Best Iso Hair Straighteners

If a search for the best Iso hair straightener is something that could tickle your fancy, then we have something in common.

I know how stressful and confusing perusing through that jungle of products can be and I’m here to help. As a hair stylist, and an ex hair styling competitions judge, I think I’m just the right girl for the job.

What is this guide going to look like?

I deal in rating the overall quality of a group of products based on customer reviews here. So, for today I’ve read all the reviews of Iso hair straighteners I could possibly find, graded their different aspects, and singled out the ones with the best average grade.

I’ll show you the list of winners first, and get more in depth with their digest reviews, that will follow.

My top picks

These are the best of the best when Iso professional hair straightener is the subject. I’ve read about them, graded them, and they came out on top, so you can be sure this is top of the line market currently has to offer.

Currently the best rated ISO hair straighteners:

ModelRead moreOverall Quality RatingPicture
Turbo beauty pro hair straightenerSee_ratings_button4.8 / 5Iso Beauty Turbo Pro Hair Straightener
Turbo pro flat ironSee_ratings_button4.5 / 5Iso Turbo Pro Flat Iron 2
Professional tourmaline ceramic hair straightenerSee_ratings_button4.4 / 5Iso Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener Orange New! 3
Super spectrum professional hair straightenerSee_ratings_button4.4 / 5Iso Professional Hair Straightener Super Spectrum Pro GREEN 4
Spectrum pro hair straightenerSee_ratings_button4.6 / 5Spectrum pro hair straightener

Now that we’ve introduced our main stars, we can get to know them a little better.

Going in depth with specific digest reviews

Let me just show you how this works really quickly.

We’ll start off with some basic introduction, reading what the manufacturer has to say about a certain product. It gives us some material for later.

We’ll follow up with 2 sections filled with various pros and cons, which came up as I read about experiences customers had with that particular hair straightener. That’s how we complete our story, and see if the product is worth our time.

So let’s jump right in and meet our first step through my list.

Turbo beauty pro hair straightener

Iso Beauty Turbo Pro Hair StraightenerWe’ll open this story up with some basic info, coming straight from the company:

That’s what I love to see. Straightforward, only the essentials, and let the customers be the judges of actual quality. Kudos for that.

So let’s see what the customers did say about it, we’ll start with some PROs:

  • I’ve read some reviews about this professional Iso hair straightener, and I must say they were all true. It’s a great little machine that heats up in just seconds, has a very high heat maximum (450 degrees), and it does the job of straightening my hair perfectly. I thought it would be too small at first, but the size was just right, once I started using it
  • I have a very unruly hair, and extremely thick to match. I’ve bought this Iso professional hair straightener not expecting much. Imagine my surprise when I saw how great it really is. I like the multiple temperature settings, and how it does my hair in half the time, I did it with my previous hair iron. The swivel cord is a nice addition
  • It’s very easy to use and handles well in my hand. After I do my hair with it, I get that shiny and silky feel, I could only have dreamed about before. It’s all done in just 10 to 15 minutes, and I have a very long curly hair. My hair remains beautiful even the next day
  • I travel a lot, and I really like how compact and transport friendly this iron is. It takes under a minute for it to reach its highest working temperature, and it just glides smoothly over my hair. It doesn’t tug on it whatsoever, or leave any burn damage after I’m done with it. My hair is healthy, shiny and most importantly straight like never before. Best Iso hair straightener in my humble opinion
  • I have a very delicate hair. Very thin and prone to damage. I decided to give this iron a go, after reading a lot of positive reviews. It’s simply amazing! It doesn’t damage my hair at all, and it doesn’t dry it out, like my previous straighteners did. I’m super satisfied, and I recommend it to everyone

Now let’s see what the users didn’t quite like about it:

  • It had a distinct and rather sharp smell when I first unpacked it and turned it on. It smelled like plastic, and it was somewhat intense. The problem solved itself after a couple of uses, as the odor simply vanished. I gather this is fairly common, I mean plastic hair iron smelling of well, plastic

Final Score


Overall Quality Rating of 4.8/5 and one point deducted for price.

Read more first-hand reviews on>>

Turbo pro flat iron

Iso Turbo Pro Flat Iron 2

Same as last time, we’ll start with basic introduction provided by the manufacturer:

  • Iso tourmaline international turbo 1 inch series
  • 1 inch tourmaline plates, excellent for straightening, curling or flipping
  • Power LED indicator
  • 1 year warranty

I’m really starting to like this style of product specification. Just give the basics, and users will fill in the gaps with their reviews.

Speaking of user reviews, let’s check out some of the PROs:

  • I just love this straightener. It really presses my long, thick hair. I discovered I get the best results if I do it one small piece at a time. The tourmaline plates are the best. They get rid of all of the frizz, and the end result is shiny hair that’s so silky to the touch. I also have the tourmaline brush so, I’m covered
  • I shortened my hair some time ago, and this hair iron is just perfect. It’s very lightweight and easy to use. I can straighten or curl my hair ridiculously fast, and it really gives it a nice smooth look and feel. It’s an Iso professional hair straightener in every sense of the word
  • My hair is just absurdly frizzy, curly, and generally out of control. I was shocked at how fast, efficient, and user-friendly this flat iron is. I have a 15 inches long hair, and as thick as you can imagine, and I’m done in about 20 minutes, straightening all those wavy and little tight curls. Plus, I can set the temperature however I like, some medium heat for a quick job with my bangs, or out of this world hot for some serious business. It’s heating up really fast. It’s ready to go even before I set it down. It just works, and well, so I recommend it to all
  • Excellent price! I took it from my daughter to give it a spin, and was surprised at how it straightened and softened my hair at the same time. I just had to get one for myself. I use medium heat setting and a heat protector product for my hair, and never had any burn damage or drying out
  • I owned an Iso turbo silk before, and I knew what to expect here. Suffice to say, it didn’t disappoint. It gets really hot in just about 5 seconds, ad I like the controls for the temperature. It hasn’t pulled on my hair yet while I use it and judging by the previous experiences, I don’t think it ever will. Just smooth gliding. This is the best Iso hair straightener out of the 2 I’ve owned, and I’m thinking of ordering more of their products, just as a spare option

And get a full picture with the CONs:

  • If you have a super long hair, it might take a while getting it all done with this hair iron. Otherwise, it’s a great choice
  • The iron will get really hot, and I mean REALLY HOT. So, if your hair is somewhat delicate, you might consider changing the setting to medium. There’s also a potential for some burnt fingers here, so be mindful of that too

Final Quality Rating


Overall Quality Rating of 4.5/5 and solid value for the price.

 See what girls who use it are saying on Amazon >>

Professional tourmaline ceramic hair straightener

Iso Professional Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener Orange New! 3

You’ve got in the hang of it by now for sure. So, you know what comes next:

  • professional hair iron, made to ISO standards
  • Very lightweight
  • Featuring swivel cord, enabling you to better control the handling
  • 700 percent higher amount of negative ions
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Dual voltage, US plug included

Let’s do our usual follow-up, here come the PROs:

  • I bought it to carry with me when I travel. Dual voltage really does the trick when in need of a quick hair fix somewhere abroad. It’s pretty compact for traveling, works like a charm, and it’s always nice to see a good long warranty. It heats really well, and I can’t believe how affordable it is for this kind of quality
  • This Iso professional hair straightener does an amazing job with my hair. It heats up insanely fast, and doesn’t catch my hair in the hinges. My hair is all crazy and curly and frizzy, and my hair stylist told me I’ll have to spend well over 20 bucks to get it all straightened, like in salon. I saw this amazing offer and decided to go for it. I was not disappointed
  • This iron is my new best friend. Great features, just seconds for heating up, and the price is unreal. It’s a good brand and a high quality product. What’s not to love
  • I’m very impressed with this flat iron. My hair was done in less than 5 minutes. My hair is medium length, and it was done after a single passing over each section. I tend to travel a lot overseas for work, and I’m glad I can just plug it into an electrical outlet without any speakers instantly blowing up
  • My hair is basically an endless stream of tight little ringlets. Extremely frizzy and curly. I’ve never been able to find that one flat iron that would make my hair smooth and straight. This is the best Iso hair straightener for me, hands down. I use it all the time, and it leaves my hair beautifully straight and very soft to the touch. Reading all those reviews going on about this and that Iso professional hair straightener finally paid off. I couldn’t be happier with it, and I recommend it to everyone with ungodly hair like mine

And another CONs section:

  • I’d really like the auto shut-off function on this flat iron. It would make it even more perfect, but you can’t have it all I guess
  • There’s no temperature adjustment option. That’s my only complaint. Other than that it’s out of this world

Overall Quality Rating


Overall Quality Rating of 4.4/5.

Head over to Amazon for more ratings and full pricing info >>

Super spectrum professional hair straightener

Iso Professional Hair Straightener Super Spectrum Pro GREEN 4

You know the drill, first we see what the company has in store for us:

  • 100 percent ceramic plates, for prolonged lifetime, and reduces exposure of your hair to heat
  • Infrared heating technology prevents hair damage, bringing your hair’s natural moisture to the surface. Leaves your hair shiny and soft
  • Floating plates built-in for creating curls and waves, which makes this product 100% styling tool
  • 6 to 8 seconds till it heat up to 450 degrees
  • Built –in on/off button and temperature control


  • This Iso professional hair straightener simply looks cool, and it’s very easy to use. I feel like the weight has been strategically placed, so I didn’t have to squeeze very hard in order to give my hair a proper pull down. It just glides down my hair, without any pulling or tugging. I like a little green light indicating it’s on, and the red blinking one, that’s indicator of the right temperature. Awesome product
  • I don’t know if it’s just my imagination or the shape of this Iso professional hair straightener really helps it get closer to the roots of my hair. The swivel cord is very practical, as it doesn’t twist up, making my life difficult. The thing I like the most about it is the fact that it doesn’t get my hair all stuck to my head and limp, but still leaves me with a very straight and shiny look
  • I’m amazed at the price of this straightener. It’s also very easy on the hand as gravity does most of the work. It works really well at straightening my unruly hair, and it gives it a really nice finish. The shipping was really quick, and the customer support guys were really helpful and patient with all of my questions
  • Besides being a great product and very effective at what it’s supposed to do, this hair straightener is very good looking, and I love the color.
  • I’ve read a bunch of user reviews of Iso hair straighteners, and this is the model that really got my attention. First thing I noticed was the price of course. It’s very affordable for the product of such high quality. It’s really fast, and it straightens my hair without a hitch. BTW, I have just the worst hair, and it took me ages to get it to look half decent. With this little gadget, it’s all done in just 15 to 20 minutes, and I can just continue on with my life. It doesn’t do any damage to my hair, and brings out that silky feeling I’ve always wanted


  • My only complaint is the absence of the auto shut-off feature. It’s great when you tend to leave your hair iron on by accident, and I really miss it here

Final Quality Rating


Overall Quality Rating of 4.4/5.

Ladies from all around the world shared their opinions on Amazon follow this link if you’re interested in what they had to say >>

Spectrum pro hair straightener

ISO Spectrum Pro Hair Straightener - Silver Zebra 5

The specification here is identical to the last one, since the products are very similar:

  • the plates are 100% ceramic, reduces heat exposure and prolongs lifetime
  • Infrared heating technology prevents hair damage, bringing your hair’s natural moisture to the surface. Leaves your hair shiny and soft
  • Floating plates built-in for creating curls and waves, which makes this product a 100% styling tool
  • 6 to 8 seconds till it heat up to 450 degrees
  • Built –in on/off button and temperature control

The difference lies in the outer look. This one is a limited edition silver zebra.


  • Wow, what an amazing deal! This Iso professional hair straightener works like a charm. My hair is almost waist length and very thick, wavy and frizzy, but this hair iron just glides through it beautifully. I was hoping to find this kind of quality that will finally straighten my hair for real, and now I’ve got it
  • One pass is all it takes, and the hair is very silky, soft, shiny and frizz-free afterwards
  • The zebra design is lovely, and I really like the solid ceramic plates, as they’re supposed to do no damage to the hair. The temperature regulation option is a very welcomed feature, and it came beautifully packed. Overall, a great quality product, and a great deal
  • This is by far the best Iso hair straightener I’ve ever bought. It’s just a great investment, and it works wonders on my curly, thick hair. I had so much trouble finding the straightener that could do the trick for me, and this one did. It doesn’t just make my hair straight, but also very smooth and silky to the touch. It has everything! And the look of it is just plain cool


  • Nothing I could find to fill this section by the time this guide was over, and that’s saying something

Overall Quality Rating


Solid Quality Rating of 4.6/5 and an exotic design.

Amazon’s got you covered whether you’re sure about buying this little guy or not! If you’re into it, go for the pricing, if you’re having second thoughts, go for some more info:

A secret shortcut there >>

Final thoughts

ISO as a brand has a very faithful following. If you are among them I am guessing you’ll be visiting this page often.

Remember, it’s updated every two months which means it always contains the best of the best ISO hair irons.

Take care,


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