UPDATED: December, 2018

The chart below contains fresh results of the currently best rated hair straighteners on the market paired with their prospective ratings and the best deals I found.

Best Home Use: HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron
Best Overall, Runner-Up: Onei MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron
Best Pro: Millennium Model TS-2
Best Budget: Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Straightener with Smart Sensor
Best Design: Conair Infiniti Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron
Best High-End: Bio Ionic Onepass Nano Ceramic, 1 Inch
Best For Travel: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium
Best For Thick Hair: Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle Professional Styler

And here’s how they look:



HSI_best_price_and_quality-2_edited-296x300HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron
Onei-MK-I-Halo-Ceramic-Flat-Iron-450-Degrees-for-Brazilian-Keratin-Treatments-Floating-Plates-300x169-best_designOnei MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron
TS-2 Millennium Professional Flat IronMillennium Model TS-2
Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Straightener with Smart SensorRemington S8590 Keratin Therapy Straightener with Smart Sensor
Conair Infiniti Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron ImageConair Infiniti Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron
Bio Ionic OnePass Nano Ceramic - The Best Hair StraightenerBio Ionic Onepass Nano Ceramic, 1 Inch
BaByliss Pro - Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron - 1 " ImageBaByliss Pro - Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron - 1
Image of BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1 1_4BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium
Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle 1.0 Professional styler 1Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle Professional Styler

How are the hair straighteners rated?

I have been tweaking the way I rate hair straighteners ever since I found this website and I continue to do so today.

Just so that you can have a better impression of what goes into it let me roughly explain the process.

The main part of the equation is how well the iron is rated in customer reviews so that’s where I start:

Step 1:

I go through each review of a specific product I can find and assign a rating in 5 different categories:

  • Materials
  • Price
  • Hair protect (how good the iron is in minimizing the damage to your hair)
  • Easy to use
  • Durability

Step 2:

I record all this in an Excel sheet and then find the averages in all the categories.

Step 3: The time fallacy

When I was starting out, I was just using this average rating but in time I realized that this is not the best way.

It’s because the changing landscape of the market, especially nowadays, with all the outsourcing that might have an impact on the quality of a product. So, I find another average from the ratings – the average rating from the reviews no older than two months.

Step 4:

When I am rating an iron, I use my contact in the industry to get personal opinions of hair-stylers and hairdressers and also stay on top of the developments in the industry. Based on that, I rate the product with a rating of own.

Step 5:

I combine all of the above and come up with a final rating.

Step 6:

I repeat the process every two months to refresh the data and make sure that I offer up-to-date ratings.

I hope I made the process of rating hair straighteners understandable and put some of the dilemmas you might have to rest. This way you can be sure that what I present to you on the pages of my website is solely reliable information.


Now let’s see them individually reviewed!


Onei MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron Review – is this fancy or what?

Onei MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron - 450 Degrees for Brazilian Keratin Treatments Floating PlatesI’m fairly certain that most of the people do not approach the subject of buying the best hair straightener methodically. First of all, they wouldn’t know where to start- what are the deal-breakers, what are must-haves.

You’re in good fortune since I’m here to help you.

I’ve worked as a hairstylist for little over 8 years now, and I can definitely differentiate between top notch products and total waste of your hard-earned dollars.

So, how are we going to determine is this one of the best hair straighteners out there today:

  1. We’ll see what the good folks from Onei have to say about this hair straightener
  2. Then we’ll carefully list and analyze both positive and negative end user experience
  3. In conclusion, we’ll give this product our final grade

Click here to see how it fared against owners on Amazon >>

Let’s start with product specifications:

  • Multi-Coat dual floating ceramic plates; No pulling
  • Straighten, flip, and curl your hair
  • Heat varies from 140F to 450F; perfect for any type of keratin treatment
  • Negative ionic and Far infrared technology implemented for superior shine and gentle protection of your hair
  • Features digital display for adjusting and monitoring the heat
  • 30-minute automatic shut-off safety option
  • 4-year warranty included

The specifications as dead letters on the paper always seem great; but what do real end users have to say about their experience with this product?

Positive end user experiences – the PROs:

  • I believe I’ve never owned a better flat iron in my entire life.
  • The best part about using this hair straightener is that my hair doesn’t kink up through the day, but stays bone-straight no matter what I do…
  • I’m really happy with the consistent results I’ve been getting since I got this…
  • This flat iron does a great job of putting in line my kinky, frizzy, wavy hair. I just run it once through a single strand of hair and I can move on. Such a refreshing time saver.
  • It doesn’t snag or pull out my hair as well, and now I can save tons on money on heat protectans and serums because it works great even on lower heat settings.
  • I got this iron for my daughter as a present. I was really worried it might not work for both of them because my younger one has coarse, frizzy hair, and the older one wavy and delicate. I can happily report that they are both satisfied with the results…
  • I’ve bought this flat iron because I now have keratin treatments on more regular basis, and I wanted to make the most of them. It really brings out the results and prolongs them…
  • It heats up really quickly, and it’s easy to maneuver and it’s super light. Overall, very user friendly, especially because of the display so you know what kind of heat are you working with…
  • The long swivel cord really makes our lives easier, because my daughter and I decided to give keratin treatments a go, and we both use this iron. We can simply pass it along from one to another without having to unplug it all the time.
  • The display is really a helpful feature. It tells me exactly what I’m working with. It heats up in no time, and the automatic shutoff safety option is always a plus, because I have 3 little ones.
  • I’ve never been as pleased in the past with my flat irons as I am now. As an entertainer, my hair must look great all the time, and I was really worried about potential hair damage from regular use. Turns out I needn’t have been…
  • I was on the search for a flat iron that heats up to 450 degrees in order to save some cash by doing keratin treatments for me and my daughter at home and so far this seems like the solution to the issue…
  • It really does what is says it will do, and we couldn’t be more happy with our Onei

Visit Amazon for extra info and complete customer reviews >>

Negative end user reviews:

  • It feels a bit too chunky in my hand. That’s really troublesome when it comes to curling or flipping.
  • It warns you that it’s at 450 degrees a little too often for my taste. Stop beeping, I know it’s hot, I like it that way..
  • It gets so much hotter than my previous flat iron, so I have to run it faster through my hair. Sometimes I feel like it’s a race or something.
  • The two plates don’t open very wide, so it’s kind of difficult to do major portions of your hair at once.

My final resume of this product – one of the top rated flat irons:

Onei MK-I Halo Ceramic Flat Iron - 450 Degrees for Brazilian Keratin Treatments Floating Plates Review

After having read everything available on this product, from customer to professional reviews, the impression that I got is that this is a top notch iron at a fairly reasonable price, especially if you consider the fact that it will save you lots of money on trips to the hairstylist’s for keratin treatments.

The display makes the whole DIY keratin treatments easier, since you have complete insight into temperature settings at all times.
As a hairstylist of 8 years, I can definitely say that this is a product I can expect to meet in one of my colleagues’ salons. It’s a professional iron available to anyone who’s willing to give it a try.

Just make sure you’re fully aware of the fact that 450 degrees F is REALLY hot; that’s the heat that is used in professional salons and for keratin treatments, so no lingering unless absolutely necessary.

My final grade for this product is 4.7 out of 5 stars. It’s professional quality at the comfort of your home.

Professional Millennium Hair Straightener Model TS-2 Review – what do the users and experts think?

TS-2 Millennium Professional Flat IronWe all want the best products for our money and hair straighteners are no different.

But how can you really know that you’ve made the right choice, since most of the people have only dealt with a limited number of hair products so far?

I think I can help you out, without making you go out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith.

I’ve devoted 8 years of my life to hair styling and hair care (so far) , and I’ve learned a lot from dealing with pretty much every type of hair imaginable.

During my hairstyling days, I’ve also learned a lot about different hair straighteners.

In this review I will try to summarize all I’ve learned and apply my knowledge on rating this product.

Amazon is one of the main sources of information for these reviews:

Head on there for extra info >>

Let me walk you through the structure of this review:

  1. We’ll list all of the product specifications
  2. Then we’ll go over a number of both positive and negative end user reviews
  3. In conclusion, I’ll give this product an Overall Quality Rating

Specifications of this professional flat iron:

  • Temperature control is programmable for absolute precision
  • 1-inch titanium plates, Nano reflect technology
  • Half a minute fast heat up time
  • 9 ft. professional swivel cord
  • 1-hour automatic shutoff for safety purposes and longevity of the flat iron
  • Dual voltage
  • 3-year guarantee

The PROs – the positive reviews as per end users:

  • I’ve had 23 flat irons before I got this one, and this is by far the greatest. I’ve never had such great results without going to the hairstylist’s.
  • After using this TS for the first time and going out to the store, I was approached by three different people and complimented on how shiny my hair looks…
  • It heats up super fast, and the digital temperature reader is really nice and easy to read, since it has those big green numbers. It’s also really easy to select the heat setting you like…
  • I love the sleek, modern design and the fact that I can use it even on my roots without burning my head. It’s also really light and user-friendly…
  • It gets my hair bone-straight in 1-2 smooth glides. It also doesn’t snag or pull out my hair at all, and leaves it all shiny and smooth to the touch…
  • It’s really easy to maneuver in terms of the cord length and the design of the iron itself. The tips are kind of rounded up so you can get it next to your root…
  • I’ve mostly used this flat iron on max heat settings (450F) for DIY keratin treatments, and it worked like a charm. It’s also great at straightening my hair, but since it gets so hot so fast, this doesn’t surprise me…
  • The plus and minus heat control buttons are placed on the side of the flat iron, but they don’t get in the way of styling, since they are a bit indrawn.
  • It’s also really light, and there is no snagging, which is only to be expected out of titanium plates…
  • This flat iron really does a great job and gets really hot very fast. However, the handle never gets warm, and it maintains the same heat during styling…
  • No hot spots like with my previous iron…
  • It’s really comfortable to hold and fits right into my hand. It does add some body and shine to my hair and leaves it all smooth and silky…
  • This flat iron is really effective and easy to use. I’ve been styling my own hair for 12 years now, and so far this one got me the best results. I would definitely recommend it…
  • For the first time, the styling process doesn’t exhaust me. It takes me up to 15 minutes to style my medium long hair…

You can see the user ratings of this iron on Amazon in the link below:

If you want a second opinion check out the user ratings on Amazon >>

The CONs – the negative reviews as per end users:

  • After only 3 weeks of use the power button stopped working.. I’m currently waiting for a replacement.
  • It doesn’t have a beeper to tell me when the flat iron has reached a certain temperature.. It only has a little light that blinks while it’s heating up..
  • If you’re a first-time flat iron user with really delicate hair, start using it from the lowest heat setting and work your way up.. I’ve learned this the hard way…
  • The 60-minute safety shutoff is ridiculous; I think it should be half that time…

My final rating of this product:

TS-2 Millennium Professional Flat Iron Review

This flat iron really sets the bar high. With its titanium 1-inch plates and rounded edges, it reaches even the trickiest portions of your hair like roots and styles them perfectly. It’ s basically a professional product offered at the price of a home-use one.

The design tells a story of innovation, progress and a quest for balance between user-friendly and professional products. Simply put- it has all the necessary features anyone needs, and just some little extra to ward off the competition.

As a former hairstylist, I would be tempted to rate it 5 out of 5; however, since it doesn’t have a beeper to indicate that it’s ready for use, I would have to rate it 4.8 out of 5, because the designers took this little detail for granted.

Infiniti by Conair YOU Root Boost – Let’s take a closer look here

Infiniti by Conair YOU Root BoostFinding the best hair straightener, crimper or whatever to tame your curly, frizzy, coarse, thick or simply unruly hair can prove to be more of a pain than you bargained for.

Reading one hair straightener review after the other seems to take forever, and you often end up not knowing a lot more but being a heck of a lot more confused about the whole thing.

Do I have some good news for you. You’ve finally ended up to your nonstop shop of quality information.

See more pictures here  – on the Amazon dedicated page >>>

Sure, I’m talking, but why would you listen?

I’m talking from years of experience. Being a hair stylist, and an ex-judge in the hair styling competitions I think my credentials are in order officer. I’m also a proud owner of a “not so easy to manage” hair, so I know perfectly well where you’re coming from.

Writing all sorts of blog post about these things and reviews is just one way of sharing what I’ve learned over the years.

So, if you’re after a professional, honest and completely unbiased writing, I bid you welcome.

When it comes to Infinity line by Conair, I’ve done an Infinity Pro Conair review and a review for Conair Infinity pro flat iron. I’m on a roll here, so why not continue.

Quick content introduction

Let me show you the ropes around my reviewing protocol real quick:

  • We’ll start by obtaining some basic product specifications directly from the manufacturer
  • Next stop are the experiences and impressions of the customers who actually had their hair in between these plates
  • Finally, I’ll pass my own verdict and tell you what I think about this whole matter

Let’s get cracking.

Product specification (or: What the manufacturer said about its product)

Well, let’s see what we’re up against here:

  • Specially designed narrow plates for further reach, closer to the root
  • Easy-add volume with special new feature for root-lifting
  • Perfect fit for layered and shorter hairstyles
  • Better hair contact allowed by floating plate technology
  • Fit for styling of all hair types and lengths

Ok, that’s some pretty bold stuff right there. Let’s see how it holds up against what the actual users have to say about it.

PROs (Pleasant user experiences)

We’ll kick things off with some good things customers shared with us:

  • My hair is straight and shoulder length. I just hate when it sits all flat on my head, so it’s a blessing how this crimper provides it with a little lift. I really like the fact that it last well into the next day without any additional touch ups unless you shampoo of course. It’s also very easy to use. I’m no expert with a curling iron or anything, but I feel like a solid pro while using this beautiful little trinket. Amazing!
  • My new hair stylist used this hair iron on my hair in his salon, and he got me all intrigued. My flat and limp hair always needed a ton of different products for a proper lift and hold. The results were amazing, and I just had to turn Amazon upside down until I found it. It’s super easy to use, and my hair has a perfect body to it until I wash it again. I love it!
  • It took me ages to do my entire hair before. With this little guy, it’s all over in like 15 minutes. It heats up super fast, and it reaches a pretty intense temperature so just a few seconds is all your divided strand will need. The 2nd heat degree is just hot enough for a perfect look and no damage or that awful burnt smell
  • My God! I finally have a full head of hair! No more lifeless and flat hair for me! I use my “Thicker fuller hair” spray before I start with the crimper, and the results are out of this world
  • My hair is very thick and hard to manage but somehow this crimper handles it, even at the lowest temperature setting. It heats up very fast, it’s user-friendly and it helps you take back the control over your own hair
  • The best hair straightener I’ve ever had came from this manufacturer, and they have my loyalty for life. Currently, I own another Conair Infiniti tourmaline ceramic styler and this micro one. My hair is very fine and thin, and I used to try everything to add a little volume to it. This styler is pure magic! Backcombing my hair is such a pain, and it’s tough o the hair too. This is the more hair-friendly option, and it cuts down the needed time in half
  • My hair is straight and very fine, and there were times when I would’ve killed to get for some tiny amounts of volume. This crimper adds a great boost to my roots, and that’s the place the boost is the most needed. I can’t imagine going without this little magic wand. Btw, I saw it on YouTube and bought it from Amazon. Great delivery service and great customer support

If you want to see the complete user reviews, you can visit Amazon page for this model:

See more reviews >>

CONs (not so pretty customer experiences)

Time to face the music:

  • It’s a very good crimper, but my hard to curl hair is just, well impossible to curl. It looks excellent for like 9-10 hours and then it’s back to normal. But that’s enough anyway, compared to my previous experiences. So, my hair is technically to blame, not the crimper
  • Evidently I got confused and ordered the wrong item. This is not what I was going for
  • I needed this crimper for some stylistic crimping, and I later found out it’s just for root boosting. My mistake

Final call

A lot of PROs and none of the really hard-core CONs hum a very pretty tune in my ear. You can go for this one instantly, and it will make your hair literally blossom.

The Overall Quality Rating of 4 makes it a very good deal for the money.

Crimp away and put some long awaited life and volume into your everyday lives.

Bio Ionic Ceramic Straightening Iron Onepass Nano Review – a taste of the future in hair styling

Bio Ionic Onepass Nano Ceramic Straightening IronWhen it comes to choosing the best hair straightener for your hair there is a number of factors, you need to carefully consider. Unfortunately, for most of us, the greatest concern is our budget, so we end up getting whatever is in our price range, and we don’t even consider the devastating effects that choice could have on our hair.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help.

I’ve worked as a competitive judge in hairstyling competitions for years, and I can definitely tell if you’ve got your money’s worth out of a product or not. In this short review that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Here’s how we’ll go about this flat iron review:

  1. We’ll list all of the product specifications for this hair straightener
  2. Then we’ll take into careful consideration both positive and negative user experience
  3. In conclusion, we’ll give this product our final grades

Let’s begin with the basic facts about the product:

  • 5 Second BioCeramic Heaters, extremely short heat up time
  • Silicone Speed Strips
  • NanoIonic Mineral Cushion Plates
  • Heats up to 400 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Multi-Level Easy to use Heat Controller
  • 9 feet Swivel Cord

Everything seems great on paper, but let’s see if all of those fancy features have proven themselves when put under some real heat and real scrutiny of people.

Read complete user-stories shared on Amazon >>

Positive user reviews of the hair straightener:

  • This is my 6th and by far the best hair straightener I’ve had so far. Works like a charm.
  • I was really skeptical because I have naturally kinky Hispanic hair, and I used to first air dry it and then ironed it at about 350 degrees, and it would take about 1.5 hours…
  • Now with this product I don’t have to air dry it at all, and it only takes about 20 minutes on 250 degrees…
  • This product was recommended to me by my hairstylist some 2-3 years ago because I almost fried my hair with my previous flat iron. Now my hair is healthy, silky and smooth in no time, and it seems to be recovering from months of abuse…
  • My hair is now so soft to the tough after styling; I’m very pleased with the results. I saw a hairstylist using it on my cousin on her wedding day, and I knew I had to have one.
  • It glides so smoothly through my hair with no pulling or hair damage, even when I try to make really tight curls. I really like how silky and soft my hair is now…I get compliments all the time…
  • Not only it does the job perfectly, but it also doesn’t frustrate me with a short cord. 9 feet is just the amount of cord I need when styling my hair and going from vanity mirror to my closet mirror.
  • This iron really looks cool, and it’s super light and user-friendly…
  • My hair is frizzy, kinky, curly, you name it.. This little bad boy made the styling process a walk through the park. I have a feeling it’s superior to my previous flat iron thanks to silicone grabbing strips, but I’m no expert on the matter…
  • Luckily it gets the job done, and not at the max heat settings. It only glides once trough my hair and poof! My hair is super straight. It does a great job, and my hair is now frizz-free for a whole day long, no matter what I do to it.
  • My daughters and I all agree that this is the best flat iron we’ve had so far. Sure, most of the irons in the past have done a good job straightening your hair, but wouldn’t leave it as silky and smooth.. and definitely not through weather conditions with high humidity…
  • Super fast, easy to use. It arrived on time. Worth every penny.

For more information visit its page on Amazon:

Follow this link to see it >>

Negative end user reviews:

  • It didn’t come with an instruction manual, and this is my first flat iron ever.. I almost burned my fingers before I’ve decided to watch a tutorial online…
  • I don’t know, it simply didn’t work for me. I returned it for a full refund and switched back to my old iron. It does take some extra time to heat up and doesn’t get as hot, but it gets the job done…
  • Everything is great except for those pesky silicone strips; they really get on my nerves. I never got used to them…
  • I wanted it in pink, but they only have it available in one color.. Seriously?

My final resume of this Bio Ionic – one of the few best hair straighteners on the market today:

According to the majority of end users, this product is the real deal.

It has all of the features of a professional hair straightener at an affordable price. It also gets you the best results with minimum hair damage. And even though it has everything a flat iron in a professional salon has, it remains easy to use.

I’ve talked to many of my colleagues while writing this review, and many of them have first-hand experience with this product and tons of satisfied customers. I’ve never personally worked with this product, but I might reconsider that after all the research I’ve done for this review.

In case you’re new to the sometimes confusing world of flat irons, make sure to watch a few videos on how to use one or talk to your friends who already have a hair straightener.

In conclusion, this flat iron is exactly what it says it is- professional quality at a reasonable cost. My final grade for this product is 4.8 out of 5.

BaByliss Pro Ceramic Porcelain Plate Hair Straightener Review – is it worth your money?

BaByliss Pro - Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron - 1 Inch - model BABP9557When choosing the best hair straightener you have be clear on your goals and priorities. You need to know what absolute must-haves are and what big NO-NOs are. If you reached this page you have a professional with you willing to help you out.

I’ve been a hairstylist for 8 years, so one might say I know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m also very good at telling what are essential options any flat iron must have, and what are simply fancy, additional features you’re never going to use.

However, before we go any further, I would like to walk you through the concept of this review:

  1. We’ll list all the product specifications
  2. Then we’ll take into careful consideration end user reviews, both good and bad
  3. In conclusion, we’ll give this product our final grade and discuss its up and down sides

Click here to check this model out on Amazon >>

Let’s begin with product specifications as issued by the company:

  • 4-inch long, one-inch wide porcelain ceramic plates
  • Reostat technology for best temperature control; iron heats up to 450 degrees F
  • Instant heat/recovery
  • 8ft professional swivel cord; no more tangling while styling

Let’s proceed with positive end user reviews:

  • This flat iron was everything I was looking for and so much more.. It really exceeded all of my expectations.
  • My Babyliss doesn’t pull out my hair at all.. The plates glide smoothly over my hair and leave it silky and healthy.
  • Best flat iron I’ve had so far. No hot spots, the heat distribution is even, and the handle never gets warm.
  • I was concerned with the size of the plates, but you can really get flexible with 1-inch plates.. It’s now so easy to style both small portions of my hair like fringes and major, longer strands.
  • I have really coarse and thick hair, so I did some research before this purchase, and I can say that this flat iron kicks some serious @$$.. It gets very hot fast and remains hot as long as it’s on, even on max heat settings..
  • This flat iron is just so easy to use.. It feels really light in my hand, and everything is so straight-forward.. Most importantly, my hair is bone straight. Very compact and light as well.
  • Great for both curling and straightening. I can’t believe how smooth and healthy my hair feels after using this flat iron..
  • The last time I had such great results after styling my hair was when I got it hot combed.. I wasn’t that much into the idea of using a hair iron on a regular basis, but now I’m all up for it. Totally worth it.
  • I would definitely recommend this product because it’s so affordable, and it doesn’t damage or break your hair. It also styles it really fast, which is probably why it doesn’t fry it.
  • It arrived on time, and I’m really happy with this purchase. It does the job and does it well.
  • This flat iron is so light and floats over my hair without me having to put any effort into it. My hair is all straight and shiny in like 10 minutes or so.
  • Great product at an amazing price, and I do not say this lightly. I’ve always been picky about my hair products.
  • It’s really light and easy to travel with because it’s so compact and smartly designed. I will take it everywhere with the from now on.
  • The swivel cord is really long and makes the whole styling process much more pleasant. I used to get really frustrated with my previous flat iron because the cord was too short.

If you want to find out more, you can find a ton of user-ratings and other info on Amazon:

See what people are saying >>

Negative end user reviews:

  • I found it difficult to maneuver sometimes because the on/off button is oddly placed, so you sometimes accidentally switch it off during use.. Takes some getting used to.
  • It gave my hair some weird smell the first few times I used it.. Hope that’s normal because it’s still brand new…
  • The hinge on this model is at the end of the iron, which allows me less control over the tension compared to my last flat iron.
  • This hair straightened arrived to me on time, but dented here and there.. Works well, but doesn’t look as good. I’m waiting for a replacement.

My final resume of this product:

We’ve pretty much covered everything there is to know about this hair straightener, so let’s see how it ranks with us.

This seems like a great flat iron to have for everyday use since the end users haven’t reported any hair damage after over a longer period of use. Another great piece of news is that it’s user-friendly and light, which makes the whole styling process much more pleasant.

On the other hand, bear in mind it might release some funny smell a first few times you use it.

In conclusion, I’ll rate this product 4.6 stars out of 5, and that’s because I believe that there is always room for improvements.

Review of Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle 1.0 Professional styler – the industry standard</2>

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle 1 inch reviewThe best hair straightener for your hair type or specific needs and preferences can truly be a pain to find. Online searches quickly get out of your hands, and you end up even more confused and baffled than when you started.

The good news is, you can always count on me to disperse all the doubts and find the best option for you.

Today we’ll check out a product coming from Paul Mitchell family, and see if it’s a big boom or a giant bust. So, if you have a free couple of minutes, by all means, join me and let’s go together to the end of this “investigation”.

Why should you join me through this Paul Mitchell hair straightener review?

Because I’m a certified “detective” when it comes to hair products.

I’m a professional hairstylist and an ex-judge in hairstyling competitions. Besides that, I’ve been writing different reviews and blog posts for the better part of my life. One could say I know a great deal about hair and all those tools that make it look beautiful.

One more point in my favor is the fact that I pay a great deal of attention to all the user have to say about the product they’ve bought. There’s no greater seal of approval for a product then a happy customer. Seeing how the tool performs in real-life situations for the people who actually bought and used it shows us more than all the marketing strategies in the world ever could.

So, if I got you interested even a little bit, feel free to continue our journey alongside little ol’ me.

What will this review look like?

Let me just give you a quick break down of everything we’ll be talking about before we get down to some actual business of going through user reviews.

Here’s a quick content check:

  • We’ll get out feet wet with some basic product specs. We’ll do that by reading what the manufacturer had to say about this tool of theirs. We’ll get to know a bit more about the straightener itself, and see what customers had to work with in terms of confirming or denying
  • Then we’ll get to the customer feedback section. We’ll list out some PROs and CONs, and see which side takes the cake
  • We’ll top it all off with some of my personal impressions and a final verdict for this iron

Short, quick and informative – that’s how I like to write these reviews so that I don’t waste your time and you can decide fairly quickly if this is the product for you.

Basic specs of the Paul Mitchell Protools hair straightener

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle 1 inchHere comes the part where the manufacturer gets to state its case:

  • Plates are infused with express ion complex, which speeds up straightening process and protects your hair from heat damage
  • Plates are also infused with unique express silicone grips for easy gliding over your hair, effortless smoothing, better control, faster styling, and amazing shine
  • Cushion plates (1”) with heaters made of solid ceramic will provide perfectly even heat distribution
  • Seamless smoothing is made possible by beveled edges
  • Static and flyaways will be put under your control by super-charged negative ions

The positive user reviews

That was all nice and dandy, but let’s see if customers agree with everything the company:

  • This truly is a wonderful instrument. It adds a great deal of body, shine, and softness to my hair. It doesn’t pull on it, burn it, or do anything that might be construed as harmful, quite the opposite.
  • I have a relaxed African-American hair, and this tool certainly does it justice. My recommendation
  • Fabulous!!! It’s the best hair straightener ever! It makes my hair so shiny and soft to the touch.
  • My hair is very thick and coarse, and this iron straightens it in one pass and leaves it softer than ever. My hair remains perfectly straight until I wash it. Totally worth the money
  • This flat iron is just the perfect size. It heats up really fast, and the width of the plates is perfect. I definitely recommend it
  • My hair is medium length, thick, and curly. I’ve tried every hair straightener that’s out there. I’m not exaggerating, literally every one I could get my hands on.
  • This is by far the best one I’ve tried, and I’ll keep on using it forever. It’s so gentle on my hair, and there’s no pulling or tugging whatsoever. It glides through it perfectly, and I couldn’t be happier with it
  • It can make my hair perfectly straight or curly with equally good results
  • I use it for six months now, and it’s still like brand new. It’s very well made, and I just love the overall design. The heat never gets near my fingers, which is a very big deal for me considering the blunders from the past
  • It straightens my unruly hair without a hitch and allows me to give it a little wave at the ends. I love how my hair doesn’t smell all burnt after I’m using it

See what people who own it say on Amazon:

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Time for some not so pleasant experiences:

  • I don’t like the silicone grips. Other than that, it’s a great flat iron
  • It doesn’t have an auto shut-off option

Conclusion about this Paul Mitchell hair straightener

We’ve officially reached the end and it’s verdict time.

I won’ beat around the bushes – this is a great product hands down and has many satisfied customers to show for it.

You can go for this one without any fear of wasting your money since it delivers even more than the manufacturer claims it would. Amazing tool, to put it shortly, and a great help in battling that uncontrollable, rebellious, and unruly hair.

Give it a go and have fun with your new look.