How Does Makeup Fit Into General Beauty Trends of 2014? – Experts Roundup

Makeup is so important!

… and in my opinion makeup is art.

So I’m thinking let’s get some artists involved and see what’s their opinion on:

How Does Makeup Fit Into General Beauty Trends of 2014?

…without any other introduction:


ShreyaShreya of

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Makeup plays a huge part in beauty trends and 2014 is no exception.

This year is defined by soft natural base makeup and interesting lip colors. The main highlight of this year is contouring and the perfectly sculpted look is not just for ramp anymore.

Dasha GrozdanicDasha Grozdanic of

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Makeup is a huge part of beauty trends!

It always inspires me with new textures and colour palettes.

It’s something that brings new energy every season; to embellish us and it also fills us with new creativity.

I always encourage every woman to be open to colours, experiment with novelties and to be playful with makeup.


Nikki LovrichNikki Lovrich of


As far as beauty trends go in 2014, I feel that makeup is more relevant than ever.

Technology within the world of cosmetics has moved ahead in leaps & bounds over the last ten years & there are so many new products on the market are truly revolutionary.

Every season we see the basics (like foundation & powder) completely reinvented with new & improved formulas.

As a makeup artist I feel constantly inspired that my art form is something that can make a women look beautiful & feel great- & its with the flick of a brush!

Emma HendersonEmma Henderson of

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Beauty and fashion trends are intrinsically linked and for next season, my favourite trends include the 60s and the more sophisticated, ladylike aesthetic.

The shops will be full of geometric prints, monochrome, midi skirts and elegant little two piece sets and our makeup bags will be probably reflect that shift.

Graphic winged liner is a brilliant nod to the 60s trend, think lots of black with some silver or even yellow added in.

The new neutrals pair perfectly with the ladylike trend and brands like Chanel and Clarins are nailing that look with their autumn collections.

anshitaAnshita of

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The beauty trends for 2014 lean more toward a subtle use of colours.

The emphasis is on a healthy and clear skin that glows. For that of course make is essential.

I’m talking the base makeup consisting of foundations and concealers which cover up the blemishes and make you look flawless.

But these should be used in moderation and not like a mask on your skin to let your naturally healthy skin shine through.

Niesha JeenwalNiesha Jeenwal of

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Makeup trends in 2014 is all about bright colors, flaunting the bright lip with neutral or dramatic wash of color on the eyelids.

Beauty trends in 2014 is a mixture of effortless and sophisticated where makeup can fit in to create a perfect balance.


Kirsty LeighKirsty Leigh of


Cosmetics in hues of berry, wine, purple-pink, and fuschia are a big part of the beauty trends this year.



Melissa Van RoosbroeckMelissa Van Roosbroeck of

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With the end of summer fast approaching, we’re being bombarded with loads of fabulous fall trends. One of my favorite trends for next season is metallics.

Yep, metallics are back and I for one am nowhere near bored with them yet! So dig up those metallics from last year or treat yourself to some brand new eyeshadow.

And it’s not just metallic eyeshadow that’s totally hot for fall. So is metallic lipstick. A bit trickier to pull off than metallic eyeshadow maybe, but definitely fun!

Another great trend for fall are jewel tones. Think for example emerald, sapphire, topaz or amber. Jewel tones are amongst my favorite eyeshadow colors, so you will definitely see me sporting them next season.

And another cool trend for fall are edgy eyeliner looks. Forget a subtle flick, this fall we’re going bold and graphic. So you’d better invest in a precise deep black eyeliner that will allow you to create those bold graphic looks!


Jen MathewsJen Mathews of

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I am seeking more and more cruelty free companies come into the US and global marketplace, and I have hope that one day animal testing will be abolished worldwide.


RenRen of

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I think that makeup changes and evolves so much that it itself IS a beauty trend…the colors are textures and finishes match the season and the styles going down the aisles during fashion weeks around the world.

For example, this year the Pantone Shade Radiant Orchid was seen in lipsticks, eyeshadows and blushes.

As fall approaches you’ll notice a trend of darker lips and cranberry tones.

Makeup is a great way to express beauty trends and best yet, it washes off so you can rock a new trend every day and night!


Christina FarrellChristina Farrell of

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I tend to not follow trends on my blog, but I can say that as a makeup artist I see illuminating products and cc creams taking over the makeup artistry world.

Making sure your complexion looks fresh, and skin looks flawless.


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