UPDATED: December, 2018

Best hair straighteners in the price range $100 – $200

This is some serious money we’re talking here, so it goes without saying that this is the price range where you should rightfully expect perfection. And I think some of these babies come “dangerously” close to it – especially one of my all time favorites – the ISA Victorya.

With the price range growing, so do the options, and I have to admit that I enjoy more working on the guides for the most luxurious hair straighteners. It’s just more fun. If you ever worked in the industry, you can probably understand what I’m talking about.

It is in this price range where the compromises stop and the companies can’t play any games but can only deliver highest quality (if they mean business that is).

Ladies, I’m presenting the list of winners in the category of $100-200 hair irons

ModelRead morePicture
Victorya 1 Step Hair StraightenerSee_ratings_buttonISA _1_Step_Victorya_Profesional
Bio Ionic OnePass Flat IronSee_ratings_buttonBio Ionic OnePass Iron
The Aphrodite Hair StraightenerSee_ratings_buttonThe_Aphrodite_Professional_Onassis_Style
BaBylissPRO Titanium Ultra-Thin Hair StraightenerSee_ratings_buttonbabyliss_pro
6th Sense Styling Technology Professional Hair StraightenerSee_ratings_button6th_Sense_Hair_Straightener_Professional (2)

FYI, I keep my lists regularly updated (bi-monthly), so you can always be sure that the information presented is relevant.

Looking “under the hood”

Let’s get a bit more personal with these hair straighteners by dissecting each of them in their respective digest reviews.

Victorya 1 Step Hair Straightener

ISA _1_Step_Victorya_ProfesionalBy ISA Professional

Let’s see some basic product information directly from the manufacturer:

  • Automatic SMART heat adjustment
  • Ceramic tourmaline pivoting plates
  • Universal voltage
  • Safe and fast straightening, waves, curls
  • 360 degree swivel cord
  • Ambidextrous design
  • 2-year warranty

You can get even more “make it or break it” user-reviews on Amazon:

See what they’re saying about this Victorya >>

I know for a fact that there’s more to this ISA than what meets the eye, so let’s jump right into the user-reviews.

Here are some good experiences the customers shared:

  • This is the best hair straightener out there for sure! It’s so easy to use, and the temperature just gets set according to my hair type without me having to do anything. Crazy good!
  • It heats up so fast, and it really dishes out a serious temperature needed for my thick and coarse hair to get perfectly straight! The best part of the story is that it remains bone straight until I wash it, without startling to rebel merely hours after I’ve straighten it
  • The plates are like nothing I’ve seen so far! They glide through my hair with such ease, and you can forget about pulling and tugging of any kind. The whole process just got soooo much easier for both me and my hair
  • I’ve read so many hair straightener reviews I didn’t know which way was left. I’ve almost given up; when I saw this weird blend of everything I ever wanted in a flat iron. It’s just an amazing piece of hairstyling equipment, and I recommend it to everyone with hair as problematic as mine
  • There is absolutely no heat damage after I’m done! It also doesn’t leave me with that awful “I just did my hair” burnt smell
  • It’s so well shaped and ergonomic! Using it is simply a breeze, and I like how they put all of the buttons on the inside, so you can use it comfortably even if you’re a lefty

Let’s go over some of the CONs:

  • People seem to be crazy for this kind of button placement, but I like the buttons right under my fingertips!
  • The only downside would be the price, I suppose. It left a sizeable dent in my budget, but I guess you get what you pay for so…

Final thoughts

This is the one items on this list that I personally would pay more. I can say of the gates that this ISA is one of the few hair straighteners I ever worked with and it’s one of my 3 all time favorites.

Overall rating 4.9, with 4.5 stars in the price category. I would give this product a perfect 5, but the method of rating is statistical and I’ve seen one to many reviews where people say it’s to steep for their pocket, hence the half star deducted.

Victorya 1 Step Hair Straightener

This is as close to salon quality tools as you can possibly get within this price range. It features several revolutionary options, paired with some oldies but goodies. Users went nuts for this ISA gem, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you decide to check out why.

OnePass Flat Iron

Bio Ionic OnePass IronBy Bio Ionic

Final overall rating of this iron is the same as that of the ISA Victorya, but this product is more for those of you ladies out there that prefer classic design, classic functions and above all SPEED.

Let’s see what the manufacturer claims about the OnePass:

  • Silicone Speed Strips offer increased shine and faster straightening
  • Insta heating up to 400F and insta recovery
  • Cushion plates infused with Nano ionic minerals
  • Far infrared heating and high volume of negative ions provides conditioned and silky smooth hair
  • 5-second bio ceramic heaters

If you’re a grade-heavy person like me and think numbers never lie you can see more ratings and reviews on Amazon.com >>

Here’s what the customers especially liked:

  • These silicone strips are just amazing! I can literally feel them gripping my hair, and providing for one smooth pass
  • The cord is finally something I can work with! It’s very long, and you can forget about any tangling issues you might’ve had before
  • I like how customizable the overall temperature is. It really puts you in the driver’s seat, so I can use higher settings on my hair, but lower the heat for my daughter’s very fine hair. It’s the best hair straightener out there for us, and we recommend it wholeheartedly
  • It is just amazing how much faster I get my whole hair done than with any of my previous flat irons. This little guy gets the job done, and wastes no time while doing it
  • It leaves my hair perfectly straight, but also very shiny, and silky to the touch like never before
  • It’s very easy to use, which you’d never say judging by the results. It’s well designed and made, feels great in hand, and doesn’t get hot near my hands
  • If you want to kill that frizz once and for all, this is your best bet! I’ve read soooo many hair straightener reviews my head is overflowing with info, plus a couple of friends also recommended it

Here are some negative experiences:

  • It took me a while to get used to the controls, but it wads a smooth sailing once I did
  • It’s great, but that price sure stings. It’s worth the money so far, but I’ll post a few updates pretty soon

Overall ratings of the One Pass

As I mentioned, what defines this hair straightener is its lightning speed. And we know a flat iron has to have a full range of qualities in order to do its job this quickly. The OnePass passes all those tests with flying colors and stands out with an increased negative ion output – the very thing that gets the job done.

Final Overall Grade of 4.9/5 for the Bio Ionic OnePass.

Bio Ionic Ceramic Straightening Iron Onepass

It’s envisioned as a high-quality time saver, and that’s exactly what it is, giving you the close to perfect straightening in the shortest time possible. The pricing issue is something we got used to by now and don’t really consider it a CON per se. It’s intuitive that these types of complaints will appear more and more as we climb up the price range hill.

The Aphrodite Hair Straightener

The_Aphrodite_Professional_Onassis_StyleBy Onassis Style

The basic fact sheet:

  • 10-year warranty
  • High-quality manufacturing standards and rigorous process of quality control
  • Revolutionary technology. 1 inch tourmaline ceramic heating plates (bacteria and scratch resistant)
  • Protects your cuticles from heat damage
  • Very fast heating up, and stable and consistent temperature
  • Luxury packaging and design
  • Digital heat control via LED display

For elaborated specification and extra user-ratings you can check it out on Amazon:

All of that plus more pictures of the product here >>>

This is a somewhat shortened version of a very extensive sheet. I’ve filtered out the marketing, and we’re left with just the solid facts. How solid? Let’s ask the customers.

Here are some of the PROs:

  • It is surprisingly easy to use considering how the whole thing looks, and the functions it has. The instructions are very clear and just a breeze to follow to the letter
  • It heats up in a flash! There’s a red light that indicated it’s on, and it goes off once the iron reaches the desired temperature
  • It took me like an hour to straighten my hair with my old Chi! Now I’ve cut that time in less than 20 minutes. My hair is very long, so there’s a lot of pulling potential, but this iron just glides through it, leaving it smoother and silkier than ever before
  • Best hair straightener, hands down! The thing I like the most if that it can be used without any additional hair product whatsoever
  • Well made! The overall design is really something, as it makes it very nimble in hand, which is ideal if you’re also using it as a curler
  • I like how steady the temperature is, once the iron reaches it. The plates are something else also! There are no cold spots, and they clamp my hair perfectly
  • It doesn’t require my hair to be blow-dried before it can actually show some results

Let us take a look at some of the less pleasant experiences:

  • The temperature indicator is way to small for me, so I have to use my glasses in order to be sure what it says
  • I’ve realized my hair needs to be completely dry in order to get optimal results with this flat iron

How it’s rated

There is little I can add to the mix once the manufacturer offers a “no questions asked” 10-year warranty. That’s the best indicator of how much they truly believe in the quality of their product. And, according to the customers, that’s not just blind fingers-crossed faith.

Overall Quality Rating 4.6/5.

The Aphrodite Hair Straightener

You might have to put on your glasses in order to be sure about the temperature, but it’s a smooth sail from there.

Titanium Ultra-Thin Hair Straightener

babyliss_proBy BaBylissPRO

From my experience, this should be good. Let’s hear it from the manufacturer:

  • Nano-titanium heat plates
  • Optimal far-infrared style of heating and negative ions emission for gentle and fast straightening without any hair damage
  • 450F of heat with an LED temperature control for easier and faster curling or straightening
  • No pulling, glides through hair
  • Ultra-lightweight and ultra-thin

Read what people who own it had to share on Amazon >>

Titanium irons have a very specific “market following”. I think the user reviews for this flat iron should be very interesting.

Let’s take a look at some of the positive ones:

  • This is the best hair straightener with the best set of plates ever! I’m a daily user, and never did the plates glide through my hair this way. Yes, I’ve gone through miles of hair straightener reviews, but they’ve led me to this little gem, so no time wasted
  • It’s so gentle against my fine and fragile hair. It gives me a perfect control over the temperature of the plates, which is by far the most important thing when your hair can go out in a puff of smoke just like that
  • It’s very user-friendly, and it gets the job done so much faster than my old flat iron. I got a recommendation form my hairstylist since he uses it since forever, and it’s by far the best professional hair straightener this kind of money can buy
  • It makes the most gorgeous curls you ever saw! You’ll need a bit of practice if you’re not used to it, but once you get in the hang of it…
  • Best hair straightener without a doubt! It’s not just how perfectly straight my hair is after I’m done with it, it’s also shinier and softer to the touch than ever before. I love my new little gadget and recommend it to everyone!
  • I’m in love with this little guy! After using a 20 bucks flat iron and being called Mufasa (yeah, harsh), saving some cash and getting this one opened a whole new different world for my hair. It really pays off giving a few extra dollars for this kind of quality

Here are some CONs:

  • Whatever you do, BE SURE TO GET AN AUTHENTIC PRODUCT!!! I got what appeared to be a fake, I called and the Babyliss representative really made me feel like the company cares about the customers’ safety, and they’re working to stop the counterfeit businesses.
  • I almost gave this product a one star, but then I realized that I bought one from a shady company, not from Babyliss directly. It did cost more, but was definitely worth it…

The rating

When we get into this price range and see well over a thousand 5-star user reviews on Amazon is an indisputable testament of quality. Overall quality rating 4.5/5.

BaByliss Pro Ceramic

Not much I can add to what we “heard” from the users.

Professional Hair Straightener

6th_Sense_Hair_Straightener_Professional (2)By 6th Sense Styling Technology

Let’s take a peek at the manufacturer’s product specification:

  • 1 pass for a silky smooth hair
  • Straightens your hair until the next wash
  • No pulling, snagging, or pinching
  • Makes excellent curls also
  • No heat damage. Heating element is microchip controlled
  • Prevents frizz and breakage

Owners usually say far more than I’m able to present here. You can read all of their reviews (and there are a lot of lengthy ones) by visiting the Amazon page for this model:

Follow this link there >>>

Well, looks like we won’t have to put our 6th sense to work with this eye-candy. Not when we have our trusty customers who battle-tested this product in real life.

The PROs users shared:

  • Finally! A flat iron that does what it’s supposed to, and very quickly at that. It can also double as a curler, and the results are as great as in the straightening department
  • Like going through silk with my fingers after I’m done with my hair. It’s the best hair straightener I’ve ever had! It saves me time, and the results are just a blessing
  • I love everything about it! The packaging is terrific, it looks super cute, and it works great! It gets my hair right where I want I want it, with some extra smoothness to top it all off. All in all, it’s a great buy, and I can’t recommend it enough
  • The customer service is out of this world!
  • It heats up really fast, and it keeps the temperature very steady. The heat is well and evenly distributed across the plates, without any cold spots. Most importantly, I can control the temperature completely, which assures me there will be no burning damage whatsoever
  • These plates are just magic! They glide through my hair without much effort on my part, and leave it wonderful. No pulling or tugging of any kind
  • I like how easy to use it is and how it feels in my hand while I’m doing my thing. It’s the best hair straightener so far, and I’m sure glad I decided to spend some extra cash

Some the CONs:

  • My hair is really fie and fragile, so I need a sense of control at all times when it comes to my hair straightener. The control buttons here are placed somewhat inconveniently, so sometimes I get stressed out about whether my temperature settings are ok

This is a product that’s all about fun and youthful hairstyling, but with a lot of substance to back it up. It features some unique additional bling, and the customers seem to understand and the concept. in my book, the price is very affordable for what’s offered.

Overall quality rating 4.8/5 with one star deducted for the quality of the materials.

Professional Hair Straightener

Again, this is by far the most luxurious-looking model on the list and one that will invite the most comments from your girlfriends.


It would have to be bad luck for you to get a bad hair straightener when you dig this deep into your pocket.

And if you do, the bad luck thing is far less likely to happen with the products listed on this page.

Remember, I keep these guides updated and the information presented is always fresh and sensitive to any market changes.

Like always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or shoot me an email if you prefer.

Choose wisely,


Best hair straighteners over $200

If you are reading this guide, it means that you are either a professional, or you are just a girl/woman prepared to splurge a little and pamper your hair with the best hair straightener money can buy.

And at this level, there’s no room for mistakes or compromises, you need to make sure you get perfection for you money. Let’s make sure that you do.

The rating methods I use on this site are statistical and, as such, completely objective and free of any bias. I never accept “samples” and the products listed got on this list of winners combining my experiences with the hair irons, that of my colleagues and user feedback.

So, let’s present the winners right of the gates and then dig deeper to see why they are where they are.

ModelRead moreOverall Quality RatingPicture
Paul Mitchell Protools Express IonstyleSee_ratings_button4.8 / 5Paul_Mitchell_Pro_Tools_Express_Ion_Style
Redken Steam Infusion Salon Straightening IronSee_ratings_button4.7 / 5REDKEN_ROWENTA_STEAM_INFUSION_hair_straightener
GHD Professional Hair StylerSee_ratings_button4.4 / 5Ghd_Professional_Styler_0215
GHD Professional Styler (Midnight Gold Series)See_ratings_button4.8 / 5ghd_gold_collection

Digest reviews

Let’s see what makes every single one of these models tick. We’ll hear from the manufacturer, but, more importantly, the users that are “battle-testing” these products.

Let’s start with our current “king of the hill”…

Protools Express Ionstyle

Paul_Mitchell_Pro_Tools_Express_Ion_StyleBy Paul Mitchell

Let’s see what does the manufacturer has to share us about it’s product:

  • Plates fused with Express Ion Complex for hair damage prevention and faster straightening
  • Plates are infused with unique express silicone grips for faster styling, easier smoothing, exceptional shine and better control
  • Heaters made of solid ceramic offer even heat distribution
  • 1” plates with cushion
  • Seamless smoothing provided by beveled edges
  • Negative ions with super charge provide excellent flyaways and static control

Check out this baby on Amazon and see what others are saying >>>

Honestly, I would lie if I were to say I expected anything less from any Paul Mitchell product. Especially since I know and have used this particular one. But we have yet to see how this product faired with the customers and what their opinions is.

Some positive experiences – the PROs:

  • I’ve had so many problems with flat irons since they constantly somehow changed the overall texture of my hair in the weirdest of ways! This Paul Mitchell came as a true blessing as it does none of that. It just does what it’s expected to do, straighten my hair perfectly, no questions asked!
  • Best hair straightener ever! I just love these plates! They glide perfectly down my hair without any hardships or pulling. And the results are simply amazing
  • It’s a wonderful hairstyling instrument. It adds so much to my hair in terms of body, softness and shine, I honestly don’t know how I got through a day without it
  • It’s the first hair straightener that just gets my hair perfectly straight without doing a ton of damage to it in the process. It’s a curse when you have hair as fine as mine, and every little temperature spike spells disaster. That’s why I know how to properly appreciate the constant temperature level this little guy provides
  • Simply fabulous! My hair is veeeery thick and extremely coarse, so getting it straight and shiny is quite a challenge. This flat iron does it perfectly and leaves extra shine and incredible softness as a bonus
  • Definitely worth the extra money spent! It’s the same flat iron my hairstylist uses, and now I know why
  • It saves me so much time! It only takes me a couple of minutes to get my hair completely straight, and it stays that way until I wash it, which is also very important to me
  • I’ve had this flat iron for 6 years before it finally died out on me. I’ve read a ton of hair straightener reviews before purchasing it again, but nothing came even close

Let’s go over some of the CONs:

  • The price is was a bit much for my budget. I knew I was going in over my head when I bought it, but considering how durable and great it is I know I’ll come out on top no matter what
  • I’m not all too crazy about these silicone grips since I never used them before. I’m sure I’ll get used to them though…

Wrapping it up

Those of you who follow me know that I am a fan of Paul Mitchell products. And the Express Ionstyle is the one product on this list that I would be prepared even more, even though the price is already pretty steep, because I know how easier it made my life while I was working with this eye-candy.

The one star deducted is still for the price because of the way my rating system works – Overall Quality Rating of 4.8/5.


The customer feedback just confirmed what I already knew since this line of products is a hairstyling heaven. Again, the price is steep, but the sheer quality outmatches it several times over.

Steam Infusion Salon Straightening Iron

REDKEN_ROWENTA_STEAM_INFUSION_hair_straightenerBy Redken

Manufacturer’s intro – the fact sheet:

  • Continuous high steam flow delivered throughout the whole hair’s length
  • Variable temperature; 5-settings thermostat (340-410F) suitable for all hair types and hair sensitivity degrees
  • Separating comb is removable; consistent and even straightening due to easy hair positioning before entering between the plates
  • Plates with double technology; optimal shine due to anodized coating, uniform plate pressure no matter the thickness

Before taking the plunge, you can also check what ladies who bought this model had to say about it on Amazon:

You’ll also get some additional rating there >>

This is the sort of specification I like to see. We’re only given the info concerning the innovations we’re faced with here, not the usual boring stuff. Let’s move on and give our fellow customers a chance to elaborate on these hot new features.

Here’s what the users especially liked:

  • Every single woman in my office can’t believe the sudden change in my hair! This little wonder is the best hair straightener I’ve ever owned, and the changes were apparent the moment I started using it! It’s very well made, high-quality, and definitely worth the money!
  • I’m two weeks short from graduating from beauty school, and even I can’t believe how awesome this flat iron is. I’m completely done straightening my hair in less than a half time it used to take me, and I really enjoy the steam feature
  • Boy, this thing gets hot! It’s just what the doctor ordered for my thick and incredibly coarse hair. And the results last until the next time I wash it, so I don’t have to do it every single day
  • It sits so well in my hand, and it’s very easy to use. I use it as a curler also, and it does wonders making incredible locks. I don’t know what’s up with these plates, but their doing something no other flat iron I owned did before and I love it!
  • I don’t need to blow dry my hair before straightening it anymore, which is such a time saver. It also leaves my hair so silky and smooth I just can’t believe it!
  • Finally, a flat iron that doesn’t turn my hair into a brittle mess! I never knew it could be this soft, and don’t even get me started on how shiny it is…
  • It completely eliminates frizz! And my thick and curly disaster suddenly turns into a silky heaven straight out of fashion magazines!

Let’s go over some of the negative sides:

  • It’s a bit too heavy possibly, but I’ll manage. Considering the sheer bulk of amazing features I think I’ll survive J
  • Ouch, that price! It really left a dent in my budget, but I just had to get it after so many of my friends and my own hairstylist recommended it. It’s naive to believe this kind of quality and performance could cost as your average Walmart disaster on a stick

Final thoughts and ratings

A solid 4.7/5 for this baby.

Steam Infusion Salon Straightening Iron

This is a model packed with ground breaking innovations in the field of hair-styling and it doesn’t hide it. It’s made on top of your regular high-cost flat irons, and adds a lot extra.

The steam technology and plates optimized for perfection are the obvious ones, but you’ll spend months rediscovering little things you like about this iron, constantly getting reminded why you decided to put in an extra buck for it.

Professional Hair Styler

Ghd_Professional_Styler_0215By GHD Professional

Let’s see what this GHD has to offer to justify the price tag:

  • Latest heating technology
  • Perfect for thick, long, coarse, or hair types that are simply hard to manage
  • Worldwide usage possible due to universal voltage
  • 9’ tangle-free swivel cord

You can follow this link to visit Amazon for more precious info from the owners:

Even more user-feedback straight through here >>>

Short and sweet without any hype and “big words”. In my experience, this usually means that the products does it’s own advertising.

But we do need more of an in-depth look if we’re to justify the position this product has on the list.

The PROs – directly from the customers:

  • This thing is the real deal! I’ve read all the hair straightener reviews I could find, and this flat iron really stood out. It’s so high-quality, and I think everybody owes one of these to their hair
  • It heats up so fast, and straightens my hair perfectly in half the time it took my Chi to do it! The results are just amazing! Never was my hair so bone straight, shiny, and smooth. My husband can’t keep his hands of it since it’s sooo soft to the touch
  • Best professional hair straightener I ever had! And, trust me I’ve been through my fair share of overpriced junk! It’s so easy to use and handles great when I do my curling… Also, the body of the iron doesn’t heat up, so I don’t have to watch where I’m putting my fingers all the time
  • The thing that gives me that extra sense of security is the fact that I registered this product on the GHD website without any problems. With all the fakes lurking about it’s good to know you have the real thing
  • My hair is simply impossible to straighten, but these plates really make the difference. I was never completely satisfied with what I got from flat irons I’ve paid considerably more than this one… I didn’t even know how beautiful my hair can be until I gave this baby a try
  • 2 inch plates is what it’s all about! I get amazing results in much less time than before. Mu hair is very long and thick, so straightening more of it at once saves me a lot of time and energy
  • This is by far the best hair straightener I ever bought. Hair damage is nonexistent, and it also doesn’t leave me with that awful burnt smell when I’m done

Let’s go over some downsides:

  • The only thing I can complain about is the price honestly…
  • The design is a bit awkward and I can’t seem to get a solid grip…
  • the handles cracked after just a few months of use, unacceptable for that price


The paramount forte of this product is its wide and efficient plates. I’ll leave out the renowned name of GHD behind, as we’re interested in the product more than the manufacturer.

This GHD saves a lot of time by simply straightening more hair at once with the high-quality performance that comes with the price. Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many reports of people not being able to get used to the shape of the handles and a few reports of flawed plastic parts.

Not the best hair straightener on the list, but still a solid 4.4/5 rating

GHD Professional Hair Styler

A big plus is that they do let you register the product immediately, so you can rest assured you won’t end up with a cheap knock-off. According to the customers, this flat iron really shines when put up against the hard to straighten hair types, which is simply a blessing for all of us with a thick, long, coarse and frizzy nightmares on our heads.

Professional Styler (Midnight Gold Series)

ghd_gold_collectionBy GHD Professional

Let’s get straight to the basic product info from the GHD Company:

  • Contoured plates and ceramic heaters
  • Rounded barrel for waves, flicks, curls and straightening
  • Universal voltage
  • Auto sleep mode
  • Includes two sectioning clips, styler pouch, and roll mat that’s heat resistant

You can bet you’ll find a lot more goodies on Amazon to help you with your decision:

Follow this link for more info, ratings, and reviews of the Minight GOld >>>

It sounds like we have everything we need to even consider putting this product through the public opinion of our customers.

Here are some of the things they liked:

  • The packaging is beautiful! Really gives off a feeling of a luxurious product. The content doesn’t clack behind also
  • My hair is very thin and prone to heat damage. This is the best hair straightener to deal with my problem, as it really gives me full control over the temperature I’m subjecting my hair to
  • Thank god for auto shut-off! I forget things all the time, and this little feature is a true lifesaver!
  • Heats up lightning fast, and it really HEATS UP! It’s exactly what my thick and overly coarse hair needs. It does the straightening part like a champ, and adds so much shine and silky softness to it, I can’t even recognize my disaster of a hair anymore
  • With all those hair straightener reviews I’ve read it’s no wonder I picked the best possible option. It’s exactly as all those other customers reported and better
  • It really puts my mind at easy how I can simply register what I bought and be sure it’s the real thing I’ve got
  • It keeps my hair very healthy and looking beautifully. There’s no overheating or poor heat distribution whatsoever, and universal voltage is a must for me since I travel to Europe very often for business

The CONs as per the users:

  • The overall shape of this flat iron took some time to get used to, but I used my old Paul Mitchell for so long it’s no wonder the feeling was weird for the first couple of uses
  • I got this iron and I feel like I had much better options for that kind of cash, it is gorgeous but not so practical or fast…

Rating the GHD gold

I’ve saved the most luxurious option for last. This GHD straightener just has this aura about it that draws people in desperate need of a flashy, yet high-quality hair-styling product.

Flashy, top-notch packaging has taught us a thing or two in the past (caution about the product above all), but this time around it’s different. The sheer number of positive reviews and satisfied customers all around the world paints a complete picture.

Professional Styler

The main strength of this product is its incredible versatility, as it really is a Jack-of-all-trades. When we pair that up with a high-quality performance reported by the customers and the top level manufacturing process…I think we have our explanation of how the ghd Midnight collection got to this list in the first place and why it’s stubbornly staying there.

Are these irons worth that kind of money?

I am a professional and I can tell you that if you did decide to spend the extra bucks you will not look back. Once you get your hands on some these babies and all the issues that come with using a cheaper option are just a haze in your memory, you’ll forget about the money spent.

Again, if you can afford it, it’s worth it. But be prepared for some envious looks from your girlfriends.

Stay in touch by emailing me about your experiences or by simply using the comment section below.