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1. Tell us a little about yourself

My name is Em and I am a 20 year old food, fashion, beauty and travel lover! I’m happiest when by the sea or on the beach, simple things in life such as red velvet cake and hot chocolate make my day and you’ll usually find me hibernating in my onesie blogging, or eating something somewhere!

Em Sheldon of Emtalks dot co dot uk

2. What made you start blogging and what’s the story behind

start blogging

I actually started blogging as ‘adayinthelifeofems’ to get onto my degree, I was told by my admissions tutor at University that I should start a blog. I then decided to re-brand to Emtalks and things went from there really.

I didn’t expect to have an audience at all but people did start reading it, in 2012 I won Cosmopolitan’s best newcomer award and I realised then that I just adored blogging and wanted to continue! Since then I’ve taught myself photography and I pretty much live and breathe blogging! I absolutely adore it.


3. Can you remember the moment when you realized that aesthetics is your passion? If yes, tell us more…

beauty products

I am going to approach this question by discussing ‘aesthetics’ as beauty. Beauty has always been a passion of mine, from a toddler I was always trying to steal my Mum’s make up and play around with different colours.

I just enjoy make up as a hobby, not particularly because it transforms my look – I actually prefer the natural look, but more because I just love beauty, I can’t explain but it makes me happy to try out new products and new looks, I think it’s just a nice hobby to have, playing around with beauty products (it can be an expensive one too!) The beauty industry is a crazy industry too, when you see just how much make up can ‘transform’ someones look.

I also love things that are ‘aesthetically’ pleasing such as interior, exterior and I use Pinterest to satisfy my obsession!

4. If you had to choose one, what would be your favorite accessory?

LVNDR necklace girrafe

Well I own an accessories shop called LVNDR so I would have to say something from there of course! I love the giraffe collection, particularly the necklace – it’s dainty and simplistic plus everything is super affordable. In terms of other accessories, I’m a coat girl through and through and I can’t get enough of shoes either, I would love to expand my shoe collection.

5. Do you have favorite brands in different areas of your “beauty life”?

he shi tan

For fake tan, it has to be He-Shi, when it comes to lipsticks, I’m a Burberry girl but when it comes to foundation, I’d always say Vichy or Dior! I’ve been wearing the same MAC powder for as long as I can remember too!


6. Do you have a personal wish list at the moment? If you do, how did the products get there…

Laura Mercier primer


I have a lot of things on my wish list at the moment, a few that come to mind include a new Laura Mercier primer, lots of new coats for Winter and a nice deep purple nail colour.

Most of them items on my wish list are things that I have noticed whilst walking around beauty stores in my area and added to my little shopping list or lust-list in this case!



7. Please give us your 5 main tips for the the girls out there trying to find their “look”

  1. Be yourself, always! Everyone is beautiful.
  2. Experiment! Don’t be afraid to try something new, it will probably look great on you!
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, go to your local beauty counter and ask what colours suit your skin tone, your eyes etc.
  4. Don’t feel pressured to buy anything and everything a sales assistant shows you – walk away and think about it… also go with a friend so they can give their honest opinion too.
  5. Read blogs and use Pinterest; I’ve found so many amazing new beauty products, beauty looks and fashion looks through these two channels!

8. What are your favorite beauty websites/blogs?

I love Lauren Curtis for YouTube videos and obviously Tanya Burr for simple, easy make up too.

Lauren Curtis

9. A message to your fans.

Thank you for the continued support!

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