your fans.

Thank you for all your support over these years. Because of your constant feedback and participation, my hobby has grown into a business and I’m a better person for it. Remember, practice makes perfect and you can achieve anything you put your mind to. I’m always here for you guys to guide you along in your journeys.

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