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1. Tell us a little about yourself

I have been a freelance hair & makeup artist for over 25 years & I still love my job. I am passionate about fashion & makeup as its an industry that is constantly changing, so I never get bored.

NIKKI LOVRICH of Nikkilovrichmakeup

The best thing about my job is that every week is different as I do such a variety of work. I move between fashion stills, TV Commercials, advertising campaigns & Runway shows, so each type of job offers something different. I often do wardrobe styling as well which doubles the work load, while making it all the more challenging.

2. What made you start blogging and what’s the story behind NikkiLovrichMakeup?

the story behind NikkiLovrichMakeup

Having so much experience & having done so much fantastic work in my long & varied career, I got to the point where I had so much great advice to give. At that point (about 8 years ago) I started doing more & more beauty writing.

Over the years I built up quite a archive of articles so I figured it was time to share it on my own website. This grew to include galleries of my hair & makeup work along with a weekly beauty blog where i review the latest products & give advice.


3. Can you remember the moment when you realized that makeup is your passion? If yes, tell us more…


I come from a very creative family & as a child I was a brilliant artist, constantly drawing & painting faces of glamorous 1970’s style girls! I had a natural instinct for fashion & was inspired by my stunning hairdresser mum, who was never without false lashes & a pair of platforms, always with a pro straightener at hand.

My style icon of that era was Cher & I would watch her every week on the Sonny & Cher show, then carefully replicate her dramatic makeup. As a young teenager I was obsessed with Debbie Harry, whos pictures I would paste on my mirror so I could perfect her eye makeup. By the time I left school & started at Design college I knew that a career in fashion was ahead of me & it turned out that makeup led the way.

4. If you had to make it, how would your list of 5 most important makeup products look like?


In order of importance…

  1. Mascara
  2. Blusher
  3. BB or CC cream
  4. mineral powder
  5. lipgloss

These five products can produce a beautiful natural makeup in a matter on minutes!


5. Do you have favorite brands in makeup products?

Bobbi Brown


I like to try everything that comes my way, particularly if a company has made the effort to send me their latest products. However I definitely favor Bobbi Brown as the best you can buy, along with Clinique & MAC. Im also loving Osmosis Mineral makeup.


6. Do you personally prefer classic makeup styles or enjoy following trends?

Marilyn Monroe makeup

I adore classic, beautiful makeup & my specialty look is definitely vintage movie star glamour (think Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly etc) This look is timeless & suits everyone- plus Vintage NEVER goes out of fashion. I also love the makeup of the late 60’s & I enjoy bringing these looks into the 21st century with a modern edge.

7. A message to your fans

Thanks so much for your support & for keeping up with my website & blogs. After 25 years as a makeup artist I love to share my wealth of knowledge with you all.


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