The One Thing That Has The Biggest Impact On A Person’s Look – Experts Roundup

Let us see what the experts had to say about this… It’s a thing that we often think of.

What would you say is the one thing that has the biggest impact on a person’s look?

Here is what they said:

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Brandie GilliamBrandie Gilliam from

Facebook and Twitter

For me, healthy looking skin and hair has one of the biggest impacts on a person’s overall look.

It’s amazing how much an individual glows from within when he/she has radiant skin and hair through proper nutrition, exercise, self-love and good organic beauty.


Kim SnyderKim Snyder from

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I really can’t say it’s just one thing.

In my opinion I would have to say it would be your hair and your skin.

If your hair looks like you take care of it (good cut, no roots showing, style for your age group helps) and your skin looks soft semi-matte without shine.

Clear would help but doesn’t always happen because we get pimples at all ages.

No over-done eye makeup as well no caked on foundation. That makes you look so old! Your face and hair are the first things that will get noticed.

How you dress, how you carry yourself is how you are seen by others. Show you take care of yourself and you will get noticed!


Rupinder MundraRupinder Mundra from

Twitter and Youtube

In my personal opinion it’s not a certain product or beauty item but instead something we all have the ability to embrace – a smile.

I find that everyone has different beauty tastes and different signature looks but none of them are complete without a smile.

It is such a powerful tool that you don’t even need to be wearing anything else or looking a certain way to have an impact – that for me is invaluable!


Em SheldonEm Sheldon from

Facebook and Twitter

I would personally say how it makes you feel about yourself, for example if I look back at a photograph and think wow, I looked good there, then I will want to look like that again.

I do find that the media has a big impact on a person’s look, for example if I see a celebrity looking amazing I try and buy similar beauty products to re-create their look.


Jessica SheppardJessica Sheppard from

Twitter and Youtube

I think hair is one of the most important things about a persons look.

How we colour, style and cut our hair tells a lot about our personality.


Katie FawcettKatie Fawcett from

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I think the one thing that has an impact on a persons look is confidence.

If you feel comfortable and happy with your appearance then your confidence shows through.


Lynne GabrielLynne Gabriel from

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YSL once said “I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”

I believe that more than the clothes and accessories, it is the confidence of a woman that will truly make a difference.

You can wear the nicest clothes but it is your confidence that will make you shine.

Maya GoldenbergMaya Goldenberg from

Facebook and Twitter

I would say that the one thing that has the biggest impact on a person’s look is deep and lengthy sleep.

Sleep heals the body, mind and spirit and replenishes us by letting our body fulfill it’s functions on all levels.

When people get enough sleep, they feel happier, their bedhead looks just right(!), their attitude is better, their eyes are shinier, their appetite is healthier and generally, they treat others with more consideration and kindness, which at the end of the day, is what it’s all about right?

Nikki Wolff

Nikki Wolff from


In my opinion, skin makes the biggest difference close up.

Maybe hair from a distance.



Megan MooreMegan Moore from

Facebook and Twitter

The one thing that has the biggest impact on a persons look is their eyebrows!

Bold brows instantly bring a ‘polish’ to your overall face, it’s really the icing on the cake that brings a whole look together.

If you take a selfie with bare brows, then a selfie with groomed and filled in brows- the difference is MAJOR, even if everything else on your face is identical in both pics.

If I am in a hurry and can only put on a few products, you better believe I am reaching for my brow powder!

Gaby FauchonGaby Fauchon from

Twitter and Pinterest

For me, the one thing that has the biggest impact on a person’s look would definitely be confidence!

I really think that with confidence, you can pull any look.

You may be wearing the most gorgeous dress but without confidence, you will not shine as strong as the girl next to you with a much simpler dress but who radiates confidence.

KimberleyKimberley Johnson from

Facebook and Twitter

I think the biggest thing that has an impact on someone’s overall look is their smile.

Seeing someone happy and relaxed is the best look in the world and it can be made even better with gorgeous splash of colour to the lips too.

Some of my favourites are MAC Girl About Town which is a bright berry toned pink and YSL Rouge Volupte in Number 8 which is a pretty ‘your lips but better shade’.

The world is your oyster when it comes to lipstick.. it can completely transform an entire make-up look in seconds.

Lola Maja-OkojevohLola Maja-Okojevoh from

Facebook and Twitter

Two things for me make the most impact on a person’s look.

The first thing is their skin. A really beautiful woman is someone who still looks amazing without any makeup on! It’s not about the colour, only about the texture.

Clear, smooth and radiant. That’s what people really notice when they first see you.

The second is Lashes & Brows. Perfectly groomed, neat brows, and gorgeous lashes are a must.

If your lash and brows are done, then you’re already 90% ready every day!

If however they’re too heavy they weigh the eyes down or too thin, then they make them disappear.

Getting the right balance is essential and it makes SUCH a difference.


Patrice YursikPatrice Yursik from

Facebook and Twitter

Clear skin has had the biggest impact on my look.

I know that having acne made me feel more self conscious and the resulting hyperpigmentation always made me feel like I needed to overcompensate with my makeup.

When I feel confident that my skin looks good, I feel confident in general. So to me, that can make the biggest impact.

SesameSesame from

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I think a smile has the greatest impact on a person’s face.

Someone can have flawless skin and pretty features but if they can’t smile, then it would seem life has been taken out of them.

Jenna BaltesJenna Baltes from

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This is a tough one because there is a lot someone can do to impacted their look.

Especially when it come to hair. One thing would be “fringe” or bangs, going from blunt bangs to side swept to none at all.

Hair color can also make or break any hair style.

But I think length can completely change someone’s look.

Going to long mid-back hair to a chic long Bob, boom, new person.

A good haircut can give someone a complete face lift.


Rossella VanonRossella Vanon from

Facebook and Twitter

The thing that I think has the biggest impact on a person’s look is the colour they wear, followed by their hair style, followed by jewellery.

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