Best Paul Mitchell Hair Straighteners Guide

Those of you who follow my work, know how big of a fan of this brand I am. If you are like-minded and looking for the best Paul Mitchell hair straightener, please join me in this guide as we research which ones of these babies might be the choice for you.

The ratings I am about to present are a result of my “battle-tested” rating method that relies on:

  1. Polls I take among my pears from the hairstyling world (in this case 30 of them)
  2. Customer reviews and opinions in five different quality aspects
  3. My personal experience with the products

So, let’s dive right in – in spite of the industry standards they are setting, not all Paul Mitchel products are created equal.

Two of them stand out – and one of them is almost twice less expensive, so we had an obvious winner in the last 5 updates to this guide – it’s the PAUL MITCHEL NEURO SMOOTH.

But before we move on – let’s take a look at the complete table of best flat irons the company ever produced and their respective ratings.

Results table – TOP Paul Mitchell hair straighteners at the moment

ModelRead moreOverall Quality RatingPicture
Neuro Smooth hair straightenerSee_ratings_button
4.9 / 5neuro_smooth_paul_mitchell
Express ionstyleSee_ratings_button
4.8 / 5Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle 1.0 Professional styler 1
Paul Mitchell Limited Edition - Ion Smooth Glitter ExpressSee_ratings_button
4.4 / 5Paul Mitchell protools Limited Edition Glitter Express Ion Smooth 1.25 3
Paul Mitchell Candy Apple Express Ion Smooth 1.25" Flat IronSee_ratings_button
4.6 / 5Candy Apple paul mitchell
Express ion smooth hair straightenerSee_ratings_button4.6 / 5Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth 1.25 Hair Straightener Flat Iron 5

Ok, now that we’ve seen our top contenders, I believe it’s time to get to know them a little better.

My method and outlook of this guide

I like to do a little thing called overall quality rating based on customer reviews. This entails reading all of the Paul Mitchell hair straightener reviews I could find and grading certain aspects of the products. Then I’ll make a list of top 5 hair irons with the highest average grade and lay it out here for you.

Introduction of the top 5 is the first thing that awaits you, followed by a more specific product introduction, through their digest reviews.

Proper introduction through digest reviews

What is a digest review?

It’s a mini review of a certain product. It begins by showing the basic product specification as given by the manufacturer. It follows it up with some of the good and the bad user experiences, just to put that given info into perspective. Pretty straightforward, don’t you think? And effective.

Now that we’ve cleared that, we can finally begin our in depth analysis of these products.

Neuro smooth hair straightener


neuro_smooth_paul_mitchellI ran into a bit of trouble with this one since my main source (Amazon) had no specification from the manufacturer at the time of writing this reviews, but I managed to put something together from other sources.

  • 1.25 inch premium strong isotherm titanium plates, perfect for creating waves, flips, and straightening
  • Very personalized experience
  • Heats up in about 30 seconds, and the heat is spread 100 percent evenly
  • SmartSense ultra sensitive micro chip recording the temperature state 50 times per second
  • 2 year warranty

Not bad, considering I had almost nothing to work with. But let’s see what the customers had to say about it.


  • When I went to cut my hair, I saw my hair stylist use this, and it left my hair looking amazing. It was so shiny and silky smooth, I just had to have this Paul Mitchell hair iron. So, I started my search online, and I got it. It’s well worth the money, but be careful, as there are a lot of fakes out there. Make sure you register your iron online, once you get it, and the official site of Paul Mitchell Company will tell you if it’s a fake. I’m super satisfied with it, and I highly recommend it
  • My friend, hair dresser, bought this one to use at work. She highly recommended it, so I got one. I use it daily and it doesn’t burn my hair. It heats up to 450 degrees and really fast. I just turn it on, and before I know it, it’s ready to go. I’ve read some reviews about this Paul Mitchell hair straightener before buying, and they were almost all positive. I have an extremely thick hair, and this little guy straightens it in just one go following the comb. It gives my hair shiny finish, without any frizz, and it’s a mush have for us everyday straighteners
  • It really offers some salon quality performance. It’s much better for me than ceramic plates. It works fast and operates with some intense heat, so if your hair is a bit thinner or fragile, I would suggest using the lower heat settings
  • I must say it. It’s the best Paul Mitchell hair straightener ever! Been dabbling with this brand for a long time, and this particular model just blew me away. It heats up almost instantly, it’s very easy to use, and handles really well. My hair is very thick and coarse, but this Paul Mitchell hair iron really puts it in its place. It’s the best choice if you straighten your hair every day as it doesn’t damage it at all. Healthy, shiny, silky smooth, and straight hair is all you can expect from this device


  • The plates on my Paul Mitchell hair iron didn’t connect. I have a very thin hair, and it was almost impossible for me to do anything with it. I contacted customer support and requested a replacement since I was 99% sure the one I got was defective. They were really forthcoming and helpful though, and I got a new one sent. I’m waiting for it to arrive as I write this

Final Quality Rating


Overall Quality Rating of 4.9/5 – the top rated flat iron by Paul Mitchell in the last 5 updates to this guide.

Click here for more reviews and extra details found on Amazon

Express ionstyle

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle 1.0 Professional styler 1

As we said just a moment ago, we’ll begin every digest review with a specification directly from the manufacturer, concerning product’s basic properties.

So, let’s hear it:

  • Plates fused with express ion complex, for speedy straightening and damage prevention
  • The plates are infused with unique silicon grips, allowing them to glide over your hair for faster styling, easy smoothing, exceptional shine and better control
  • Featuring 1†cushion plates, evenly heated by solid ceramic heaters
  • Seamless smoothing ensured by beveled edges
  • Flyaways and static control provided by negative super-charged ions

That’s a lot of basic info. The more the merrier, I gather. More material for later.

Let’s see some of the pleasant things the users had to say about this Paul Mitchell hair iron:

  • I don’t know where to begin, so may good things to say about this product. I use it a couple of times a week, for straightening, but also for curling my hair. My hair is very long, and I wasn’t convinced I’ll enjoy the silicon grips, but I do, so much. I’ve been using it for over 6 months now, and it still looks brand new. It almost doesn’t take any time to heat up, and the temperature switch stays where I put it. Great buy and an awesome product
  • Best Paul Mitchell hair straightener I’ve ever had!! It really feels like a professional hair iron. It’s very reliable and sturdy and has a nice long cord. I have 3 different Paul Mitchell hair irons, and this one takes the cake in my book. My hair doesn’t get stuck somewhere, or get damaged by the heat. All the contrary, it looks shiny, beautiful, and it’s so soft to the touch. And it gets my hair all flat in a very few strokes. Just beautiful
  • My hair is out of this world curly and unruly. To top all that off, it’s also pretty delicate, so I can’t use just any hair iron that’s out there. This was a lifesaver, it doesn’t do any damage to my hair whatsoever, and it actually gets it all straight like I wouldn’t believe. It heats up quickly and evenly, and it takes me much less time to get my hair done than before. One passing is all it takes to make my curls go away. The cord is long enough, do I can get to in front of any mirror at my place without a problem
  • I already own a green and black Paul Mitchell hair iron. I bought it some 3 years ago, and it’s still going strong. I wanted to get another one, just in case. I’ve read a lot of reviews about Paul Mitchell hair straighteners, and since I already had such a lovely experience with the brand, it was only natural I’d go for it again. I use the highest setting constantly, and it never damaged my hair in any way. It leaves it so smooth and shiny, and, most importantly perfectly straight. Will stick to this brand for as long as they make products as good as this one
  • I can’t believe it takes just about 10 minutes to get my hair completely done. It used to take like forever with my previous hair iron. I use it in between washings too, just for some quick touch-ups, and that takes almost no time at all. My hair is shoulder length, very thick and frizzy, and this Paul Mitchell hair iron just owns it

Time for some less than pleasant user experiences:

  • I’m confused by the indicator light. I don’t understand how it works, or what it’s supposed to tell me. It just keeps on flashing, whether the iron is already hot or just heating up. I don’t get it
  • I really wished this Paul Mitchell hair iron had the auto shut-off feature. I left it on a couple of times by accident, and it would be such a relief not having to care if I left it on or not…

Overall Quality Rating


Overall Quality Rating of 4.8/5 speaks volumes, especially with the only point being deducted for price.

If you’re really into this baby, but just not quite there yet, you can find loads of extra details on Amazon:

Check it out >>

Paul Mitchell Limited Edition – Ion Smooth Glitter Express

Paul Mitchell protools Limited Edition Glitter Express Ion Smooth 1.25 3

We know how this works by now. The manufacturer gets to go first:

  • the ceramic plates are fused to minimize hair damage
  • heats up to 400 degrees in seconds
  • edges are beveled for straight lines free of demarcation
  • 1.25 inches ceramic cushioned plates
  • Even heat distributing provided by solid ceramic heaters
  • Plates fused with express ion complex
  • 9-foot swivel cord

PROs are our next destination:

  • It’s an amazing product! You can just feel the quality while holding it in your hand. It’s just the right size for every job I need it to do. I don’t have to spend hours straightening my hair anymore. It’s all over in a matter of minutes now
  • Well made and very durable. I have it for some time now, and I’ve put it through a lot of abuse. I took it traveling with me a lot, and it even fell to the ground a couple of times. It’s indestructible, as far as my experience goes. It takes some time to heat up to its max temperature, but it’s well worth it. The heat is spread evenly, and it’s very gentle to my hair. It doesn’t dry it out, or leave any damage of any kind
  • My hair is just impossible to manage. Or WAS impossible, should I say. It’s very thick, unruly and with a lot of frizz. Just your classic nightmare. This Paul Mitchell hair iron just lets me straighten it out very fast and very effectively. It’s all done in just a single passing, and it stays straight even the next day. I am overjoyed with this purchase, and I recommend it to everyone with my nightmarish hair type
  • It’s very easy to use, and I didn’t burn my finger once. The outside of this Paul Mitchell hair iron remains quite cool, so my burnt fingers are the thing of the past. It features a nice long cord, so I can reach anyplace in my apartment without any problems. My hair has never been this straight, and there’s a beautiful silky and shiny finish, as an added bonus. I’m super happy with it, and intend to buy another one to keep at my boyfriend’s place


  • It’s somewhat pricey. I’m very satisfied with it, but it was an impact my budget will feel for a while
  • This Paul Mitchell hair iron had a sharp smell of plastic the first couple of times I turned it on. I was afraid it will be a permanent thing but fortunately it wasn’t…

Final Quality Score – Overall rating


Overall Quality Rating of 4.4/5.

Take a peek at Amazon to see why ladies love this model >>

Paul Mitchell Candy Apple Express Ion Smooth 1.25″ Flat Iron

Candy Apple paul mitchell

One company’s specification coming right up:

  • Limited edition set – Candy Apple flat iron and complementary brush
  • just 60 seconds to heat up to 400 F
  • 1.25 inches ceramic cushioned plates featuring beveled edges
  • Far infrared and negative ion technology
  • 9 foot long cord covered in smooth cloth



  • I like Paul Mitchell hair iron far better than my old Chi. It doesn’t break my hair and leaves it shiny and smooth. I love the temperature control, and the LCD display is more than useful
  • I’m an African American with a very long hair. You can only imagine what I’ve been through trying to get it all straight. I’ve heard about this iron from a friend and decided to get it. I was surprised at how lightweight it is, and how quickly it heats up. It smooths my hair perfectly and almost effortlessly, which I didn’t think was possible. The best thing is that my hair doesn’t frizz up in the next couple of hours as it did using my previous Walmart iron
  • It arrived a day sooner than expected, and it was very nicely and securely packaged. I bought it off of Amazon, and I only have words of praise for their supplier here. They made this a very enjoyable buying experience
  • Great Paul Mitchell hair iron! My hair is relaxed, and it glides through it without a hitch. Temperature control is a feature I really enjoy as it gives you so many more options. There’s no pulling or tugging of my hair, which is a blessing. One more thing is that my hair doesn’t have that burnt smell after I’m done with it. Simply fantastic


  • The only complaint I have is that the cord tangles rather easily. A bit annoying at times, but certainly, not a deal breaker

Overall Quality Rating


Solid Overall Quality Rating of 4.6/5 and great value for money in this straightener.

Read more user ratings on Amazon by following the link below:


Express ion smooth hair straightener

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth 1.25 Hair Straightener Flat Iron 5

Let’s see our final product introduction:

  • Plates fused with express ion complex, for speedy straightening and damage prevention
  • Featuring 1.25†cushion plates, evenly heated by solid ceramic heaters
  • Demarcation lines prevented by beveled edges
  • Scalp-close straightening enabled by slim design of the plates
  • Variable temperature settings

PROs, one last time:

  • My hair is very wavy, and this Paul Mitchell hair iron makes it all smooth and very soft to the touch. It also doesn’t waste any time heating up, as it only takes seconds
  • I had the same straightener before, and it lasted a staggering 5 and a half years. It only broke cause I kept on wrapping the cord around the body of the straightener. I got another one, and I have no intention of changing anything. It just glides through my hair like no other
  • I’ve been searching the web for the best Paul Mitchell hair straightener for a while now. I knew the brand but not a model. Once I came across this one, I knew that was it. I use it daily to straighten my coarse, thick, curly hair, and I couldn’t be more happy. I would suggest this model to every daily straighter out there
  • No hair damage. Silky and shiny hair after the straightening session. No pulling on my hair whatsoever, just a smooth sail from the roots down. An I can really get close to the scalp, so no need for additional smaller hair iron, to touch up what this one couldn’t do. These are just some of the things I like about it, there’s much more, and I wouldn’t change it for anything


  • It works really fine, but there are two little chips on my iron. I’m not sure if I should send it back
  • I have a very long hair, and this Paul Mitchell hair iron was just a bit too short for me

Overall Quality Rating

Withley_rating_5_best_Paul_Mitchell_Express _smooth_hair_straightener

Great Overall Quality Rating of 4.6/5.

Amazon’s got you covered if you want to go beyond this guide and read more ratings, PROS, and CONs >>

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