In the category of best flat irons for thick hair above shoulders length, HSI professional has been top rated in the last 4 updates (8 months). It’s been taking the spoils both in the reviews of customers and my peers in spite of the fact that we put it up against titanium straighteners that would normally be the choice for thick hair, but the HSI is different, I learned that over the past year.

It’s been the no.1 choice of both customers and 20 of our featured testers (professional hairstylists).

From what I’ve heard from them, the main factors here are:

  • the patented technology of increased negative ion release continues to be far superior compared to it’s closest competitors, even the ones with titanium plates which would otherwise be better suited for coarse hair
  • optimal plates width for this hair type and length
  • it’s been on a huge discount for a while now, making this professional quality iron attainable for home use (the price is surprisingly low for the quality it offers)

The only real downside is the fact that it that I’ve seen it go out of stock much more often than I care for.

But let’s take a step back – here is the list of top rated flat irons for think hair and their ratings:

ModelRead moreTypeOverall Quality RatingPicture
Ionic Hair Straightener by HSI ProfessionalSee_ratings_buttonHome Use4.9 / 5HSI_voted_best_for_thick_hair
Convertible Flat Iron by HAISee_ratings_buttonHome Use4.6 / 5HAI Convertable Ceramic Pressing Flat Iron
Ion Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron by SoliaSee_ratings_buttonPro4.5 / 5Solia Ion Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron


Ionic Hair Straightener

HSI_best_price_and_quality_hair_straightenerBy HSI PROFESSIONAL

Some basic info about this product directly from the manufacturer:

  • Straighten, curl, and flip your hair
  • Extra Ions released, especially suitable for thick hair
  • Adjustable temperature (240-410F)
  • Ion ceramic/tourmaline plates create a silkier, shinier finish in less time
  • 1†plates have enough width for any hair type, but still narrow enough for creating bangs

If you wanna know even more you can click the link bellow to read more on Amazon:

Click here for more user-ratings >>

Let’s see what the girls and women using the iron had to say about it:


  • I just love the little traveling bag I got when I bought this flat iron! As far as the main thing is concerned, it’s the best hair straightener for my thick hair I’ve ever used…
  • The instruction manual is very comprehensive, and the iron is so easy to use even I can handle it, and saying I’m not a tech savvy person is an understatement
  • My hair is a complete nightmare and needs really high temperatures in order to get completely straight. Luckily, this little gem does in the heat department exactly what I’ve read online! It gets really hot, but I’m always left with a feeling of perfect heat control right under my fingertips.
  • Best flat iron for I’ve ever owned, period!
  • The plates are solid ceramic, and they are smooth like nothing I’ve tried before. They glide through my hair almost effortlessly, so no pulling or tugging ever rears its ugly head during my straightening routine
  • It gets super hot very fast, and it’s amazing how little time I have to spend before my hair is completely bone straight! The best thing about it all is how it remains straight until I wash it, no matter the weather
  • The power cord is long enough to reach any part of my bathroom, and I really feel safe with the circuit breaker that’s installed in it. It’s very easy to use and gets the job done faster than any other flat iron I’ve ever used
  • I really like getting extra stuff when I buy something, and there’s no shortage of that here. Besides this one being the best hair straightener for thick hair ever, I really enjoy using the heat-resistant glove I got from the deal. It’s not mandatory since the iron doesn’t heat up near the holding area, but I still use it anyway
  • The swivel cord is the best! I can’t even count how many times I wrecked a power cord by twisting it too much. No such headaches here…
  • I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at the plates after I was done… Not one of my hairs was ripped and stuck to them.
  • Thank god there’s no burnt smell after I’m done straightening my thick curse of a hair! I’m a daily user, and I was starting to get so irritated by constantly smelling like I just got my head out of a microwave

Here are some of the negative sides users reported:

  • The reset button was somewhat hard to press right off the bat, but that was just the first time. It did loosen up after that, but still…
  • I had to return mine since it couldn’t be turned on when I got it. I am waiting for a replacement…

Overall Rating

Final Overall Rating of the HSI of 4.9/5 says it all. And the current price, this HSI is a steal.

HSI review rating

Based on what the users reported, I would say that the HSI model as a jack-of-all-trades and yet a master of all. It does everything, and it does it well. It straightens, curls, flips…the customers love the smooth ceramic plates, ease of use, and especially the speed.

The professionals I talked to are amazed by the aftereffects, they brag about the shiny finish and the longevity of the straight look of their work. The CONs I’ve found couldn’t really be construed as a real quality issue, they seem more like flukes or a matter of taste. Lastly, more than a thousands of 5-star reviews on Amazon is the last piece of the puzzle we needed to call this one a true winner.

Convertible Flat Iron

HAI Convertable Ceramic Pressing Flat IronBy HAI

The fact sheet of the iron:

  • New improved convertible HAI flat iron
  • Heat panels with special ceramic coating with infrared technology for hair protection
  • Moisture is locked in, and the hair color is prolonged
  • Great fro straights, flats, flips, coils, bends, pressed pin curls
  • 1 ¼†plates
  • Heats up to 400F of consistent heat
  • 1-year warranty


See what the girls who own it had to say on Amazon:

Visit its page to read their reviews>>

Let’s scrutinize what HAI is saying about their products by taking a look at what the users said.

We’ll start with some PROs:

  • My thick hair is eternally grateful to me for buying this little guy! It heats up so fast and gets it all nice and straight in less than half time it took my previous irons. It’s the best hair straightener for my kind of frizzy hair out there…
  • The ratio between quality and price is staggering. I’ve given a lot of money buying junk, so I didn’t expect this model to be all that special, considering how affordable it is. Well, the results after a first straightening session left me impressed. My hair was suddenly straight as never before, not to mention the shine and how silky smooth it was
  • My personal favorite! I got it after my hairstylist recommended it after I asked him about some good hair straighteners that won’t burn a hole in my pocket. I couldn’t be happier with this buy, and I recommend it to all girls with thick hair such as mine
  • It reaches my hair’s temperature sweet spot very quickly and don’t even get me started on versatility. My thick, medium length hair never seemed to be able to provide me with so many different options
  • My hair is very coarse, thick, and naturally wavy. It’s the trifecta of evil, as far as I’m concerned! I’ve tried everything I got my hands on (at no small cost money-vise), often ending up considerably damaging my hair, and still not getting it straight on top. This little gadget changed my life! It somehow almost changes the texture of my hair, removing all the waves and giving it a nice straight and shiny look
  • I like the temperature range on this one, and how controllable it is. I’ve been using it for a while now, and there was no heat damage to my hair whatsoever
  • Best hair straightener for thick hair in my collection! I’m so glad I caved in under so many positive reviews I found online and finally bought it! It’s very light and feels like an extension of my hand when I’m doing whatever with it. Plus, it’s very easy to use and doesn’t have a ton of complicated functions that don’t do jack except inflating the price

Some of the known CONs are on their way:

  • This is my second HAI convertible. The first one was great but the one I received yesterday is not even close, not worth the money…
  • I travel a lot and really wished there was a dual voltage feature as a part of the package. I bought a voltage converter though, so I guess it’s not that big of a deal
  • Not really as advertised, doesn’t heat up as fast, and the plastic feels cheap
  • The one I received looks like it’s been used…
  • I was apparently confused by the online add. It said 1 ¼ inch, so I thought the width of the plates was 0.25 inch, and it’s actually 1.25. Had to return it…

Final thoughts and ratings

This hair iron seems like versatility incarnated. Besides being used for tons of different hair-styling maneuvers, users really like all of its fancy-yet-working features.

What worries is me is the decline of the rating I’ve seen over the past year and reports of lowered quality. Current rating is 4.6/5 stars.

HAI Convertible Flat Iron

Still a very good product but I’m keeping a close eye on this one. It seems that they moved their outsourcing and that’s not to be taken lightly.

Ion Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Solia Ion Tourmaline Ceramic Flat IronBy Solia

By far the most expensive item on the list, let’s see if it’s worth the buck.

Basic facts listed by Solia:

  • Breakthrough in technology of hairstyling
  • Dynamic alignment system for perfect hair-plates contact
  • Truly straight and silky hair thanks to even temperature distribution
  • Ion ceramic/tourmaline technology with negative ions and infrared heating eliminate the frizz and cause no hair damage

See the current pricing and ratings on >>>

Moving on to take a look at what the users had to report and draw our own conclusions.

The PROs:

  • My thick hair never looked so sleek, and touching it now is pure heaven. It gets completely straight when I’m done, and it looks sooo shiny!
  • I’m done in just one passing! I can’t believe these plates. My old hair irons made me go over my hair two, even three times in a row just to get some semblance of straightness
  • My days tend to get very busy, and I don’t have the time to do constant touch-ups when it comes to my hair. Needless to say, I have to look perfect all day long, which was simply impossible with all the other hair irons I’ve ever bought. Since I got this little lifesaver, I press my hair early in the morning and go about my day without needing to think about it or retouching it whatsoever.
  • The best thing about this flat iron (besides the fact it simply works) is that it doesn’t cause any hair damage at all. I use some pretty intense temperature when I want to ensure the results stick around ‘till dinner, and there’s not even that nasty burnt smell, let alone any actual damage
  • My hair tends to feel all dry and brittle after I straighten it, which was really becoming an issue for me. This model somehow keeps the moisture intact while giving me all I ever wanted out of my hair
  • Excellent hairstyling tool! I would even go as far as to say it’s probably the best flat iron for thick hair out there. I especially like the plates, which is no wonder since they’re the main part of any straightening gadget. They give me so much versatility, and allow me to do all of my hair in just one go
  • Fluffy hair, frizzy and without any shine is what I used to get just hours after using my old Sedu iron! It constantly needed to be retouched, and who has the time necessary to do that in the middle of the shift?? I just love this Solia piece since it brought some order into a part of my daily routine that bugged me the most
  • Best hair straightener for thick hair so far! The size is perfect, the temperature is high enough, heats up fast, and the results are simply amazing! The only thing I regret is not getting this little darling sooner J
  • Very well made! It feels like a high-quality product when you hold it, not some drugstore piece of scrap plastic!
  • The best indicator of how durable this Solia is would be the fact that I just got a new one, after using it for around 8 years straight! This is a model that’s built to last, and give amazing results and performances along the way. When comparing the two, I must say the new one feels even better, as if they’ve upgraded it in a bunch of important, but inconspicuous ways. Top notch!

Let’s see the other side of the coin by going over some CONs:

  • doesn’t work as described, neither the flattening nor the curling last for very long…
  • I fried my hair with this darn thing…
  • not worth the price, there are much better products out there in the price range…
  • mine arrived without a pouch or a box, just a plastic bag…
  • 200 degrees is the lowest setting, and I would really like if I could go even lower than that
  • 1-year warranty doesn’t exactly sound like much for the price…

Conclusions about this Solia

There are two main upsides to this model we’ll address right away. First one is its the durability and materials quality, as previously stated by one of the users. This is obviously a tank among hair straighteners, built to outlast and outperform. Second forte are the amazing long-lasting results it offers (in spite of the few reports I’ve seen, I still believe that it works as advertised).

Final Rating – 4.5/5.

Solia Ion Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Lowest rating on the list, but let’s keep in mind that this is the list of 3 top rated irons for thick hair.

To sum up

One more update to this guide and once more, the HSI takes the spoils, and by an increased margin compared to the last update.

When it comes to thick and unruly hair, there are very specific quality requirements primarily in:

  • ionic output
  • quality and width of the plates
  • high but even and controlled heat distribution

And HSI is superior to the competitors in all the mentioned categories. And again, not sure what’s going on, but the current price is a real steal.

Stay pretty,