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1. Tell our readers a bit about yourself

I’ve been a freelance professional makeup artist for over a decade now. My work is varied.

Nikki Wolff

I work with celebs on anything from red carpet events to advertising campaigns and I also get to work with lots of amazing creative people shooting editorials for a varied array of magazines.

2. Share some of spicy details behind your passion for makeup. Are there any other passions you’d like to tell us about?

paint nails

Makeup is my passion. For me it doesn’t get better than having my passion and my work as one and the same.

I absolutely love working on beauty shoots. I love getting creative with makeup and I also love nail art! I’m a little obsessed with painting my own nails!

3. Tell us a few words about your beginnings. What was the spark that shot you to the world of makeup stars? 🙂

nikki wolf choosing carrer


I always wanted to be a makeup artist, for as long as I can remember. I used to do all my friends’ makeup on the train in the mornings before school.

In fact, when I was very young, my Mum tells me I used to mix paint colors to try and make lipstick for my teddies! She wasn’t surprised when I decided I wanted to do this as a profession! Basically, makeup is my world!


4. It might be hard, but do try and come up with a list of 5 makeup essentials according to Nikki

My 5 essential makeup products would be:

mascara make up

  • lip balm
  • cheek stain or liquid blusher
  • eyeliner
  • lash curlers
  • mascara

You can’t beat sexy lashes!

5. Do you prefer classic makeup styles yourself or do you enjoy following trends?

It’s fun to follow trends, some will suit you, some won’t but makeup is fun and it washes off so why not play?! I’ve always felt pretty lucky to be able to have a way to change my face depending on my mood! I do always come back to classic styles though.. You can’t really beat a liquid liner, lash and a red lip.. Or a smokey and and sexy nude pout!

makeup trends

6. Can you sum up your experience into a piece of advice for any girl out there trying to find her “look”?

Nikki Wolff make up


The best advice I could give anyone trying to find their ‘look’ is just to experiment, have fun with it! And fingers can be as good a tool as brushes.. People forget that sometimes!


7. A message to your fans

I massively appreciate the support I receive on Instagram and Twitter and the interest in my work and my art. It inspires me to stay creative.

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