Best Chi Hair Straightener

The market is currently overflowing with different hair straighteners. I’m doing these guides to make some sense out of that jungle. So if you’re into finding the best Chi hair straightener out there, you’re welcome to join me.

What to expect from this guide?

I’ll apply my special statistic grading method to find the best Chi product in the market at any given moment. I’ll read all the reviews of Chi hair straighteners, grade different aspects, and show you the ones with the highest average grade.

After we see the winners, we’ll learn a bit more about them through their dedicated digest reviews.

My lists are always up to date, meaning you’re always up to date, too. I repeat the process every two months, so we can keep up with the market.

To make things simple – let me present results right away:

Best Chi hair straightener table

ModelRead moreOverall Quality RatingPicture
CHI Slim Iron Onyx, BlackSee_ratings_button4.9 / 5chi hair straightener iron onyx
Chi air pro expert classicSee_ratings_button4.6 / 5CHI Air Expert Classic 1-Inch
CHI Bling Ceramic Champagne Ice Iron - 1"See_ratings_button4.5 / 5CHI Bling Ceramic Champagne Ice Iron - 1"
Chi Ceramic Original Hair StraightenerSee_ratings_button4 / 5Chi Ceramic Flat Iron Straightener 5
CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline CeramicSee_ratings_button4.8 / 5CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic

Now that we have our list of the top Chi products at this very moment, we can get to know them a little better.

Digest reviews for our top contenders

Let me show you the inner workings of these mini reviews.

First, we’ll hear what the manufacturer has to say about its product. Then we’ll test all that through some user experiences, good and bad. That’s how we’ll have the complete picture of every product.

So, let’s get going.

CHI Slim Iron Onyx-1/2 Inch, Black,

As we’ve just said, first we’ll deal in the things Chi Company promises us, when it comes to this product.

chi hair straightener iron onyxSo let’s read some basic product info:

  • Ultra-slick modern design
  • 1/2 inch for fine results
  • Floating plates for best results and minimal breakage
  • Minimal frizzing
  • 9 ft professional quality cord

You can head out to Amazon to see more experiences shared by the owners >>

OK, this is what Chi has to offer with this model. Let’s check out some positive customer feedback:

  • I am really satisfied with my new Chi flat hair iron! I like the size of it and my hair is just beautiful after using it. I particularly like the way my hair falls down my shoulders after my new Chi hair iron has dealt with it
  • My hair is very log and thick, and this Chi hair iron simply works with it. It’s easy to manage, and it heats up really quickly. The shipping was rally fast, and the customer service guys were very helpful
  • This hair iron really lets me bring my creative side out. I feel like a true professional, just straightening, waving, curling… There’s nothing this baby can’t do. I can experiment with some different hair styles, and look differently every night. I like how the heat distributes evenly, and how it leaves my hair all silky and smooth
  • I received this Chi hair iron as a Christmas gift. I decided to give it a go, although I prefer using the drugstore items. Imagine my surprise. It never once snagged my hair, it straightens it beautifully, and it adds a dash of glossy shine. It feels pretty durable, and it’s a great trip overall. It’s just amazing, and I can’t use it enough
  • This is one cheap Chi hair straightener, but in price only. It has a very professional feel to it. It’s very lightweight, and runs super smoothly through my hair that’s pretty thick, and no tugging whatsoever. I like how my hair gets all shiny after I use this Chi hair iron, it’s just amazing. I highly recommend this straightener!

Let’s see some of the things customers didn’t like about this hair Straightener:

  • You’ll have to be careful when purchasing these kinds of products. You don’t want to end up with a Chinese fake and cheap Chi hair straightener, like I did.
  • It started making some popping sounds the moment I turned it on, and started to smoke. I turned it off and threw it away, so much for that

Review resume and Overall Quality Rating


Overall Quality Rating of 4.6.

Seems like the looks in this one can be deceiving, it looks shiny and sparking and, more often then not, these kind of irons are not of highest quality. This one seems like the real deal.

CHI Air Expert Classic 1-Inch Tourmaline Ceramic


CHI Air Expert Classic 1-InchLet’s do the manufacturer’s product info again:

  • Latest technology in hair irons for even heat distribution
  • 1 inch plates
  • minimal frizz and reduced static
  • Leaves the hair silky and smooth, with a glossy shine
  • Drying and straightening your hair in just one easy step
  • Manufacturer warranty included

Check out its dedicated Amazon page for more user-ratings >>

Sounds very promising. But let’s consult our fellow customers for some confirmation.

Let’s go over some of the PROs:

  • This Chi hair iron gets really nice and hot. I love the fact that I don’t have to dry my hair completely. It makes it very soft and smooth, and the size is just right for me. The small Chi flat hair iron is a bit too small for me, and the 2 inch one is way to large. An inch and a half is just right. Great product, and my recommendation
  • I like how it irons my hair quickly. I’m so glad I don’t have to straighten one super small section at a time to get that sleek look. Plus, I can’t tell you enough how much I love that it can work while my hair is still not completely dry. I get a straight and shiny hair, without being stuck for 45 minutes inside my bathroom, making it that way. Kudos Chi, you are a life saver
  • I love how safe this hair iron is. It’s double safe, I should say. It never damaged my hair, even o the highest settings, and I never had any mishaps with it, even though I leave it on by accident quite frequently. It’s a wonderful straightener, and I guess you just can’t beat a Chi
  • It arrived a day earlier than it was supposed to, so kudos to the delivery service. It’s an awesome product and great addition to my collection. I live in FL, where you just can’t dry your hair with a dryer, and then straighten, on top of that. It’s just way too hot for that kind of work. That’s why I love that I can just dam dry with my dryer, and get it all nice and straight with this hair iron. It’s a blessing
  • It’s the best Chi hair straightener I’ve ever used. I’ve replaced my old 1 inch with this one, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s very effective and fast, and it never dries out or burns my hair. It heats up evenly and quickly, and when I apply it to the roots and pull down, through my hair quickly, I end up with an amazing volume. Excellent product, and well worth my money

And the CONs:

  • It wouldn’t turn on when I first got it. I’ve requested a replacement immediately. I’m glad to see that Chi hair straightener warranty isn’t there just for show. They’ve been very pleasant, and sent me a new one right away. I’m waiting for it to arrive
  • The only thing that I think is missing here is the auto shut-off function. I’ve never had any problems though as this Chi hair iron is a very safe product indeed

Overall Quality Rating


CHI Bling Ceramic Champagne Ice Iron – 1″

CHI Bling Ceramic Champagne Ice Iron - 1"

You know your way around by now, so let’s continue down the same path, and read some basic product information:

  • 1†ruby glitter iron, Limited edition – luxurious champagne color
  • Design of the plates features pressure-sensitive technology for easy gliding and perfect styling
  • Ceramic plates and negative ions will seal in the moisture, and create a beautiful and shiny hair
  • Ruby glitter

Let’s see how the people who actually bought it reacted to this limited edition offer.

To Champagne or not to Champagne? Check out Amazon for extra info if you’re still on the bubble after reading the review:

Extra info, user ratings and useful tips here >>

Let’s start with some PROs, as usual:

  • My favorite hair irons company for sure. They are very professional, and the shipping was ultra fast. It works great on my thick hair, and it always leaves it straight and shiny. I love the cute little limited edition package, and the gifts are not too shabby
  • I just love my new Chi hair iron! I can’t believe it keeps my hair straight throughout the day. That’s a lot more than it sounds like, since I’m from southern Louisiana, and the humid weather here really makes my hair just explode
  • I bought this iron 2 summers ago from Target, ad after all that time of use, it is still going strong. It’s a wonderful and sturdy product. I tend to be very rough to my straighteners, and had to buy new ones constantly before. This one held up pretty well, and I’m still using it to this day. It’s lightweight, ad it heats up evenly and enough to really do something about my wavy, kinky hair
  • This Chi hair iron works wonders for my stubborn hair. I’ve owned this or that Chi since I can remember, and I would never trade them for the world. It heats up really quickly, and evenly. It never tugs on my hair, and it really makes it straight. I never had any problems with it burning or drying my hair out, and it’s so soft and shiny, once I’m all done. I recommend Chi as a brand, and this product in particular, simply amazing!

And continue with some CONs:

  • I’ve melted the cord by wrapping it around the body of the hair iron. Be careful with that, and even if you don’t manage to melt it, you’ll get sad, curly cord, that will always just get in the way. Bottom line, don’t wrap the cord around your hair iron
  • This Chi hair iron works wonders for me. It really gets the kick out of my thick hair. But I don’t think I would recommend this to someone with an extremely thin hair

Overall Quality Rating


Overall Quality Rating of 4.5/5.

Chi Ceramic Original Hair Straightener

Farouk Micro Chi Hairstyling Iron 4

One last time in this guide we shall take a look at the product’s basic info:

  • Innovative increased ion release and moisture retention
  • designed to maintain even temperature
  • silk molecule penetrate the hair for a shinny clean look
  • no hair color change and zero fading

OK, this is one pretty straightforward specification. They really gave us just the basics, meaning they believe their product enough to let the customers fill in the gaps.

With specification as basic as this, you can always visit Amazon for more characteristics:

This link will get you there >>

So, without further ado, let’s see some of the PROs the customers had to share when it comes to this product:

  • My hair is medium length, and a perm never really took in my hair. This is the best Chi hair straightener, for giving me that coveted look, I’ve always wanted. I just crank up the heat to a solid 400 and count to ten for each wave. With the free hairspray my waves lasted ten hours plus, and after that my hair still looked great.
  • It handles great in my hands, and overall, I couldn’t be happier with this model. My recommendation….
  • This Chi hair iron does just what I need it to. The barrels on my previous hair straighteners were too small, and that always meant frizzy hair. I though this one might even be too big, but nope! Just perfect
  • This waver will heat up in a matter of seconds, and I love the option of digital temperature control. It’s light years away from my previous 30 bucks flat iron. Even my husband tells the difference
  • I’ in love with this waver! And it’s a godsend for people with naturally frizzy hair, like me. It will get pretty hot, so if your hair is somewhat delicate, be sure to put it on lower heat setting. It makes some really awesome waves, which still look nice, even two days after I’ve done my hair. I also have the curler, but now I prefer the waves. It’s very easy to use, and it handles well

Seems like the customers did just as expected. But let’s check out some of the CONs:

  • Getting in the hang of it will take some time. So, don’t feel disappointed if you don’t get it perfectly in the first try…
  • I got some heavy crimps, my first time around, but now, it’s just smooth waves galore
  • my previous Chi was much better
  • The barrel will get pretty hot, at places where the metal is showing. Hair will also release some steam, so I would advise caution there…

Overall Quality Rating


Overall Quality Rating of 4/5, the lowest on the list but still pretty good value for money product from CHI.

CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic

CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic

As always, the manufacturer will get to go first:

  • ceramic plates & coils and moist heat
  • all-over even temperature maintenance
  • Increased production of negative ions / silk molecules deep hair penetration
  • no fading
  • 4 color choices – red, onyx black, pure pink and violet

Click here to see what users are saying on Amazon >>

Our usual followup is the PROs section, directly from the users:

  • This is the best Chi hair iron out there for sure, and I just love it! It’s small, compact and extremely easy to work with. It’s easy to store when I travel, and it heats up unbelievably fast. It’s just the best thing ever!
  • I’ve read a lot of reviews about this Chi hair straightener, and decided to bite the bullet and try it out. It’s a Chi, so, of course, I wasn’t disappointed. It’s the perfect size for shorter hair, and it heats up almost instantly. It’s particularly good for us, frequent travelers between America and Europe. This Chi hair iron is a must have
  • I have my regular size Chi already. But since I’ve shortened my hair, I wanted to give this mini Chi hair iron a try. It’s so much lighter than my regular size one, and it’s much easier to use. I live in the south, where humidity is a way of life. And the humidity will bring about a lot of frizz. This mini Chi calms my hair completely and makes it look awesome! I really missed the straight look of my hair, which I had when I lived out west. Great little machine
  • Not a single strand of my hair ever got caught in this mini Chi, which is just unbelievable. It also ever burned my hair, and it was almost a regular occurrence with my previous cheaper hair irons. Since I bought this one and the regular Chi, I finally don’t need an army to get my hair straightened and looking all nice and shiny. It works just as well as a full size one, but it’s easier for handling
  • I own a regular size Chi, and I wouldn’t give it for the world. I did buy this mini version, so I could do some minor adjustments, with an iron that’s somewhat easier to handle. For what I need it, it’s a great little addition to mu little bag of hair tricks. It’s very lightweight, as expected, easy to maneuver, heats up really quickly and evenly, and most importantly, straightens my hair just as the bigger one. Great little gadget


  • It’s too small for my everyday use. I have a very thick hair, and this Chi hair iron simply takes too long for me. I’ve tried to save some money, and go for a smaller one, but I guess I’ll have to spit out the cash for a regular size one. It’s great at what it does. It’s just limited by its size

Final rating of quality


Overall Quality Rating of 4.4/5.

Final thoughts

We have it all covered. All you have to do is simply see what you need, and decide accordingly. These are the best Chi hair straighteners money can buy, and I will leave the specific choice to you.

Remember, this guide is constantly updated and what you see here is simply the best of the best CHIs.

Take care,


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