What’s your no.1 tool for hair styling? – Experts Roundup

Hi everybody, and welcome to one of our regular experts roundup.

In this one I gathered the beauty and hair experts I appreciate the most and asked them to share their views with us.

This time it was all about hair styling tools and the question was:

What’s your no.1 tool for hair styling?

And here’s what they said:

Lauren RennellsLauren Rennells from Vintagehairstyling.com


My favorite hair tool right now is the Rockin’ Roller.

They are amazing for getting a cute vintage curl. They are these soft, spongy hair rollers that are super comfortable to wear or sleep in and leopard print for added fun.

I’ll set my hair at night before I go to bed by just spraying some setting spray from root to end and rolling my hair up in them.

To keep the vintage look I’ll focus the curls around the hairline of my face and lower near my neck in the back.

I avoid curling on the crown because then it starts looking too 1980s…not bad, but not what I’m going for.

I prefer something a little more 1940s.

When I wake up the next morning, I just unravel them and brush my hair out delicately into waves and it lasts all day!

twistmeprettyAbby Smith from Twistmepretty.com

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My favorite tool is the Jose Eber 1″ Curling Wand.

It’s cheap, it has a swivel cord and it creates the prettiest curls. I like to take 1-2″ sections and wrap the hair around the wand away from my face.

After brushing my fingers through the curls and spraying with a beach spray, I’m left with these gorgeous curls that last for days.

I can literally go four days without recurling my hair, the curls just stay put using this wand. It’s definitely a fav!


naturalsisters Ruth Mafupa from Naturalsisters.co.za

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My no. 1 hair styling tool is a wide toothed comb.

With kinky hair, it is really not necessary to rack through the hair using a fine toothed comb or a brush.

A wide toothed comb becomes my best friend because I can use it to detangle in the shower while the conditioner is on my hair and I can also use it everyday when styling my hair.

This saves me the pain and unnecessary damage that is caused by using fine combs. My hair is very coily and a wide toothed comb does not struggle as much as a fine toothed comb would.

I may have several styling tools at my disposal but what I use the most is the wide toothed comb.


Rachel Bernstein Rachel Bernstein from Cashmerehairextensions.com

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Our #1 tool for styling your hair to make it look amazingly soft, detangle without breakage, tease to high heights and blend with hair extensions is the CASHMERE HAIR Brush.

This brush is perfect for all hair types, thick or thin, coarse or fine, long, short and everything in between, and can even be used for brushing your hair with clip in extensions in without pulling them out.

It’s a high quality brush but is more affordable than comparable ones making it a MUST HAVE!

LexiLexi from Lexiwiththecurls.com

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My favorite hair tool would be a Curling Wand for sure.

No particular brand. It can be used on any hair type to create or spruce up curls.

Wands can also help turn a bad hair day into a fab hair day.

healthyhairandbodyLoo from Hairandhealth.blogspot.com


My favorite styling tool is the GHD Professional Classic 1-Inch Styler.

Out of all the flat irons I’ve tried, this one consistently gets my hair silky straight.


roxie huntRoxie Hunt from Howtohairgirl.com

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My number 1 styling tool is certainly my Mason Pearson brush:)



Sonya BenhamSonya Benham from Parlordiary.com

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I love so many different tools!

If I had to pick one, I’d say my Sam Villa ETC Light Blow Dryer.

It’s super lightweight and dries really quickly without overheating hair.

It’s also pretty quiet and has a long cord and comes with 2 concentrator and a diffuser attachment.

I love it!


Annelise RoweAnnelise Rowe from Auniesauce.com

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My #1 tool is air drying! I know it’s not a “tool” specifically, but the benefits that come with reduced heat-tool exposure is so great!

Without heat-processing my hair, I’ve noticed that it is thicker, healthier, able to grow longer, and grows much faster than before.

My daily routine includes shampooing (1-2 times weekly), conditioning and applying a leave-in conditioner.

I hop out of the shower and go for an au natural air-dry.

On my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th days without washing my hair, I opt to add a little dry shampoo and rock a messy bun or chic updo!

It’s so easy and has given me the healthiest hair possible.

Emily MeyersEmily Meyers from Freckled-fox.com

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“What’s your no.1 tool for hair styling?”

I’d have to say that my jose eber curling wand is my most used hairstyling tool of them all!

Does that help?

I’m definitely a curl kind of girl, and that wand is my absolute favorite.

Jenny StrebeJenny Strebe from Theconfessionsofahairstylist.com

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Hot tools 1 1/4inch curling iron, obsessed!



Sarah Louise BaileySarah Louise Bailey from Lifeinabreakdown.com

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​My favourite tool has to be my GHDs – my hair is often a frizzy mess and I find they can quickly take me from hair disaster to hair perfection and of course if I fancy doing something a little different they are just so versatile.


D'Arcy HarrisonD’Arcy Harrison from Emersonsalon.com

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I’d say my number one tool for hairstyling is a round brush and the #1 product for hairstyling is Moroccan Oil.




Roshini Cope

Roshini Cope from Glamazini.com

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My #1 tool for hairstyling would be my fingers honestly.

There’s nothing better than finger detangling and gentle styling that doesn’t rip out your hair.

If that’s not the answer you’re looking for then I’d say my #1 (2 lol) tool would be a rat-tailed comb, primarily the handle which I use for parting many of the styles or sets before the style.


So there you go gals the experts have spoken.

Who better to take advice from then the people that are the best at what the do and spend time keeping up with the trends?

Huge thanks to everybody who took part.


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