What is the best flat iron? Experts and users share their views

Best hair iron is not such an easy thing to find, after all, is it? All the confusion out there, the brands “should I choose one of the best chi flat irons?”…”should I go with a Remington hair”…is my friend right saying that Herstyler makes top products”. Most of it stems from the confusion that surrounds the outsourcing of these brands. That’s what this website is about – offering the help of experts in the making of this decision. I and the people contributing to this website know our stuff and if you reached this page, making the right choice will be walk in the park.

You have to calculate in all kinds of different factors once you decide it’s time to get yourself a new hair straightener. Your hair type, length, the budget you’re operating with, the quality of the iron itself, all the different features you might want… And that’s all before you step into the jungle that is the market of today.

A little about me

I’ve been a professional hairstylist my whole life. On top of that, I’m an ex-judge in hair-styling competitions. I’ve learned all there is about the hair-styling industry there is, all the secrets of the trade, but also what makes for one great hair-styling tool. Today, I dedicate a lot of my time to keeping up with the trends on the flat iron market so that the readers of my website have only fresh, top notch information.

So, if you’re looking for an honest and professional opinion, just continue on reading, and I’ll do my personal best to find the right toy for you to play with J

How do these guides work?

Simple. I tried and seen a lot of these products in action in my day, but apart from that I constantly read all the user reviews I can find online, cross-referencing them with my own experience and that of my colleagues. I developed a special reviewing and rating system for all the products of the same category, based on my knowledge and user feedback.

In word – it all boil down to one simple number per product. I have selfishly named this number the Whitley rating.

At the very end of the grading process, I’ll single out a couple of straighteners with the highest average grade and make a list of winners for you to choose from. My lists represent what’s best at the market at any given moment.

I keep my lists up to speed by updating them bimonthly, so you can always be sure you’ll find the hottest items here.

The final list of winners

Here they are folks, top of the line! This is the definitive list of the best hair straighteners the market currently has to offer:


ModelRead moreOverall Quality RatingPicture
Nano Ceramic Onepass Straightening IronSee_ratings_button4.9 / 5Bio Ionic OnePass Nano Ceramic - The Best Hair Straightener
S8590 Keratin Therapy Hair StraightenerSee_ratings_button4.3 / 5Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Straightener with Smart Sensor
Protools Express
See_ratings_button4.8 / 5Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth
S9950 Moisturizing Shine Therapy Hair Straightener
See_ratings_button4.8 / 5Remington S9950 Shine Therapy Moisturizing and Conditioning Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener

Now you know you won’t find better hair straightening tools than this out there. We’ll get to know a little bit more about them during their digest hair iron reviews.

What do I mean when I say “digest reviews”?

They’re simply shorter versions of my regular flat iron reviews. Here’s the basic idea:

  • We’ll open things up with a manufacturer’s product description
  • After we know a bit more, we’ll test all that information against what customers had to say about the product after using it
  • I’ll give you my personal conclusion at the very end of the digest review

It’s quite simple, but it’s also the best way to get to that coveted best hair iron that’ll put your hair back under your control.

Let’s get to work.

Nano Ceramic Onepass Straightening Iron

By Bio Ionic

Bio Ionic OnePass Nano Ceramic Straightening IronLet’s see what the manufacturer has to say about its product here:

  • Featuring silicone strips for increased shine and faster straightening
  • Insta heat up function will bring the plates up to 400 degrees F, instant recovery
  • Cushion plates fused with nano-Ionic mineral
  • Far infrared heating and great amount of negative ions for conditioned and silky smooth hair
  • 5 Second Bio-ceramic heaters

It’s a very short description, but very informative none the less. We’ll let the customers fill in the gaps here.

Check out full description on Amazon >>>

Let’s go over some of the good customer experiences:

  • This hair iron was suggested to me by my stylist. I already had ordered another Chi, but canceled it since she kept on praising this particular model. She wasn’t wrong, let me tell you. This iron does things for my hair that I never knew were possible while using my old Chi
  • I like how fast it heats up. I don’t have to wait and loose time while my hair straightener get’s going. It also dishes out some serious temperatures, which is just perfect for my thick ad unruly hair
  • My hair is completely done in a couple of minutes. It used to take me double that time with my previous hair iron, and the results were not even close. My hair is perfectly straight, and it’ll remain that way until I wash it. Thank you, Bio Ionic!
  • This is the first time that I bought a hair iron that just slides through my hair without any problems. I’m a daily user and having all those irons before was simply a pain. They all used to pull my hair, tug it like crazy, and it was overall a pretty painful experience. The moment I bought this little guy was the moment my hair was reborn
  • Great hair straightener! It’s very well made, and the functionality is out of this world. But the part I like the most is how silky smooth and shiny my hair is after I use it. It’s so soft to the touch, I can’t believe this is my hair we’re talking about
  • I love these silicone strips! The straightening process was never faster!
  • My hair is simply impossible to manage. It’s thick, rebellious, full of frizz and just a nightmare. This iron helped me to put it finally under control. Now it’s perfectly straight, shiny and soft, and there’s no frizz to go around any more
  • The warranty period is 60 MONTHS! In all my years I haven’t seen a company offer such a long warranty period
  • This is the best hair iron I’ve ever used. It’s well made and very easy to use. It has nice ergonomic handles, so it doesn’t slip while I’m using it. I’ve recommended it to all my friends already

Time to see some of the CONs:

  • I definitely think it should be cheaper. It’s a great product, don’t get me wrong, but 200 bucks is a pretty hefty price for ANY hair-styling tool
  • I wish it came with an auto shut-off function and a fireproof bag

Final rating and thoughts

The Bio Ionic has been featured as the “best of the month” choice on my website for months now and with the final rating of 4.9 you cannot go wrong with this one, probably the best flat iron on the market today.

It’s an excellent product that won’t let you down.

S8590 Keratin Therapy Hair Straightener

By Remington

Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Straightener with Smart SensorWe’ll kick start things by hearing out the manufacturer:

  • Keratin plus sensor heat protective technology
  • 1†ceramic plates infused with keratin for healthier and stronger hair with no breakage
  • Salon heat intensity (450 degrees F)
  • Heat-up of 30 seconds, auto shut-off after 60 minutes
  • Floating plate ensures faster styling and constant contact

Remington has always been a serious player when it comes to hairstyling tools. This product specification reflects that pretty well. But, we still need to hear what our fellow users think about it 

If you the complete story ladies owning this model had to share, you can read it on Amazon:

For complete user-experiences click here >>>

Let’s start with the good things they’ve shared with us:

  • This is how you make a flat iron! It’s this gorgeous silver color, and it has a nice end taper, which makes it much easier to handle and hold while in use. The ease of use is what does it for me. I know Remington won’t sell bad products, it’s all about the little shades here, and this iron is the right shade for me
  • My hair is very fine, and high heat spells doom for it. That’s why I need to have a perfectly accurate and reliable temperature display. This iron has a great readout of the temperature on its side, and it’s just the thing I needed
  • I can choose between five different heat settings, the highest ones being REALLY HOT. My hair is very course and thick, which makes it impossible to straighten at lower temperatures. This is the best hair iron I could’ve possibly asked for
  • This hair iron has a special sensor explained to me by my hairstylist. It’s there to lower the heat exposure of the shaft of the hair. Also, the conditioning you’ll get from the keratin infused plates is simply amazing
  • I have three other straighteners, and this one heats up the fastest by a lot. It’s ready to go in about half a minute
  • This is the first hair iron that didn’t leave my hair smelling burnt to a crisp. It’s also very gentle to it, even though I need higher temperatures to get it completely straight. No hair damage whatsoever
  • My hair is very unruly, frizzy, and fine. So, I’m always o a lookout for something that’ll turn my insufferable locks into a perfectly straight hair while avoiding any damage to it. This is definitely the tool for me. I love all the heat settings, my favorite is the 340 degrees
  • My hair remains straight, even with the humid weather

Let’s see some CONs the users had to share:

  • I suppose I expected some sort of miracle since it’s Remington after all. It does the job well, but somehow I expected more
  • It’s rather small in size, which makes straightening long hair a bit longer of an endeavor

The final rating and review thoughts

A flat iron with a smart sensor at that price range is a rarity. That’s why this flat iron had stayed in the top 10 products on my website for so long now.

Overall quality rating of 4.3/5.

Protools Express

By Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion SmoothYou know how this works by now. We’ll start with the product specification:

  • Plates fused with Ion Express Complex for damage prevention and speeding up of the straightening process
  • Plates are infused with unique silicone Express grips for faster styling, easy smoothing, exceptional shine, and better control
  • 1†cushion plates with heaters made of solid ceramic for optimal heat distribution
  • Beveled edges for seamless smoothing
  • Flyaway and static control thanks to negative (super-charged) ions

Paul Mitchell is a well known name in hair styling world. This description sounds as futuristic as some of their products look. But let’s see what the customers have to say, is the future already here?

Check out the offer on Amazon:

Follow this link to get there >>>

PROs come first:

  • This is one wonderful instrument! It adds so much softness, shine, and body to my hair it’s not even funny. It’s the best hair iron I’ve owned so far
  • I’m an African American with fine and thin hair. Also, my hair went through a relaxation treatment, and I’m still using this hair iron without any problems. It has great heat settings, so my hair is never in any danger
  • It’s the first time I’ve gone through the whole straightening process without any pain from my hair being pulled, without that awful burnt smell, and with amazing results. This buy was right on the money, and I recommend this little gadget to everyone
  • Me and my two daughters are all using this hair iron. It’s simply amazing since it can straighten any hair type
  • This is one fabulous hair straightener! It leaves my hair all shiny and soft, which is a totally new experience for me since my hair is very coarse and thick. It’s also perfectly straight for about a week, or until the next wash, whichever comes first
  • It’s totally worth the money! The part I like the most is the versatility since you can either straighten your hair or make beautiful waves, depending on the mood
  • This hair iron has a good 5 years in it before things start breaking down. That’s how long I’ve had it, and it still works, only heats up a bit slower, and the light is busted. I just got a new one, and it’s the same high quality as the one I bought 5 years ago
  • Soooo much better than my old T3 and Chi hair iron. Worth every penny

Now let’s deal with the CONs:

  • I’m super happy with how this iron straightens my hair, so the only flaw I can find is the absence of the auto shut-off. It’s not that big of a deal for me, but I guess it might be if you constantly forget things
  • My only complaint is that the flashing light is a bit of a hassle. I almost never unplug the straightener, but now I have to, or it’ll keep on flashing

Another excellent product from an amazing manufacturer. It’ll do wonders for your hair, as it did for so many others.

Overall review rating on this Paul Mitchell

This flat iron is so special because it offers professional quality for the price of a flat iron for home use. It’s still not cheap but I used to work with this iron and I know what I’m talking about when I say that this product is pretty much as close to perfect as they come.

It’s ratings have been jumping back and forth between 4.8 and 4.9 from update to update, which puts it up there in the top 3 flat irons out there today.

S9950 Moisturizing Shine Therapy Hair Straightener

By Remington

Remington S9950 Shine Therapy Moisturizing and Conditioning Digital Ceramic Hair StraightenerThe specs:

  • Conditioners and avocado infused plates reduce damage and prevent the loss of moisture
  • Lifetime of the plates and the whole product is 4 years
  • Precise digital temperature control with a temperature lock function
  • Salon intensity heat (430 degrees F) with turbo boost mode and heat-up time of 30 seconds
  • Usable with the voltage converter

Didn’t I say how futuristic their specifications sound? I’m not the one to complain though, let’s see if the customers agree.

You can head out to Amazon for more futuristic info and useful user-feedback   >>>

Let’s go over the good thing customers had to say after using this product:

  • It heats up really fast, compared to my previous straighteners. It’s good to go in about half a minute after I turn it on
  • I really like the overall design. It’s very attractive, and dare I say sexy. The controls are extremely easy to use, even I figured them out without the usual help of my hair stylist
  • This is the best hair iron I’ve laid my eyes on. I knew I must have it the moment I saw it online and read overwhelmingly positive user reviews. They were all true, by the way
  • I’ve gone through tons of different hair iron reviews, and this model is what I ended up with. It’s a great piece of technology, and capable of dishing out some serious heat. I like how precise the temperature controls are, leaving no chance of any damage to my hair
  • It has an excellent function I’ve never seen before. I’m talking about the controls lock. It happened more than once that I accidentally changed some of my settings while straightening my hair. Well, now I know that will never happen again
  • I like the swivel cord and how lightweight it is. That, paired with how quickly I get to straighten my hair now means my hands can forget about all those painful sessions with my previous straighteners
  • It’s hands down the best hair iron my online searches ever came up with. The part I especially like are the floating plates. I don’t get it, how no one else ever came up with this addition. They’re here to make sure the plates contact my hair evenly, and I can really tell the difference
  • Avocado oil and conditioners infused plates! Are you kidding me?!

Let’s see what the customers didn’t quite like:

  • Before I found out about the controls lock function, I constantly managed to change my heat setting by accident. It’s simply made that you can’t avoid touching the display if you want to hold it in the most comfortable position. Boy, did I feel stupid once I found out about the locking of controls


Final review conclusions and ratings

This piece of eye candy does not come cheap but boy is it worth every penny. I respond a lot of emails about flat iron and I always stress the importance of putting quality before anything else, even it means a few dozen bucks more. It’s our hair, girls and we can’t afford any mistakes here.

This flat iron is for those who really want to pamper their hair and keep it infused with moisture, healthy and shinny.

Guaranteed lifetime of the product of 4 years makes it a much better choice than 5 or 10 cheap flat irons that you would go through in this time that will  make your hair look dry and lifeless.

Overall quality rating of high 4.8/5.

So, this is pretty much it. I am confident that there’s something for everybody on this page and that whatever you are willing to spend on a flat iron, your new one is one this page.

You cannot go wrong with any of these babies.


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