UPDATED: December, 2018

Best hair straighteners in the price range $25 – $50

You will be surprised to learn that 4 months in a row the top rated product overall comes from this price range. That’s because I don’t hunt just cheap hair straighteners, but ones that provide quality for your buck.

If you are new to the website, before we move on, let me just stress that I take pride in the fact that my reviews are completely unbiased and I DO NOT accept free products ever. This way, the reviews can remain completely objective.

Moving on – Meet our winner for in both the categories of “best price” and “best quality” which might be  counter-intuitive and rarely happens but it’s going on right now. My doubt is that the HSI Pro is being discontinued, and they are clearing house.


The downside is that becomes “unavailable” almost on daily basis because of the low price and the high demand. Who wouldn’t want a product that used to cost $229 for years and is now being sold for under $50?

See More Reviews of HSI on Amazon

But let’s take a step back and talk about how this guide is going to work. To meet the two criteria a flat iron that’s this low priced, has to be either on a discount because of clearances, or the price is company’s strategic decision to sacrifice profits to get its name out there.

Getting the best “cheap” hair straightener while still maintain quality standards and deal with even the thickest hair comes down to two things:

  • hunting down discounts on good products
  • not settling for cheap pieces that will end up costing you more – which is the easier way to go but certainly not the right one in the long run

I spend by far the most time updating this guide – again, for two reasons:

  • the quality straighteners that are not costly or an discounted go out of stock very quickly, so I have to keep track of that
  • within this price range, I am always on the lookout because it’s hard to make something good at that price, and companies tend to compromise on quality by cutting cost

Bottom line – it all comes down to grinding endless hair straightener reviews, getting them for testing and picking surefire models that earned customers’ seal of approval and tested well.

How will we do that???

Through joint effort using my usual and proven methods of statistical rating, I review and rate a flat iron in 5 different categories. This method has been tweaked, improved and proven over time.

But without more ado, here are the top rated hair straighteners the market has to offer for under $50:

ModelRead morePicture
HSI Professional Hair StraightenerSee_ratings_buttonHSI_best_price_and_quality-2_edited-296x300
Salon Collection Hair StraightenerSee_ratings_buttonRemington S9520 Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener
Ceramic Pro Flat IronSee_ratings_buttonBaByliss Pro - Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat Iron
Infiniti Pro Hair IronSee_ratings_buttonInfiniti Pro by Conair Professional 2-Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

I have to admit we’re very proud with the fruits of my labor and research, and we can’t wait to show you some in-depth perspective when it comes to these pioneers within their price range.

Let’s look at these low cost hair straighteners one by one in digest reviews:

Digest reviews??

Basically, they’re shortened versions of my regular product reviews:

For first time readers, here’s the gist of it all:

  • We start the story with some “narration” by the manufacturer. We’ll see what the company has to say about its product
  • Dissection part entails taking a look at some PROs and CONs the users have been kind enough to share with us after having a “hands-on” experience with a certain product
  • Finally, the whole thing is buttoned up with my own two cent and a final rating. I’ll give my darn best to answer that omnipresent riddle for you; Is this thing a budget breakthrough, or just a waste of my time?

Now that we know exactly what’s ahead, we can (finally) get some work done. Here are the products in command when a pretty restrictive price range comes knocking! FYI, turns out, there’s a very abundant range of cheap hair straighteners that are more than willing (and able) to sing for their supper when it comes to all of your hairstyling needs.

HSI Professional Hair Straightener

HSI_best_price_and_quality-2_edited-296x300By HSI (best rated in this price range and overall)

Let’s dig right into this mini review by listing out the product features shared with us by the manufacturer:

  • Straighten, curl, and flip your hair
  • Adjustable temperature suiting all the different hair types (240 – 410 F)
  • Ion ceramic/tourmaline plates will save your time and create a silkier and shinier finish
  • 1” plates are wide enough to service any hair type or length effectively, yet still narrow enough to do bangs
  • Transform dull, frizzy hair into sleek, straight, and gorgeous locks

If you’re still not quite there yet after this article, you can tap into Amazon’s resources for more pictures and customer reviews >>

This manufacturer’s specification certainly doesn’t give off the feeling like we’re talking about a budget product, does it? But let’s get real and see what the users are saying about it:

We’ll start with some pleasant experiences:

  • This is the best cheap hair straightener ever! I absolutely LOVE how the plates glide through my hair without any pulling, followed by the pain I had to go through every time I tried to do my hair. I also like the free pouch that comes with it
  • This little miracle saves me so much time! My entire long hair is done in about half the time it took me with my previous hair straightener. Not to mention I paid a pretty penny for that previous one, and this HSI flat iron is superior in every way for just the fraction of the cost. Super happy customer here, and a huuuge recommendation from me!
  • This flat iron is able to dish out some serious heat. I have a very thick and coarse hair, and the temperature I need to get it straight and keep it that way is pretty considerable. This one straightens my curse of a hair in no time, and it keeps it perfectly straight until I wash it
  • The long cord is simply a blessing! It also has a circuit breaker built in, so I don’t have to worry about any sorts of accidents that might happen. It’s very easy to use, and it doesn’t heat up anywhere near my fingers, so that’s one more type of accidents I can safely say goodbye to
  • There is no smell of burnt hair whatsoever after I use this little guy. Not to mention the shine and softness it gives to my hair, unbelievable! And all that for 30-something bucks?!
  • No frizz after I use it and my stubborn hair is finally under my control! Best hair straightener I’ve ever owned!

Let’s see what the customers didn’t like:

  • The reset button was a bit too hard to press
  • I’m not a fan of the design

Well, after seeing dozen of thousands user reviews on Amazon HAS to leave an impression on you if you’re from this planet. Users mostly relay positive experiences regarding the functionality, work-speed, ease of use, extra shine and hair softness after use… You see a pattern here?

Overall rating of 4.9

That’s everything a 200-300 dollars hair straightener would have to say for itself! I’m usually suspicious when we get a free pouch, glove, oil samples, etc. But I guess the users made all that suspicions a moot point. This iron is what I call a smart investment, and there’s a lot of people out there swearing it’s the best hair straightener they’ve ever owned.

Salon Collection Hair Straightener

Remington S9520 Salon Collection Ceramic Hair StraightenerBy Remington

Manufacturer’s specification:

  • Ceramic Pearl technology offering the smoothest and silkiest finish ever
  • Contains more ceramic than any competition for up to 15 times
  • 120V and 450 degree high salon heat
  • Plates infused with pearls give incredibly smooth glide
  • Auto shut-off

Remington is such a well-know name in the world of hairstyling, but not even that will save it the scrutiny we’ll expose this product to.

This model is offered on Amazon along with more useful tips. ratings, and user-reviews:

Click here to check it out >>

We’ll begin with some positive things users had to share about this hair straightener:

  • This is the first flat iron I don’t have to press with everything I’ve got in order to clamp my hair perfectly! It’s very easy to use, and it does an amazing job at getting my unruly hair bone straight. Best cheap hair straightener ever! Even better than some of much more costly models I was fooled into buying!
  • I would give it 10-star grade if I could! This little gadget really gives you the feeling of full control over your hair. I especially like the little side display, where I can always keep the temperature in check. It also heats up incredibly fast, and gets my hair perfectly straight and shiny in the matter of minutes
  • It’s a really noob-friendly flat iron. It doesn’t pull on my hair, and doesn’t punish me with hair damage when I don’t know what I’m doing (which is like half the time)
  • It turned my frizzy hair nightmare into a silky smooth, soft, and most importantly completely straight bliss! The thing I like the most is that results I get after I’m done straightening my hair don’t just vanish after a couple of hours. My hair is perfectly straight until I wash it without an exception so far
  • I’ve read all sorts of hair straightener reviews, and frankly didn’t know what to do with all that information. I just kept getting more and more confused until I saw the sheer number of positive reviews this bad boy had. The price made me doubt it for a while, but hell, so many people can’t be oblivious, right? So, I took a leap of faith, and boy am I glad I did… It’s the best hair straightener I ever bought, and my daughter keeps eyeballing it, so I think I’ll have to buy another one after she inevitably steals it J
  • Better than my old Chi, and a lot cheaper too!

The CONs:

  • It’s very hard to see what’s on the display when viewed from certain angles

Remington is no stranger to my hair straightener reviews, and even if I don’t particularly care for their quality-boasting, you got to hand it to them; they sure know how to make a great product for every budget size. Overwhelmingly positive user reviews attest to that.

The lowest rated (4/5) flat iron on the list, but still worth the buck.

Customers are very pleased in their reports with the quality and performance, ease of use, overall handling, the heat intensity and many more aspects of this hair iron. Digital display has its shortcomings though, as it is not exactly “angle-friendly”.

Ceramic Pro Flat Iron

BaByliss Pro - Porcelain Plate Ceramic Flat IronBy Babyliss Pro

Let’s dig some essential information concerning our third money saving flat iron:

  • 4” ceramic porcelain plates
  • Reostat heat control (Going up to 450 degree F)
  • Insta heat/recovery
  • 8ft tangle-free swivel cord

You can read far more about this model and compare it to the rest of its price-range on Amazon:

Follow this link to visit the page >>

Here are some things the customers liked about this good and cheap hair iron that can deal with even the thickest afro-American hair:

  • I’m an African American with a very think and coarse hair. It’s a decent challenge for any hair straightening product out there, but this flat iron handled it like a pro! It tamed my unruly mess of a hair by dishing out just enough temperature
  • I use it almost daily! It’s also great if you want to make some beautiful curls. I also like the swivel cord, which prevents any tangling from ever happening. Swivel cord is also a big must if you’re into curling
  • I’m just amazed at the speed it heats up! It says it’ll take it a minute or so, but I swear it happens almost instantly. The plates are getting heated very evenly, and so far I haven’t witnessed any hot spots
  • I really enjoy how easy to use this flat iron is. It features pretty straight forward controls, and even a tech noob like me can operate it perfectly. There’s a power button, temperature dial, and a light informing you whether the iron is on
  • Wider and longer plates allow me to go over more hair at once, so I’m completely done at a fraction of a time it used to take me
  • I like how the plates go through my hair without any resistance. There’s no pulling or tugging with this little guy, and when I combine all it has to offer I have to say it’s the best hair straightener in its price range, period!

Let’s go over some of the negative experiences:

  • Be careful if you aren’t used to operating this kind of temperature! I cranked it up when I first got it, and realized it gets veeeery hot! Take caution if you have a somewhat delicate hair such as mine
  • I don’t like the switch placement

Final thoughts

As one of the customers already said, this flat iron really dishes out the temperature it says, so be careful if you’re used to low-quality, “barely warm” hair straighteners. I can’t come up with anything meaningful to add to what the users have already stated in their reviews.

One of the best products to come to us from Babyliss, especially at that price range and with an overall quality rating of 4.6/5.

It’s a real winner in its price range, and possibly beyond that, knowing what manufacturers are trying to sell for big buck nowadays.

Infiniti Pro Hair Iron

Infiniti Pro by Conair Professional 2-Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat IronBy Conair

When you name you product model “Infiniti Pro”, you better have some real substance to back it up.

Let’s see if that’s the case here:

  • Ceramic heater and 2” ceramic tourmaline plates for uniform heat level
  • Ultra-high temperature (455F)
  • 70 percent less frizz, all day hold and humidity protection
  • Insta 15-second heat up
  • Heat shield included

See the latest customer-feedback, ratings, and prices on Amazon:

Proceed to the website >>

So far, so good! But we’ll nevertheless consult the opinions of women and girls who actually have more of a hands-on experience with this hair iron.

We’ll start with the positives – the PROs:

  • This is so much better than my cheap Chi hair straightener! It’s like a completely different level! My hair is done in half the time, and the shine and softness are to die for
  • It reaches maximum temperature very quickly, and the way it glides through my hair is something else. If I’m in a hurry, I don’t even have to go that slowly, provided I take smaller strands of hair at a time. Saves time, money, and my hair, which is pretty much my definition of the best hair straightener for me!
  • The heat is distributed very evenly throughout the plates, thanks to them being solid ceramic, and not just coated. It’s so great not having to worry about hot spots anymore!
  • I’ve gone through piles of cheap GHD hair straighteners, and I would trade them all for just this one! It’s simple to use, lies nicely in my hands, and it gets the job done, which is the most important part
  • I was at the verge of cutting my coarse, thick hair completely before I tried this one! It just drove me insane, but now I realize that a bunch of wrong hair iron choices might have contributed greatly. I never dreamed my hair could be so straight, soft, and shiny! Also, the temperature is pretty serious stuff, exactly what the doctor ordered
  • It’s the best hair straightener in terms of pure performance and lack of any heat damage! There’s also no burnt smell once I’m done with the whole straightening process

Some of the CONs the customers shared:

  • I really wished I could’ve used it during my Europe Dual-voltage option is the only thing this iron needs to be perfect!
  • They sent me the wrong model, but it was all resolved pretty quickly thanks to the forthcoming customer support staff

Last, but not least, as they say. This Conair flat iron really justifies the “pretentious name” it holds with an overall rating of, again, 4.6/5.

Users report it’s heating up insanely quickly, and reaches out temperatures not even the coarsest of hair can resist. It’s pretty much the main forte of this product, paired up with some other very nice characteristics as stated above. All that at a very affordable price is an offer you won’t be able to refuse.

Final thoughts

After seeing the top rated irons in the price range, the last two thoughts I want to leave you with are these:

  • This guide is my baby and I update it every month to keep the info fresh and relevant
  • The review process includes users, my colleagues hair stylist and my statistical review method, that’s proven as reliable over the years

I hope this guide helps you save money without sacrificing quality, because that’s what I set out to do.

Best hair straighteners in the price range $50 – $100

The winner in this category is actually not from this category has been dominating it for 3 updates now.

I know the materials, and I know the cost of production of these babies and this price range is the sweet spot where it becomes feasible to make a truly high-quality hair straightener.

In the price range below this one, finding a good hair iron is a much more tedious task.

Without much ado, this is another category where the HSI professional has been taking the spoils in every update for almost a year now. It has been voted:

  • “best hair straightener overall”
  • “best price”
  • “top rated in quality”

The HSI is a rare beast in terms of price/quality ratio.

See More Reviews of HSI on Amazon

OK, enough chit chat, let’s present all the currently top rated hair straighteners in this price range.

ModelRead moreOverall Quality RatingPicture
HSI Professional TOURMALINE STRAIGHTENERSee_ratings_button4.9 / 5HSI_professional_voted_best_50_100
Hai Classic Convertible Ceramic Flat IronSee_ratings_button4.6 / 5Hai_classic_hair_iron_affordable
Rusk RSK732 Professional Str8 Titanium-Infused Ceramic Flat IronSee_ratings_button4.7 / 5hair_straightener_Rusk_RSK732_Titanium_Infused_Professional
EV Beauty Proline Ceramic-Tourmaline Ion FlatSee_ratings_button4.6 / 5EV_Beauty_Proline_Ceramic_flat_iron


Now that you’ve seen them and the mystery is gone, let’s take a look at each one of these in depth in our mini reviews.

Before we do that , if you are a first-time reader welcome to the trenches and let me explain what you can expect.

For each hair iron, we’ll do a digest review by:

  • taking a look at what the company is saying about it’s product
  • taking a look what the customers had to say – the PROs and CONs
  • I’ll provide the final overall rating and explain it

It is a somewhat slow process of compiling these reviews, especially since I update them every two months, but the result is splitting real-deal products from your average over-priced junk.

Ok, let’s get to work…

HSI Professional TOURMALINE STRAIGHTENER – Argan oil protection

HSI_professional_voted_best_50_100Following the schematics I just gave you, we’ll primarily check out what the company has to show for this time in their own words:

  • patented quick heating and even distribution technology
  • LCD digital temperature control
  • Sleep mode and auto shut-off
  • A touch of a button heats it up to a temperatures in the range of 240 to 450 degrees F in seconds
  • swivel cord for easy-use

I give you just glimpses of what the customers shared with us on Amazon:

Click here to get the whole thing >>

That was certainly a mouthful and an example of a good product specification, but let us move on to the “meat” – what customers are saying about the product:

Chosen PROs – what the customers liked:

  • Awesome little package at a great price! I also got a very handy glove that’s heat-resistant and a sample of Argan oil
  • The LCD display is amazing. I can always keep the temperature under control, which is a very big deal when your hair is as fine and delicate as mine. Plus, it’s not so ill-positioned as to not be visible like on some other models I’ve owned
  • I really like the positioning of the buttons! They’re “hidden” on the inside of the straightener, so I never accidentally turn the whole thing off in the middle of getting my hair done
  • It’s very thin and sleek-looking, but much more powerful than any other flat iron I’ve ever tried. The heat is very intense, and it takes me considerably less time to straighten my coarse hair than ever before
  • After drying, my hair becomes puffy beyond belief, and this flat iron combined with HSI hairspray really did a number on it! No frizz, not a second wasted, and the end results are just amazing. Best hair straightener ever!
  • It’s a very light piece of my every day’s hair equipment, looks pretty sharp with some fine lines, and, most importantly gets the job done like a pro. It also feels very stable and natural in my hand, and doesn’t heat up anywhere near my fingers. That’s a load off considering my past “hot” experiences!
  • The speed on this thing… I usually had to wait around 5 minutes for my previous flat irons to reach their maximum temperature; here it’s in the ballpark of 30 seconds! It saves me time day after day, and does amazing job with my thick, frizzy hair. Wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Let’s see what the customers didn’t like:

  • The LCD display is on the inner side, which can be somewhat tricky, but it’s no big deal once you get used to it

Overall Rating of the hair iron

Over the years of reviewing hair irons I’ve learned to recognize a true flaw from a subjective opinion of individual users that’s not universally applicable. The fact that I decided that only one “CON” is meaningful enough to be included in the review of the HSI speaks volumes.

Overall Quality Rating of 4.9/5 is pretty much as close to perfect as it gets (I’ve rated a hair iron with a perfect 5 in all these years).

HSI review rating

The main forte here is how shortly after turned on it reaches its maximum temperature (which is nothing to sneeze at). It’s built for efficiency and speed, according to the customers, but without lacking in other important departments.

Its sleek design matches the overall theme and makes it easy to handle and “quick on its feet”. Even customers with the thickest and coarsest of hairs report amazing results, which is quite enough (paired with what we’ve heard so far) for me to find its place on my list more than justified.

Classic Flat Iron

Hai_classic_hair_iron_affordableBy HAI

Let’s jump right in and see what this flat iron is all about:

  • Imbued with the technology of ceramic fusion
  • Flash heating
  • Adjustable heat control (170-400 degrees Fahrenheit)

Read more about this ceramic fusion model on Amazon and keep an eye out for special offers: 

Click here to proceed to its page>>

So, this is one of those “keep it basic” product specifications. Not really a hindrance when you have volumes of user reviews to paint an accurate picture.

Here are some of the things they liked:

  • It arrived even earlier than it was supposed to, and the overall quality is through the roof!
  • It’s the best hair straightener, and the only one that got my hair into its “straight” mode successfully. Fly-aways, frizz, and other problems that used to torment me on a daily basis are gone for good!
  • It turns my hair into silk! Heats up super fast, and the temperature is strong enough to deal with my coarse hair like a boss! Much better than my old Chi!
  • It’s the first hair iron that doesn’t pull my hair when I’m trying to straighten it. Ceramic plates are just a dream, and they glide through my hair perfectly. I found this little miracle when I switched salons, and the hairstylist in the new one used one of these. It recommended I got one for myself, and I can’t thank him enough now that I’ve tried it
  • Even though the heat is pretty serious, it leaves no burn damage when I’m done, and there’s no smell of burnt hair either. Also, my hair never looked more amazing! It’s shiny, very soft, and bone straight until I wash it. Thank you HAI!
  • The handling is perfect, it’s very easy to use, and I especially like how lightweight the whole construction is. The plates clip on my hair well without too much pressure on my part, and the end result is out of this world. Best hair straightener ever!
  • After so many positive reviews this hair straightener had, I just had to get it. It’s ways away from anything I’ve used so far, so I guess it pays off trusting the internet once in a while

Let’s go over some CONs:

  • I really like this flat iron, but I would’ve liked it much more if it had the automatic shut-down
  • I had a problem with the red light that just kept on blinking! I had to replace it, but the customer support guys were more than forthcoming, so kudos for them. The new one I got works perfectly

Final thoughts and ratings

Even thought it’s just a tad over 50 bucks, this hair iron scored a 4 in the categories of price and quality. But still, a solid 4.6 Overall Rating.

Hai Classic Convertible Ceramic Flat Iron


Minimalistic approach can be right on the money if done by properly, I guess. This is a vision of your everyday go-to hair straightener, and the users seem to acknowledge that.

What this product brings to the table is a steady flow of intense heat, quick heating up time, great ease of use, lightweight, and, most importantly, amazing end results. This “no beating around the bush with fancy and often unnecessary options” policy really struck a cord with most customers.

Rusk Professional Flat Iron – RSK 732

hair_straightener_Rusk_RSK732_Titanium_Infused_ProfessionalHere are some basic product facts:

  • Ceramic titanium-infused plates
  • Insta and steady temperature building (up to 450 degrees F)
  • Digital heat display
  • Swivel cord (9ft)

Titanium plates definitely deserve a bit of additional reading and info.You’ll get even more than you’ve bargained for from its dedicated section on Amazon:

Follow this link to “Titaniumland” >>

Did I just hear titanium get mentioned? It’s something of a miracle talking about titanium in this particular price range, but I guess we’ve been very good this past year J Still, we should see what the users have to share with us in terms of good and bad experiences.

Here are some of the good ones:

  • My African American very think and long hair is a complete nightmare for styling, or simply for making it look halfway decent. This flat iron was used by my stylist, and after I bought it, I figured out I can do wonders with my hair from my own home! Never was my hair so straight and shiny. Super softness to the touch is just an added bonus
  • It reaches the indicated temperature in less than one minute, and it gets really hot, just as I read it would. So far, it’s the best hair straightener I’ve ever used, and it’s been like a week since I have it
  • Thank god for this flat iron! My hair is suuuper fine, and I really need a high-quality plates to avoid damage. These plates are out of this world! They slide down my hair with ease, without tugging or pulling on the strands. The temperature control is very exact, so I can adjust it just the way I want, and I know I won’t end up with half my hair burnt off
  • The reviews of this hair straightener I’ve read online really made some big shoes to fill. People were praising it left and right, which was contraindicative to its low price. Now that I have it, I don’t know how can the company sell it for this much money and still come out on top, considering the sheer quality this flat iron is imbued with
  • I like the overall design and how lightweight it is. It’s very sleek and sits very well in my hand, which gives me more ability to maneuver it around, especially during my curling sessions. Swivel cord comes in very handy too, as I have yet to have a tangling issue of some sort with it
  • Definitely worth far more money than what I paid for it!
  • The plates are phenomenal! I can really see the difference between my regular ceramic plates and these! The heat is distributed more evenly, so there are no hot spots, they glide with ease through my hair, and the shine they leave after I’m done is simply unparalleled

Some not so pleasant experiences coming our way:

  • The only caveat is the absence of the auto shut-off function, so be sure you don’t forget to unplug it
  • There was a mix up with my order, I guess, so I ended up getting the wrong item. I returned it, and now I’m waiting for my actual order to get here

This flat iron balances between style/sophistication on one side, and brutal efficiency on the other. It’s made to be the most glamorous version of a budget hair straightener, and according to the customers, succeeded with flying colors. It’s a rare piece to feature titanium addition to the plates in this price range, which certainly helps distributing the heat better and keeping it steady throughout the process.

Rusk Professional Flat Iron



Furthermore, salon intensity temperature combined with precise heat control, long swivel cord, lightweight, and a great digital display is what gave this flat iron so much edge over the competition.

Proline Hair Straightener

EV_Beauty_Proline_Ceramic_flat_ironBy EV Beauty

The fact sheet:

  • Professional results save hassle and time
  • Smart design for ultimate versatility. 450F of adjustable temperature, no cold spots, dual voltage
  • 1” ceramic-tourmaline ion plates
  • Highest quality construction and materials; 1-year warranty

Click here to see what users shared about this iron on Amazon>>

This is a very shortened version of manufacturer’s specification, but I pulled out only the important stuff, holding back the marketing. Let’s filter this some more through experiences of fellow customers.

We’ll start with what the customers liked about this flat iron:

  • Best hair straightener I’ve ever encountered! I don’t know if mine’s defective or something, but it heat up completely in about 5 seconds!!! I’m a daily user my entire life almost, and never did I see something like this!
  • This really is a professional quality, so the price-quality ratio is so much in my favor it’s not even funny
  • The results are something else… My hair is shiny like never before, and so silky and soft to the touch, I can’t stop playing with it. Great buy, and I recommend it to all those daily users out there, it’s definitely worth the money!
  • The size is just perfect! It’s not too small as to prolong my straightening process indefinitely, but it’s also just small enough to allow me for better root access. That was my number one issue with my previous flat iron, and this model was just what the doctor ordered
  • I like how ergonomic it is and how well it sits in my hand. I can see they really put some thought into the overall design, and I for one know how to respect a good effort when I see one. The price is nothing compared with what you get, so I can freely recommend it to everyone
  • Finally, something that gets rid of my uber-frizz permanently!
  • This flat iron really looks the part of a product much more expensive than it actually is. The outlook, the performance, the sleek design… It’s all on a much higher lever than the price indicates
  • No damage whatsoever, even on higher than regular temperatures for my problematic hair. There’s also no burning smell after I’m done
  • The cord is very thick, so there’s no worrying it’ll tear or something

Let’s go over some CONs for a good measure:

  • The only complaint I can muster up so far is the placement of the temperature dial and the power button
  • There was some plastic smell the first time I turned it on, but it was gone after half an hour or so

Final thoughts

This is one of those puzzling, futuristic-looking pieces of hairstyling equipment. Puzzling in terms of how much quality it offers for a very affordable amount of cash. I see I share my confusion with most of the customers we’ve just heard. But, I guess not all puzzles are made to be solved, we should just enjoy this amazing product without too much dabbling into its inner workings.

Proline Hair Straightener

Overall Quality Rating of 4.6/5.

Conclusions of the hair straightener reviews

We do have a clear winner here and it’s been that way for a long time now. The other irons are great product but what makes the difference is the huge discounts HSI have been throwing about for months now and for reasons undisclosed.

I hope you find the guide helpful and please, feel free to share your thoughts and experiences.

Stay pretty!