Best GHD Hair Straightener

Welcome to my guide about the best GHD hair straightener. Or straighteners, to be exact.

My rating method and the structure of this guide

I developed a unique statistical method of classifying certain groups of products, grading them, and making lists where I’ll put the ones with the highest average grade. That’s the list you’re about to see. For purposes of this guide, I’ve gathered all the necessary information reading all the available reviews, concerning GHD hair straighteners.

First, I’ll share my list of winners with you, and then we’ll get to know them better via their specific digest review.

I repeat this list making process every two months, so I can always keep you up to date. If it’s exquisite, and on the market, you’ll hear it from me.

My list of top GHD hair straighteners

As I said, we’re just listing out the winners here, and the proper introduction will follow quickly.

Here are current winners:

ModelRead moreOverall Quality RatingPicture
Gold classic styler, GHDSee_ratings_button4.8 / 5GHD Classic Gold Professional Ceramic Styler Hair Straightener Flat Iron 1 Inch 2
Candy collection classic professional stylerSee_ratings_button4.6 / 5GHD Candy Collection Professional Styler, Classic Violet, Purple 3
Gold professional styler iron, GHDSee_ratings_button4.4 / 5Ghd Gold Professional Styler Iron 1
MK4 ceramic hair ironSee_ratings_button4.4 / 5GHD MK4 Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron 4
Advanced professional hair stylerSee_ratings_button4.8 / 5ghd Professional Advanced Ceramic Heat-Styler 5

Now that we know what we’re talking about, it’s time to know a bit more about each and every one of them.

My top picks digest reviews

Let’s get over the structure of these GHD hair straighteners reviews before we get to work.

First, we’ll see some basic info about the product in question, provided by the manufacturer. We’ll follow that data with pros/cons section, where the customers will get their say. We’ll see exactly what they liked about the product, and what left a sour taste while using it.

Simple enough, isn’t it? Yet, we get to hear both sides, and operate with a full set of information.

Let’s start the mini-reviews.

Gold professional styler iron, GHD

Ghd Gold Professional Styler Iron 1

As I just said, we’ll open up every one of these mini-reviews with manufacturer’s specification. So let’s see what their offer really is:

  • Excellent for creating salon looking curls, flicks and waves
  • Lighter and cooler body than ever before
  • Smoother plates for tangling prevention, and creating the perfect and professional finish
  • Contoured plates
  • Easier styling due to rounder barrel

You can jump over to Amazon for more first-hand reviews >>

Let’s see the good things users had to say about this GHD hair iron:

  • This year will be the fourth since I bought it. An it’s still working like it’s brand new. It’s the best GHD hair straightener, and I’m sure glad I got one when I did. I’m sticking to GHD, when the time comes for a replacement
  • It heats up in so little time, and it’s really easy to use. I started receiving so many compliments about my shiny hair since I started using it. It also doesn’t dry out my hair or make it look frizzy. It only takes me a few minutes to go over my hair, and it’s nice and straight after only one pass. Sincere recommendation from a happy customer
  • I’ve started straightening my hair the moment I heard it was possible. And that was some years ago. I needed a replacement, and I’ve read a lot of reviews for Chi hair straighteners, Remington, and of course, my winner GHD. This GHD hair iron knows a thing or two about straightening! It self-adjusts its own temperature, and it doesn’t get all steaming hot on the outside while I use it. So no danger of burning my fingers, and I can just rest it on any surface with no damage, be it carpet, wood… I just love it, and I’m super happy with this buy
  • This is one very efficient product. My hair is all thick and frizzy, and I go over it completely in just over 10 minutes. I’m a first time straightener user, and I don’t know much, but I think the width of the plates has something to do with this amazing speed. It just has an unbeatable price, I’ve checked high and low, and yup, still unbeatable
  • This GHD hair iron met all of my expectations and surpassed them. It styles my thick, wavy hair to perfection in under 5 minutes. It heats up to its working temperature really quickly, and I like the clean design
  • This GHD hair iron came as a recommendation from my hair stylist. I was stuck reading some multiple Chi hair straightener reviews since my friend has it. But I went with the opinion of a professional and bought a GHD. Excellent hair iron! My unruly hair just met its match. The whole process is done in a couple of minutes, and curls and frizz are nowhere to be found. Just a straight, healthy and shiny hair

Time for some not so good experiences:

  • This GHD hair straightener features an American plug. I had to change it. Other than this little inconvenience, the product is top notch
  • I just don’t like the on/off button placing. It’s located on the inside, and I’m sure there has to be a better place

Overall Quality Rating


Overall Quality Rating of 4.4/5 says it all.

Gold classic styler, GHD

GHD Classic Gold Professional Ceramic Styler Hair Straightener Flat Iron 1 Inch 2

Let’s go with the specification:

  • GHD professional gold 1 inch styler
  • Perfect for all hair types, can be used for straightening, waves or curls
  • Professional shiny finish, salon style
  • Smoother gold contoured plates for effortless gliding through your hair, ceramic heaters
  • Lighter, cooler body, featuring protective plate guard
  • Sleep mode after 30 minutes
  • Universal voltage
  • 2 year guarantee, free delivery is a possibility

That’s some specification. They’ve given the customers a lot to work with.

Amazon will have much more goodies on this model so hit it for more reviews, experiences and useful tips >>


  • My hair is very wavy, and yes, it’s colored. I can honestly say that this is the best GHD hair straightener I’ve ever used. And I had a lot of models over the years, and not just GHD. It’s very light and slim, but I can straighten my hair with it way better than with some bulkier irons I have owned in the past. My hair is really fine, so this detail is crucial
  • I’m a near 10 years salon professional. I pride myself in always giving the best to my clients. That’s why this GHD became my salon chair staple and the grand star of my everyday smoothing routine. Smooth shine offered by this GHD hair iron is unparalleled, and GHD top notch quality is something that goes without saying
  • I have a natural curly hair, and this GHD hair iron is just a lifesaver. I’m a daily straightener, and all of my previous irons use to break after a short period of time, unable to handle the non-stop use. I never use to get my hair this amazing too. It’s just so shiny and looks like I just walked out of the salon. Thank you GHD!
  • I like how you hear a little beep when iron is ready. The design is very sleek, so, besides being a very effective and high quality product, this GHD hair iron just looks cool. I have a very coarse and dry hair, and frying it was always my biggest fear. My hair stylist suggested GHD and told me this was the best GHD hair straightener for my type of hair. I couldn’t be happier with it, it’s amazing, and well worth my money
  • Just the right temperature for making my curly, frizzy hair all straightened and shiny. Quick on, auto shut-off are the thing I really like to see in a hair iron. It glides perfectly through my hair, just, like the ad claimed it would, and I get my hair all done in just one passing
  • I use it for curling. I make these long lasting and beautiful curls with it, and my hair looks amazing. No damage of course, and I have yet to burn my fingers, handling this baby. The body is quite cool, and being clumsy as I am, it’s just 1 worry of my back


The one I got requires me to push those 2 buttons sometimes in order to work once I plug it in. I don’t really mind, it’s just a weird occurrence. Other than that it all works perfectly, and I’m pretty happy with it

Overall Quality Rating


Another close to perfect result and another 4.8/5 in Overall Quality Rating.

Candy collection classic professional styler

GHD Candy Collection Professional Styler, Classic Violet, Purple 3

We know this by now. Let’s see some basic info:

  • Ceramic technology all in one tool for styling
  • Auto shut-off in half an hour
  • Swivel cord (9.5ft), universal voltage
  • 2 year warranty

OK, now with that that out of the way, we’re free to deal with some user experiences.

 You can follow up on this guide on Amazon by checking out what all the girls rocking this model had to say >>


  • I didn’t even realize how inefficient my cheap hair iron is until I bought this GHD hair iron. My hair looks incredible, and without any frizz. Remarkably quick heating up. I’m talking about 10 or so seconds, just to put some things into perspective. This is a must have, especially if you’re straightening your hair every day, like me. Best investment I made in a long while
  • Super fast heating up! I just turned it on, and I couldn’t believe it’s ready to go when it started beeping. My hair is on the thick and wavy side, and I’ve never been able to finish straightening it this fast. It literally takes me between 10 and 15 minutes. It also doesn’t burn my hair, or give it that awful burnt smell. I really like the bright shade of yellow. Definitely would recommend this GHD hair iron
  • This hair iron straightens my hair very quickly, and doesn’t make it look all lifeless like my previous iron did. I have total control over how my hair will look, and I just love that feeling. I must say I burned my hand testing if it was hot. When I first got it, I turned it on, and it started beeping like it was ready just seconds after. I couldn’t and didn’t believe it, so I touched the plate to prove myself that couldn’t be. The rest is history
  • It’s very lightweight and sturdy, slim and good looking. I just love the yellow. It smoothes my hair out perfectly, without making the static, frizzy mess, my old hair straightener used to leave in its wake. My style holds very well, without any need of a hairspray. I don’t exactly know if it’s my hair or the styler, but I love it none the less. I’m really happy with this GHD hair iron, and I couldn’t recommend it enough
  • Very helpful instructions. I was surprised for the first time when I heard the beep going off, just seconds after I’ve plugged it in. Second surprise hit me when it started gliding through my hair, no tugging or pulling whatsoever. It straightened my tight curled afro like it was nothing, and left me just staring at myself in the mirror with disbelief. The styler never does any damage by singing or burning my fragile locks (hurrrayy), and it takes me insanely short time to make whatever style I want. If you too want to add some variety to your hair, then this is definitely a tool for you
  • It has a much larger cord, compared to my previous hair iron, so I can move around freely, without it being tangled to oblivion all the time


  • On/off switch is on the inside. It’s not exactly close to those hot plates, but I’m not a very coordinated person in the morning, so it just doesn’t look to me like a good idea
  • No temperature control. It’s a real mystery for me, but it is what it is
  • Lightweight styler – heavy cord. Nothing really came out of this ratio, but that’s because I never leave it unattended. It’s a great styler, and this is the only complaint I could think of

Overall Quality Rating


The Overall Quality Rating of 4.6 out of 5 and probably the best looking hair straightener on the list.

MK4 ceramic hair iron

GHD MK4 Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron 4

One more set of promises from the manufacturer:

  • Advanced ceramic heaters detect hair’s porosity to auto apply the perfect level of heat
  • Infrared heat creates negative ions for protecting your hair
  • Aluminum plates provide static-free and smooth sheen
  • Rounded barrel for curling waving and flipping
  • 347-365 degrees of heat
  • Auto shut-off after 30 minutes
  • Universal voltage

That really sounds like something, doesn’t it? Let’s hear it from the customers.

Customers shared a lot of interesting stuff on Amazon:

Click here to see what they have to say >>


  • It has a really long cord that doesn’t tangle, and I like the feature that prevents it from overheating. It heats up fast and does the job even faster. Super happy with it, and it’ worth every penny
  • It looks really sleek and elegant. The outside of the iron is quite cool, so I don’t have to worry about my dingers no more. It handles well, and it’s pretty lightweight. I also don’t have to squeeze like a maniac in order to straighten my hair properly
  • It’s very compact and easy to carry around when I travel. Universal voltage is a lifesaver here, as I can just plug it in and let it detect voltage automatically or whatever. It irons my hair completely in just minutes, and it gives it a nice shine and a very healthy look
  • I dropped it on the floor more times than I care to count. No cracks whatsoever, it’s indestructible. Thank you GHD, for making a bomb-proof hair iron for clumsy every day straighteners like me
  • It straightens my thick long hair before I know it. I like how it detects how much heat it should dish out. It simply glides down my hair, leaving it perfectly straight, shiny and smooth. It also gives me that silky feel I’ve always coveted


  • No temperature regulator. The auto heat applying is nice, but I like to have full control

Overall Quality Score


Solid 4.4 / 5 scored in the Overall Quality Rating.

Advanced professional hair styler

ghd Professional Advanced Ceramic Heat-Styler 5

Our last manufacturer’s specification:

  • Rounded barrel for curling waving and flipping
  • Voltage is universal
  • Aluminum plates and advanced ceramic heaters provide static-free and smooth sheen and seal the cuticle
  • Infrared heat creates negative ions for reducing static and protecting your hair

Amazon also has its own customer-based rating system:

Give it a look here >>

Last PROs:

  • Best GHD hair straightener I could possibly buy. It just glides through my curly, coarse hair, heats up in no time, and lets me feel like I’m in control over my ungodly hair for once
  • It straightens my long hair in about 15 minutes, without any damage, and it leaves it shiny and smooth.
  • Definitely worth the money. It straightens my wavy hair, or just creates some ice looking, bouncy waves. I like that I can use it abroad, and the auto shut-off is always welcome
  • It arrived sooner than expected, and nicely packed too. The styler itself is a very high quality product. Sturdy and nice looking yet effective. It also doesn’t become insanely hot once it maxes out the temperature, so I can just leave it anywhere
  • Straightens my long, thick hair in one pass. It took me hours to get it done before, now it’s just a matter of minutes


  • It’s great, but a bit pricey. My budget will have some healing to do after this

Overall Quality


Amazing product and a close-to perfect 4.8 / 5 rating with the only point deducted for price, which is often the case with the high-end GHDs. You can get cheaper irons, but getting better ones is hardly ever going to happen.

Final thoughts on best GHDs

GHDs are not for everyone. Professionals use them widely and if you can afford one, this will likely be the hair iron that will last for years to come. So many great GHDs and I had to cut through that clutter and present 5 of the best ones.

That’s my part of the work, and picking the best GHD hair straightener for you fall onto, well, YOU. This is the best GHD has to offer. So, if you don’t find the one you need here, you can always read some Chi hair straightener review, or some other, for that matter. You can always consult my other guides too, I’ve made quite a few, I dare say.

Until I see you again,



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